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October 17, 2023
Chris Grosso and Preston Fassel

Did you know that horror movies can be healing? (What?) It turns out that horror—a genre concerned with death—teaches us a lot about being alive.


Necessary Death: What Horror Movies Teach Us About Navigating the Human Experience (HCI, October 31, 2023, yes, Halloween)—by horror aficionados and acclaimed writers Chris Grosso and Preston Fassel—looks at your favorite horror franchises through the lens of self-help and empowerment. 


Interview Chris and Preston on:

Why we love horror and what that tells us about ourselves How horror movies can help us with issues we face in our everyday lives  The intersection of pop culture and self help Facing the monsters within and learning to fight external dark forces What fear of dying can teach us about living

More information about the authors and book can be found here. Find a digital review copy of the book here or read a sampler of the book here. Print review copies are available by request. 


Both accomplished authors, Chris works in counseling while Preston is well-known in the horror genre community. Their combined expertise provides a unique perspective and many valuable and practical takeaways. 


Thank you for considering both or either them as guests!


Jill Maxick

PR by the Book

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CHRIS GROSSO is an artist, counselor, writer, and film producer with Fourth Media. He is the author of Indie Spiritualist, Everything Mind, Dead Set On Living, and the children’s book, I Love Drums (co-written with Mark O’Connell of Taking Back Sunday). You can usually find him in San Diego up to some kind of spirited mischief.


PRESTON FASSEL is an award-winning novelist and journalist whose work has appeared in Fangoria, Rue Morgue, and Screem Magazine. The author of Our Lady of the Inferno, winner of the 2019 Independent Publishers’ Award for Horror, and Landis: The Story of a Real Man on 42nd Street, nominated for the 2022 Rondo Hatton Award for Book of the Year, he has a BS in psychology from Sam Houston State University. 

October 17, 2023
Barron Ryan

Composer Barron Ryan was recognized by Smithsonian Magazine as a Top 10 Innovator for his capacity to take inspiration from a narrative, discover its melody, and communicate a story through music.


Honey, If It Wasn’t For You is the true story of a song written by Barron Ryan and Don Feagin. Don, a professional songwriter, wrote the words and Barron wrote the music. But this wasn’t your average collaboration. That’s because Don died in 1981—six years before Barron was even born.


Barron releases his original work without copyright. He gives it as an offering, with the hope that it will make the world a better place. When the work of writing or recording is finished, he prefers the results be enjoyed by any who might be edified by them. He made this ‘videobook’ of Honey, If It Wasn’t for You in that spirit:


Interview Barron Ryan on:

The transcendent power of music to connect people 3 reasons to give your ideas away (his unique philosophy of art, beauty and authorship and why he releases work without copyright) The process of putting music to a love song that was written for a wife by a husband who could no longer sing it How the story of Don and Linda Feagin’s marriage inspired Barron beyond his expectations Why beauty matters in everyday life How to not starve as an artist … eventually The songwriting process: from big ideas to little choices How to defy categories as an artist How a pianist transitioned to also being a writer

More information on Barron and the book can be found here. A digital review copy, audio file of the song, and downloadable press materials can be found here. If you’d prefer a print review copy, please let me know. 


Thank you for talking to Barron about innovation, the creative process, and the love story he was chosen to tell. 


Jill Maxick

PR by the Book

512-501-4399 x711


The son of two musicians, Barron Ryan grew up in a house filled with the sounds of artists ranging from Mozart to Motown. In his own work, he combines those disparate influences into a musical adventure that’s vintage yet fresh, historical yet hip, classic yet cool.

Barron seemed destined for a career in music. He began piano lessons at age four with his father, then excelled in performing throughout middle and high schools and as a piano performance major at The University of Oklahoma. But it was only after an international concert tour—the result of winning a piano competition—that Barron found his artistic voice. He discovered the joy of jazz and ragtime-inspired concert music and endeavored to fill the void of funk, pop, and country-inspired classical music. Following his unique muse, Barron has released four albums. 

