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Vegan Boss

Prison Shit By Vegan Boss (

Songs For Freedom - Album for Animal rights and Animal Welfare to Benefit the Big Cat Rescue Bill (June 7 Release/Street date)
Los Marijuanos

How Weed Won The West Soundtrack CD (All Genres/All Formats):
Phillip Morris

The American Drug War: The Last White Hope Soundtrack CD (All Genres/All Formats):

The Sunset Records Soundtrack division has compiled music, songs and an incredible DJ-RX mix of the hit song, “White Lines” (Grandmaster Flash) song, with George Bush, Jr. on vox.

Babe Damsel by 60 Wrap$$ (HipHop, Dancehall):

60 WRAP$$ was only 4 years when he started dancing and going for shows ,he join boys scout at the age of 10.The Hip Hop/Rap R&B/Soul/Rock Artist and actor at 16 years he wrote an epic film which went for script conference and was accepted with the help of Late sam Loco ife.