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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

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Headlined Show, Angel Talk May 25, 2024

Title: Joy and Happiness Can Be Ours

We shape our lives through the power of our attention, and we are seeking to be fulfilled with joy and happiness. Join us as we share the many ways to increase and amplify the joy and happiness in our life.

Don't miss this exciting radio show on Angel Talk.
Sponsored by The Living Light Center a Church of Faith and Healing

Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor May 29, 2024

Dr. Gary Sprouse, Internist, The Less Stress Doc and Author of ‘Highway to Your Happy Place – a Roadmap to Less Stress’ joins me along with returning Hilary Loftus, Concussed Student Athlete Program,(CSAP) Coordinator & Hyperbaric Oxygen Advocate. Then, it’s 'The Sports Doctor Is In' with your questions and emails!

Headlined Show, Financial Fitness with The Money Doctor May 26, 2024

Have you heard about a fixed rate mortgage as low as 4.0% or lower? Yup. It’s true. If high mortgage rates are affecting your ability to buy or sell your home, this little-known built in benefit might be your solution. Did you know about 23% of the loans on the market may be assumable at very low interest rates?  Catch this episode to find out more!

Headlined Show, Bill Martinez Live May 24, 2024

Breaking News, Day 230 Of The Israel Hamas War, Liz Peek On Another Surprising Reason Joe Biden Should Now Step Aside, Recently Unsealed Documents Reveal That FBI Agents Were Ready To Use “Deadly Force” In The Raid On Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Residence In August 2022

5 Very Independent and Compelling Hours of Experts, And Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads

9:06-9:29a ET- Liz Peek- Another surprising reason Joe Biden should now step aside. Though Vice President Harris’ approval ratings are still poor, she is arguably more capable now than President Biden.  Not exactly a high bar there.  Is America really ready for another four years of Biden Harris and Democrat policies featuring Bidenflation, Open Borders, and even higher taxes? The Fox News Contributor and Wall Street Analyst reports.

9:32-9:58a ET- Steve Bonta- Recently unsealed documents reveal that FBI agents were ready to use “deadly force” in the raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in August 2022. Documents say FBI agents were prepared to engage Trump’s Secret Service agents as well as Trump. Considering the FBI’s high degree of corruption and track record of targeting the Deep State’s political enemies, the pressing question is if the raid was really a ploy to kill Trump. With the latest details, the Executive Senior Editor who writes on economics, foreign affairs and American politics for The New American magazine.

10:06-10:29a ET- Dr Jerry Newcombe- Remembering Valley Forge and the Extraordinary Sacrifice of the Men Who Fought in the War for American Independence.  The Executive Director of the Providence Forum, an offshoot of the D James Kennedy Ministries takes a historical look at why Memorial Day makes all other holidays possible.

10:32-10:42a ET- Joe Mantegna- The Tony-winning actor and Emmy-Award-winner Gary Sinise with actress Mary McCormack, long-time supporters of veterans’ causes and our troops in active service, once again are coming together for the 35th annual National Memorial Day Concert.  Broadcast live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, the Concert will air on PBS nationwide Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 8pm ET/7CT.

10:46-10:58a ET- Adam Holz- The Director for Focus on the Family’s talks about our culture, family-friendly movies, streaming and DVD’s.

Headlined Show, Responder Resilience May 22, 2024

Today, we’re not just breaking down doors; we're breaking the stigmas. The sirens fade, all units are returning to quarters, and the streets are safe again - but what happens to those who just calmed the chaos? This episode cuts through the silence that often shadows frontline personnel, diving directly into the unspoken truths of first responder mental health.

Imagine stepping into a therapist’s office, where unspoken tales of adrenaline and pain swirl like a storm. That’s where we're taking you. Dr. Stacy Raymond and Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW-EMT, seasoned veterans on a mission to improve mental wellness, pull back the curtain on therapy, offering an exclusive glimpse into the clinician’s world where rescuers come to be healed.