In 2021, Barron wrote a commissioned piece for piano trio entitled My Soul Is Full of Troubles to commemorate the 1921 massacre in Tulsa, OK. Smithsonian Magazine took note and named him one of Ten Innovators to Watch in 2021.

As was the practice of his favorite composers, Barron publishes his original works in the public domain—offering his work as a gift to the world, and as a chance to collaborate with artists from around the globe. Honey, If It Wasn’t For You is his first book. 

October 16, 2023
Jeanne Collins

I’m contacting you with a segment idea about one woman who faced a maelstrom of shattering challenges, embarked on a total "redesign" inside and out, and wound up more satisfied and successful than she could have dreamed.  

Big idea: There's nothing wrong with looking at life as a metaphor, especially if it's a metaphor of building a house, from the foundation to the framing to the rooms inside. That's how Jeanne Collins was able to leave hardship and pain behind and build her own "house on a hill."  

Why it matters: Surviving — and thriving — is a universal story, to be sure. But in this case, the narrator has found a way to turn her own story of how she reconstructed her own life and career into universal lessons that provide an inspiring foundation for anyone seeking change.   

Key messages: Author and award-winning interior designer Jeanne Collins shares her strategies for creating lives filled with love, passion and success, using the art of building and design as a working metaphor. As Collins observes, women need to pick up their own tools and construct the space for themselves. All they need are some plans and inspiration.  

The author can also discuss:

• How to lay a strong foundation by doing the work to address the pain of the past.

• How to build seven power pillars to support yourself, from mindfulness to self-prioritizing.

• How to put up the right kind of walls against those costly time-wasters that get us nowhere.

• How to curate a toolkit of resources to calm the mind, like tapping, journaling and music. 

• How to build wellness and emotional connection into your own home.

The source: Jeanne Collins is an award-winning interior designer who left the corporate world behind to find her true self through design and internal reflection. Her firm, JerMar Designs, works with executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on projects that combine sophistication and balance with inner and outer wellness. Winner of the 2022 Luxe Magazine Red Award, she was also recently nominated as an HGTV Designer of the Year. She chronicles her journey and the approach that changed her life and work in her memoir, Two Feet In: Lessons from an All-In Life. Learn more at

Please let me know if you’d like me to send you Jeanne Collins' new book: Two Feet In: Lessons from an All-In Life or set up an interview with her.   

Best Regards, 

David Lewis
C.S. Lewis & Co. Publicists
United States

Jeanne Collins is an award-winning interior designer who left the corporate world behind to find her true self through design and internal reflection. Her firm, JerMar Designs, works with executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on projects that combine sophistication and balance with inner and outer wellness. Winner of the 2022 Luxe Magazine Red Award, she was also recently nominated as an HGTV Designer of the Year. She chronicles her journey and the approach that changed her life and work in her memoir, Two Feet In: Lessons from an All-In Life. Learn more at

October 15, 2023
Brandon Leibowitz

I have been involved with digital marketing since 2007.

I want to share my knowledge about SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads with your audience.

You can listen to previous podcasts I did at

I will share the podcast recording with my social media following (100k) and email subscriber list (25k)


United States

Brandon Leibowitz runs and operate SEO Optimizers since 2007. We are a digital marketing company that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses get more online traffic, which in turn converts into clients, sales, leads, etc.

October 2, 2023
Jeff Meshel

Business Exec Jeffrey Meshel brings awareness to the double-edged sword of trust!

“This book can empower the reader to ensure that he or she doesn’t fall prey to untrustworthy people, companies, or institutions,” says Meshel. “The breadth of trust is fundamental to everything in life – and we need to find ways to insulate against being a victim of trust-abusing authorities. We also must instill trust in others of us in order for them to do business with us, befriend us, and collaborate with us.”



There are two reasons we don’t trust people: We don’t know them. We know them.


Just ask Jeffrey Meshel.


At the age of four, he was kidnapped. The next year, his parents divorced and he was raised by his alcoholic mom. As an adult, his marriage fell apart and his kids were turned against him by his ex-wife. Later, he was badly burned by a business partner that he labels a psychopath. He certainly has reasons not to trust others, especially when those closest to him violated his trust. But there is hope.


