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Luka Marra
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Luka Marra is Italian who was born in Brussels (Belgium) in 1975. Very early, at the age of 6, he was immersed in the world of entertainment with his older brothers. He discovered hip hop culture in the street and trained to dance in shopping malls, train stations, subways... His first performances were in the street where he ask monnaie to pay for the batteries of his boom blaster . His first official performance on stage was at the age of 7. He is integrated into one of the mythical hip hop groups of the 80s and becomes one of the youngest professional breakdancer of the time. His first appearance on TV was at RTBF as a dancer behind the Belgian rapper of the group BRC, Défi G. He toured as a dancer with his new dance group Hip-Hop - Freestyle in the biggest club House and Dance of Italy and France from the late 80s to the end of the 90s. Then, he signed for a TV tour for 2 Singles behind the Belgian singer, Isabelle A. In 2000, he decided to enroll in one of the most famous jazz schools in Paris where he settled for a period of 2 years. and will sing in one of the biggest cabarets in Paris (American Dream), after the first year he signs an artist contract for his first songs with Sony France.