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Christopher Barish
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Introducing FlushStop: The World's Only Toilet Handle Lock to Prevent Repetitive Flushing and Plumbing Disasters

The toilet handle is a magnet for mischief. From pricey iPhones to My Little Ponies, to innocent hermit crabs, curious toddlers will flush down anything and everything. As a result, every day across the country toilets are being destroyed, water is wasted, and tight household budgets are going through the roof.

Yet during potty training years, experts suggest toddlers be given access to the toilet to promote potty training independence. Enter FlushStop, the world's only toilet handle lock, by inventor Chris Barish, empowering children to use the potty, while still maintaining control of how often the toilet is flushed and what goes down the drain. Created after his toddler flushed a washcloth down the toilet, FlushStop prevents repetitive flushing, plumbing disasters, and saves money on water bills. It installs in seconds, and gives young parents, caretakers of those with special needs, and even cat owners, peace of mind. Keep your pipes, water and sanity intact with FlushStop, the potty-training toilet handle lock.

Christopher can comment on the following hot topics:
•    The craziest things kids have flushed down the toilet as shared by customers: (Hermit crabs, eggs, iPhones, house keys, rocks, socks, My Little Ponies, and so many more).
•    How to instill potty training independence, bathroom water conservation, foiling mischievous cats, and more, using FlushStop.
•    Why parents should be encouraged to use FlushStop BEFORE encountering a plumbing disaster or sky-high water bills so that incidents don't happen in the first place.

Chris says, "Our curious potty-training son caused a toilet disaster when we weren't watching, and it cost us a fortune. We didn't want to get a toilet lid lock because it would prevent him from using the potty on his own. We went online assuming there would be a toilet handle lock, but none existed. We discovered conversation threads from exasperated parents, caretakers of the elderly and those with special needs, and even cat owners. After seeing the demand for a product to prevent unwanted flushing, I set about to invent a solution so that people could rest easier knowing the flusher is locked.”

Since the FlushStop has been on the market, Chris has been flooded with messages like this one from a young parent named Amy: “My toddler was a ‘chronic flusher,’ having flushed multiple socks, coins, Matchbox cars, his sister’s toothbrush, even the spring-loaded paper roll holder when I briefly took it off to change the roll! But the last straw was a pair of his pajama pants...yep, you read that right! He came out of the bathroom and only had his pull-up on…”

FlushStop is available in a single pack or two-pack.



I'm the president of FlushStop, inventor of the first and only Toilet Handle Lock. After my son flushed a washcloth down the toilet and ruined our plumbing, I set out to find a solution to save other parents from plumbing disasters, sky high water bills, and extra stress. Turns out the product is also used by caretakers of people with dementia, special needs, and even cat owners. 

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