Meshel took to heart the role trust plays in every aspect of our lives and penned a new book, Trust Is A Double-Edged Sword: Trust Me.



“This book can empower the reader to ensure that he or she doesn’t fall prey to untrustworthy people, companies, or institutions,” says Meshel. “The breadth of trust is fundamental to everything in life – and we need to find ways to insulate against being a victim of trust-abusing authorities. We also must instill trust in others of us in order for them to do business with us, befriend us, and collaborate with us.”


Meshel’s book examines the role of trust, from whom consumers buy from, to which news media to follow, to which politician to support, and to which people closest to us are worthy of trust.


“The world is not running on trust these days,” asserts Meshel. “It is divided and falling apart as a result. In fact, distrust, and apathy are at all-time highs. We may not think about trust daily – but we should. The core of what we do always involves trust -- always”


Please let me know if you would like to have Jeff on your program.




Meshel offers to share the following in an interview:

·       How to know if someone is lying to you.

·       How to recover from having your trust violated.

·       The 10 commandments of trust.

·       How we can hold ourselves accountable to be trustworthy to others.

·       Trust-lessons learned in financial services, real estate, and the luxury car industry.

·       Why, even after getting burned, many of us repeat our mistakes.

·       Why we may not trust ourselves.

·       The role of ego in trust.

·       How one’s looks and attractiveness affects our trust antenna.


“Trust impacts our dating, consumer, professional, investing, political, parenting, and spiritual lives,” says Meshel. “We should not always buy what we’re sold. We have to be aware – even amongst those closest to us – that we may not be getting the whole truth.”



“The breadth of trust is, in fact, the pillar of all the elements of ourselves,” says Meshel. “We need to be much more aware and accountable to ourselves.


“Self-awareness is a responsibility to ourselves and a discipline that requires work. If you are self-aware, you can grow, improve, learn, and get better. If you are not self-aware, you will probably plateau and end up stuck.”



Jeffrey Meshel





Jeffrey Meshel has owned and run numerous business ventures, including three real estate companies that are each over 35 years old. He is also a business book author who has been featured on The Today Show.

He is co-founder / managing partner of Candor Capital Partners. He is also is a partner with, and co-founder of, LUX Miami. 


Candor Capital is a real estate acquisition platform that also originates short-term bridge loans secured against commercial/residential properties. Its current portfolio consists of commercial properties rented by medical companies, industrial properties and residential multifamily. 


LUX Miami is a high -end luxury car dealership and rental business based out of Miami, Florida.
Formerly, Meshel was the founder and CEO of Paradigm Capital and Paradigm properties, chairman and founder of DIVORCEFORCE, a web-based community that empowered people affected by divorce. 


Meshel served on the Board of Directors of Signature Bank for 15 years. Mr. Meshel is on the board of the CPR Foundation (Community Police Relations). He is also the founder and chairman of the Strategic Forum, a high-level networking organization. 


He is the author of One Phone Call Away....Secrets of a Master Networker, The Opportunity Magnet, and Trust Is A Double-Edged Sword…Trust Me. 


Meshel splits his time between South Beach and New York City.


September 26, 2023
Scott Hoffman

“The world that I come from and was raised in was so unusual, and even to this day, not all of the stories have been told nor the facts revealed on some of the biggest moments in mob history.”


Inside by Scott M. Hoffman reads like a movie It is an intriguing work detailing the internal workings of the Outfit, an organized crime family, which originated on the South Side of Chicago during prohibition and rose to power in the 1920s. The Outfit has been involved in a wide variety of criminal activities including gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking, money laundering, political corruption, and murder. The individuals and events in Inside are composites of real people and real events.


Inside begins in 1956 with Jimmy Williams, a 47-year-old man with two families-his wife and two children and the Outfit. He's a good man, a good husband, and a good father, while, at the same time, he is a physically powerful man who is well respected as a consigliere in the Outfit. He keeps his two lives separated, to the point his wife is unaware of what he does.


