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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 20 July 2018
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I read on your website that we could email this mp3 and cross our fingers for airplay.
GO 95.3 FM in MN is currently spinning this song. We hope you will too.
Genre: Hip-hop
Song: "Terminatrix feat. Oscify"
ISRC: ushm21894117
ISWC: T9252847679
Barcode: 192914613831

Salt Lake City, UTJEZTIKAL is an independent lyricist attempting to break the cycle of infinite loops, breaks and samples in hip-hop music. Right now, JEZTIKAL is a Frankenstein of resurrected synthesizers connected to drum machines, lyrically wandering around like Micheal Myers through the house that Jack built. 

“I've known MN hip hop innovator Jordan Miche since 2006 Twin Cities Celebration of Hip-hop. Always happy to support whatever he puts out, especially when it's this dope. This is his latest project: Oscify and Jeztikal, 'Terminatrix.'”

We're also #1 on the ReverbNation Hip-hop charts in Salt Lake City.