They tackle the tough questions head-on. Does therapy signify weakness? How does one handle the financial maze of insurance? What about the choice between virtual or face-to-face counseling sessions? And then, there’s EMDR—Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing—a beacon of hope for many, yet a mystery to some. Our hosts demystify these processes, armed with facts and fueled by their years of experience.

This isn’t just another episode; it’s a call to arms—a call to heal. Whether you're taking the leap towards therapy or simply seeking to understand, join us. Witness the transformation, engage in the dialogue, and perhaps, inspire a change. Let’s embark on this vital journey with Stacy and Bonnie. The road to resilience starts here!

Jordan St. Cyr CD : Jordan St. Cyr Songs : Fires Christian Music, Music, Religious, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
Jeremy Camp CD : The Story Is Not Over Songs : Dead Man Walking, Keep Me In The Moment Alternative, Christian Music, Contemporary, Music, Religious, Rock, Singer/Songwriter
for KING and COUNTRY CD : For God Is With Us - single Songs : For God Is With Us Christian Music, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Music, Pop, R&B, Religious, Rock
Ennio Morricone CD : For A Few Dollars More - single Songs : For A Few Dollars More Classical, Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Music, Orchestra, Singer/Songwriter
Elevation Worship CD : Another One ft. Chris Brown - single Songs : Another One ft. Chris Brown Christian Music, Contemporary, Gospel, Music, Religious, Rock
The Sports Doctor Guest, Sheila Thelen May 22, 2024 President at Vestibular Training Services & provider of Figure Skating Spin Training Tools & Seminars Worldwide

Sheila Thelen has been a coach at the Figure Skating Club of Bloomington in Minnesota for the past 32 years. However, teaching skating is just part of her busy life dedicated to improving skaters’ training.

Thelen created several products skaters use on and off ice to help their skating techniques. She also hosts numerous seminars and is part of an online coaching staff.

“I’m thrilled to have met Trevor Laak, the founder of, before he founded it,” Thelen said.

After meeting at Grassroots to Champions seminars, Thelen joined his company as a consultant and helps with their online marketing.

“iCoachSkating is truly a revolution in how coaches all over can improve their knowledge and improve their skaters,” Thelen said. “Every problem a coach has ever had, Trevor has a video to fix that problem. It’s fun to see skaters and coaches learning new techniques and skills on iCoachSkating, and it’s fantastic that skaters and coaches can join the website.”

iCoach, however, is just the beginning. She’s also a very successful entrepreneur, creating several products skaters use to improve various elements.

“My first big product I created was the ‘Jump Ease Skating Harness,’” Thelen said. “I learned a lot about business and how to make a company fun.”

Her second product, Champion Cords, taught her to embrace something new at the time: a business website.

“I really learned how to create a website, and to work with patents (USA Patent:  7,214,171), skate shops, seminars, packaging, staff and manufacturing,” Thelen said. “Champion Cords are fantastic for teaching a skater to feel alignment position, muscle memory awareness and technique.”

Thelen since added the Champion Skating Harness and Champion Electric Spinner.

“Both of these products help the skater learn vestibular balance and air position,” Thelen said. “Truly how you train modern day rotation. It’s actually fun to see people installing this gear in their homes. They are also great for seminars. We haul in a harness, install it and train coaches how to use it.”

Her Champion Developmental Seminars keep this busy coach traveling to clubs with many top coaches.

“Each seminar can be custom designed to feature a guest coach,” Thelen said. “We bring in tons of gear and help the coaches develop skaters at all levels. We are absolutely honored to have an amazing staff of coaches to help.”

Thelen even created a fun jewelry piece with her Champion Achievement Charm bracelet. The charms include all the jumps and spins, a perfect and fun way for skaters to keep track of their progression.

“As your skater progresses through the sport, add a charm to the bracelet,” Thelen said.

Thelen will host a booth featuring all her products at the upcoming May PSA and CFSA conferences in Chicago and Moncton NB, Canada. A two day seminar with World Coach Ravi Walia is scheduled for June at the Bloomington FSC.