The story is written from the perspective of Jimmy's son Bobby who, from the age of 8 begins to accompany his father on Outfit business. Jimmy wants him to know what "the life" is like in order for Bobby to decide if this is the future that he wants for himself. Take this remarkable journey with Bobby. Will he follow in his father's footsteps or choose another path?



Hoffman is available to discuss the following:

·       What it was like to grow up with his dad in the Mafia in 1950’s and 60s Chicago.

·       How he had to choose whether to follow in his dad’s footsteps.

·       What it was like to witness a murder on his 9th birthday and a head decapitation at 12.

·       What he said to Marilyn Monroe when meeting her.

·       How his father never served jail time while being in the mob for over 55 years.

·       What The Outfit was really like – its storied history of events and personalities.

·       What the best crime family books and movies have gotten wrong about “the life.”

·       Insights on the Kennedy assassination and controversial events and historical figures.

·       A fresh take on how the crime families operated, from the streets of Chicago to the casinos of Las Vegas – to the studios of Hollywood and the unions across America


Scott M. Hoffman was a witness to historical events concerning major mob
families. He learned the inner workings from his dad, who loyally served The Outfit for over 55
years – never spending a day in prison. Now 74, he is a native of Chicago. He is a graduate of
Long Island University-Brooklyn with a B.A. in Journalism. For 35 years he worked for the City
of Chicago in the Departments of Purchasing and Finance.

September 25, 2023
Giana` Chilcott

I am writing on behalf of the founder of the nonprofit mental health clinic I work for in Northern, CA called Be the Change in Mental Health.  Her name is Dr. Marisha Chilcott and she is simply an amazing MD, person and inspiration.  Dr. Chilcott founded Be the Change in Mental Health in order to bring psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and other revolutionary modalities for mental wellness to the public in a safe, medically supervised, and legal manner. Her Vision is to aid the over-traumatized and under-supported whose lives of service impact their personal wellness; as well as to leverage modern medicine and serve our local communities in order to create an affordable, accessible, and scalable model of mental health.

We are building pilot programs for group Ketamine-Assisted therapy for First Responders and Veterans, some of the first group therapy treatments of its kind for both.  We are also hosting group retreats for women who have been victims of sexual and domestic violence.
I believe Dr. Chilcott would make for an intriguing and well spoken, intelligent guest - and to be candid, it would help get the word out about the efficacy and durability of Ketamine-Assisted therapy.  
Our website is here:
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
United States

Marisha Chilcott is a Board Certified Family Physician who earned her MD at UC Davis School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Contra Costa Family Medicine program in Martinez, CA.  Before medical school, she worked as a consultant in the electric utility industry, focused on demand-side management program evaluations and software development.  She has a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley.  

Dr. Chilcott has worked as an emergency room physician, a primary care doctor, a geriatrician, and as an aesthetic medical provider.  It is with this breadth of experience that she comes to Be the Change in Mental Health (BTC) committed to creating a clinical treatment center that will improve society with the multiplicative effect of one-human-at-a time wellness that cannot help but influence families and friends.


September 22, 2023
Anthony Mohr
Guest/ Interview: October is Family History Month and upcoming Nonfiction November!
November is Family Stories Month and Life writing month, (3) is Love Your Lawyer Day, (6) is National Nonfiction Day, (21) is World Television Day
December is Read A New Book Month
Anthony Mohr knew his childhood and adolescence were different from most other kids his age. His days were littered with celebrities and parties; living abroad for Hollywood film and TV shoots; even appearances in TV episodes, all courtesy of his radio and screen actor dad Gerald Mohr. After Gerald Mohr left his family for another woman, and his mother later married accomplished businessman Stanley Dashew, Anthony found himself navigating a different journey – one of a blended family during a time when divorce was rare and considered shocking.
Mohr’s memoir Every Other Weekend: Coming of Age with Two Different Dads focuses on Anthony’s struggle to find his place in the world. Every Other Weekend Anthony was living with one step parent or the other. 

