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Guest Name
Diana Durango
Diana Durango
Guest Occupation
Actress, Writer, Producer
Guest Biography

Diana Durango is an actress born and raised in Tampa, Florida.  She trained at the Strasberg Actor’s Studio as a method actor under Mauricio Bustamante and Lola Cohen, as well as under Larry Silverberg learning the Meisner Technique.  She works out of Florida, Atlanta, New York, and L.A. in feature films and episodes such as “Monster” with Charlize Theron, “Wild Card” with Jason Statham, and “Escape at Dannemora” with director Ben Stiller and actor Benicio Del Toro.  She also works as a featured model for various campaigns, while also working in mental health therapy, life coaching, and policy advocacy.  She is active in advocating for women’s rights issues, domestic violence awareness and policy, and mental health policy and awareness alongside her acting and film making work. She has currently finished work in a series of horror films focusing on the “Halloween” genre as well as a feature horror film, “The Inn”.  Along with her film in horror she is branching into working in biblical films this upcoming 2024, sci fi films (“Battlestar Galactica: The Stranded Warrior”), films that advocate her passionate policy issues, as well as her own projects that she is currently writing.  Her upcoming star-studded feature film, “Once a Week for Life”, directed, written by, and starring George Zouvelos will be coming out in 2024, where she is playing the principle female character Eve.  She continues to work in film, and is open to working with talented directors, writers, and projects that have a voice, a purpose, and a soul.