Her skating harness and electric spinner also recently became part of physical therapy research and development work with autistic children, something Thelen is extremely proud of.

“This work is so important to me,” Thelen said. “Improving children’s, skaters and families’ lives.”


Education:     Bachelor of Arts, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota.  (1991 Graduate)    Double Major:  Communications/Marketing and Anthropology *Research Emphasis:  Public Speaking/Osteology (Human Bone Research).  *Senior Residential Advisor.  *Twin Cities Business Women’s Scholarship Recipient.  *Speaker at Hamline 1990 & 1991 Leadership Conference. *Academic Policies Committee and Sub-Committee. * Self PAID 100% of Education. * Dean’s List.


Experience:    Owner/Designer/President of Vestibular Training Services LLC (2019-Present) *Applying Figure Skating Harness training – to helping physical therapists in the fields of:  Autism & Post Concussion/TBI.  Patent Pending.  We are going to change the world.


Owner/Designer/President of Champion Cords/Seminars/Harnesses/Spinners (2012-Present) *Providing seminar for coaches worldwide alongside World & Olympic Coaches.  Specializing in figure skating technology, harnesses & developing all levels of figure skaters.  *Creating leadership in coaching and mentoring.  Number one in figure skating harnesses & coaches training.  *Known worldwide for coaching excellence.  Research and development for multiple skating training tools


Grassroots To Champion Seminars (2008-2016) Executive Director. *Coordinate 19 National/World/Olympic Coaches in 30+ National and Internationals seminars per year.   Coordinate all:  schedules, travel, hotel, ground, product, pre and post seminar.   *Marketing.  *Negotiate contracts with 10 Corporate Sponsors & National Organizations.  *Manage week long International Seminar Dorms/Food/40+Coaches/100+ skaters from around the world. *Dartfish Specialist  *Recruited by World & Olympic Coach – Audrey Weisiger.  *Number 1 in Figure Skating Seminars in North America.   *Sales increased 348%, since position was created.  Agent/Representative for 8 Olympic/World Coaches.  Created a 501c3 for Young Artists Showcase.


Sheila Thelen, Inc., (2003-Present)   Owner-President.  *Inventor and design engineer of athletic training aids *National & International Guest Speaker.  *Product Design. *Contract Negotiations.   *Patent Writing.   *Patent Number:  7,214,171.  *Created all product marketing and information.  *Product is used by World & Olympic Skaters and Coaches.  *Endorsed by the Professional Skaters Association International.  *Presenter at Fall Regional & International Seminars.  *Presenter ON ICE: at PSA International Conference, Canada Figure Skating National Conference, ISI International Conference, England/UK NISA Conference, Iceland FSA.   *Endorsed by National/World/Olympic Skaters and Coaches.  *Monthly article in PSA Magazine.   *Featured Specialist on:  *Named TOP FIVE Coaches by iCoachSkating.


Professional Figure Skating Coach.   City Facilities, MN (1987-Present) Self Employed.  *Teaching beginners through senior competition levels.  *Head Professional.   *Senior Synchronized Skating Line.   *Consultant – Israeli Figure Skating Association.  *Teaching ages: 2-30.  *Master Rated Coach by the Professional Skaters Association International. *Strong USFSA/ISI Coaching Experience.  *Specialty in Dartfish Computer Software (for computer jump analysis).  Consultant to coaches & skating schools.


                        St. Croix Valley Recreation Center.  Stillwater, MN (1998-2008) Skating Director.   *Manage and oversee MAJOR Skating School & Entire Figure Skating Program. *Manage all private lessons.   *Supervise all self employed skating coaches.   *Hosted ISI & PSA Fall Regional Seminars.   *Payroll.   *Database.  *Assign Skaters to Coaches. *Director of Winter Exhibitions.   *Director of Spring Ice Shows.  *Advertising Manager.  *Silent Auction Manager.  *Created registration program enabling 500+ in person registrations in 1 ½ hours. *Manage arena staff.  *Power Skating Coach with Junior Gold Teams & High School players.   *Coach multiple high profile clients & The Herb Brooks Foundation.