Let’s talk about:
What does it really mean for children of divorced parents to live their lives “Every Other Weekend?” How to navigate family relationships when dealing with opposing political views or disparate economic status.   What parents should keep in mind if they’re planning a divorce.               How can parents (on both sides) support kids' dreams and aspirations no matter the arena they choose to pursue. When and when not to urge your children to go into your line of work.
Access a digital copy of Every Other Weekend: Coming of Age with Two Different Dads HERE, and find more information about the book below. Email me if you would like a physical review copy.
About EVERY OTHER WEEKEND: Anthony's father, Gerald Mohr, is a well-known radio actor before slipping to the Hollywood B-list thanks to the advent of television. Accepting the lead in a dying Swedish TV series, he falls for the script girl and divorces Mohr's mother, who goes on to meet and marry credit card industry pioneer Stanley Dashew.
As his stepfather's career rises and his biological father's eases downward, Anthony tries to find his place. One weekend he's sailing on his stepfather's fifty-eight-foot catamaran; the next, his Swedish stepmother tells him that they're poor. Coming of age in a time when divorce is rare and viewed as shocking, Anthony lives at the edges of what others regard as a dream world, a place where reality and fantasy blend, maps lead to the homes of the stars, and obstacles abound.
United States of America

Anthony J. Mohr served for 26 years as a judge on the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. He also sat as a judge pro tem on the California Court of Appeal. In January 2021, he became a fellow at the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University and is now a senior editor of the Harvard ALI Social Impact Review. His stories and essays have received five Pushcart Prize nominations. He has worked on the staffs of Evening Street Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Hippocampus Magazine, and Under the Sun.

September 20, 2023
Daniel Kristos

I've been reading and researching topics of history for about decade in an effort to know the truth, but also to know thy enemy and to identify who the heck the THEY are that everyone including myself has referenced in vague ambiguity.  It appears I have an answer to who is doing this to us.  Who is so determined to shape the world as they see fit against the will of the majority.  I see a pattern of behavior reaching back to Sumer and Babylon that, like a sine wave through the pages of history, appears as a constant antagonist to the rest of mankind.  Like a big fingerprint across the story of humanity these actions follow a particular pattern.  It involves mysticism, the esoteric, and the occult meanings behind often public rituals.  Through their symbols you shall know them.  My upcoming book, Priestcraft Beyond Babylon, covers the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Bolsheviks, and most importantly the Mystery School adepts, their rituals, Canaanite practices still found in modern form today, and the Sabbatain or Sabbatean Frankists.  It's there I believe the Lions share resides.  If you understand their symbolism, you'll get why I brought up the lion.  I believe we're dealing with a common thread that connects all these groups to one another.  It's a very dark and very ancient priesthood that still operates through the infiltration and corruption of many institutions.  I'd like to discuss that a bit.  I go over this and current offenses we call news on my show and attempt to offer alternatives to the trappings of this malicious medical system as well.

United States

I'm a dad to an amazing little girl first and foremost.  I have been the hot sauce guy of San Diego and beyond since 2014, having had a store in Old Town San Diego for 7 of those years.  So I like to create great products for people to enjoy.  I'm a former US Coast Guard, a writer, researcher, and historical analyst.  But going back to the original statement, I'm a dad concerned about my family in this extremely hostile and malicious world we find ourselves in.  I create informative videos and host guests on my channel Baal Busters.  My goal is to inform others of what I've learned from a lot of reading in the hopes it results in a more informed public, able to avoid the many dangers we face.  I've had Dr Bryan Ardis on about 40 times, Dr Peter Glidden, ND, Dr Henry Ealy, Kevin Annett, Freeman of Freeman TV, Scott Schara, Dr Alphonzo Monzo, ND, Dr Tau Braun, Tom Cowan, Kaufman, Mike Adams, and many others.  I'm currently writing a book called Priestcraft Beyond Babylon from my research into the ongoing and still thriving ancient Mystery School cults and how they manifest in modern day institutions of medicine, religions, government, and cultural trends.  I have studied the works of Bill Cooper extensively and incorporate his broadcasts into my show and into the pages of my book.  I recently became a certified personal trainer.