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Luka Marra

Luka Marra is Italian who was born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1975. Very early, at the age of 6, he was immersed in the world of entertainment with his older brothers. He discovered hip hop culture in the street and trained to dance in shopping malls, train stations, subways... His first performances were in the street where he ask monnaie to pay for the batteries of his boom blaster . His first official performance on stage was at the age of 7. He is integrated into one of the mythical hip hop groups of the 80s and becomes one of the youngest professional breakdancer of the time.

ARKLO, started his career as early as 2004 when he came across some sequencer software and heard his first synthesizer. Influences from reggae, R & B, and also African and Latin rhythms are interwoven in his tracks in the most refined manner. He likes to work on warm, but also on more minimal, or “freaky” Future-House and Techno stuff, as well as on other styles

I'm a Japanese producer called Korekiyo. Hope you like my music!
Topie is a self-taught artist, musician, rapper, lyricist and poet. During the COVID pandemic he put his thoughts, emotions and feelings on paper and turned music into reality. With self-taught music producer Bo he wrote and recorded their first EP "Trapped" from their respective studio bedrooms. Since then they have released 5 singles and gained over 10k listeners on Spotify.
Topie continues to show his versatility in blending house, pop and rap with this brand new track: 10/10. The song was released on December 24th 2020.