                        Jump Ease, Inc.  Lino Lakes, MN  (1997-2004)  Owner/President.  *Inventor and design engineer of multi-use harness systems.  *National Guest Speaker and Trainer.  *Coordinated staff & engineering department.  *Contract negotiations including the New Boston Gardens/Boston Bruins & the Gaylord Entertainment Center (Nashville Predators).  *Endorsed by the Professional Skaters Association International.  *Managing Partner.


                                        Arad Archaeological Center, Arad, ISRAEL   In conjunction with the Israeli Antiquities Authority.  (July 1991-1992)  *Director of Recruiting.  *Site Supervisor.  *Lecture Series.  *Create all marketing materials.  *United States Group Coordinator.  *Only American on Staff.   *Semi Bilingual.  *Primary Archaeological site:  Tel Keroith.  *Trained guide:  Masada.  *Burial Excavations Manager:  Tel Arad.


                                        Paisley Park Recording Studios.  Chanhassen, MN (Spring 1990-Spring 1991) Internship.  *Assistant to Mr. Dressel, Head of Studio.  *Assist in daily management of a major recording studio and stage.  *Handle records on past clients and assisted with new clients.  *Studio Assistant.  *Tours.  *First Intern ever at Paisley Park.


Awards:          *Top 1,000 Employees in the State of Minnesota, by the Quality Council of Minnesota (1993).  *1998 Who’s Who of International Entrepreneurs.    *2008 & 2010 Top FIVE Coaches by   *2010 United States Figure Skating Association – Sports Science Award Nominee


Shadow Politics Guest, Parrish Smith May 19, 2024 Producer, director, cinematographer and published author

Parrish Smith is an award-winning producer, director, cinematographer and published author. Smith has shot more than 50 short films and numerous feature films — including commercials for clients Gillette, Kraft and L’Oreal; music videos for artists Jaheim, Ghostface and Naughty by Nature; as well as various documentaries.

Parrish's credits have aired on networks such as Netflix, BET, TV One, Bounce, MTV and Showtime. His last film, “The Scroll,” which included Bishop T.D. Jakes, Al Sharpton, Bernice King, Jesse Jackson and Marvin Sapp was acquired by UpTV and aired on Aspire and Netflix. "The Scroll" screened at more than 100 venues nationwide including film festivals, theaters and churches and has achieved major national and international success. In addition, "The Scroll" caught the eye of Kensington Publishing and was adapted into a self-help book.

Smith also directed and produced the documentary film, “THE MECCA OF COMEDY: The Rise of Standup Comedy in Washington D.C.

Responder Resilience Guest, Hi Nguyen May 15, 2024 Former RCMP Officer and Leadership Coach

Hi (pronounced Hee) is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer with 14 years of service across Canada. He spent time as a patrol officer, a close-protection bodyguard to the Prime Minister and a counter-terrorism officer. He is now the Director of a large campus security team and a leadership coach. He was the recipient of 2 leadership awards in 2023: The OACUSA Award of Excellence and the Canadian Security Magazine Community Leadership Award.

Dare To Dream Guest, DAN HARARY May 26, 2024 UFO Researcher

My guest is the author of several books, including My Paranormal Life.  Dan Harary is an entertainment industry publicist, UFO experiencer, author, and chairman of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. Dan is host of the weekly podcast: Live from Hollywood, It's Paranormal Tonight! Dan’s other books are: Flirting with Fame, Carrots, and After They Came. 

The Sports Doctor Guest, Joe Chura May 15, 2024 Entrepreneur, Chief Innovation Officer at, Host of the Not Almost There Podcast and co-founder of GO Brewing, first Non-alcoholic production w/ taproom in Illinois

en·tre·pre·neur, Chief Innovation Officer at, Host of the Not Almost There Podcast and co-founder of GO Brewing, first Non-alcoholic production w/ taproom in Illinois

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