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Presidents Kings Politics Technology - what March 2024 really brings for you

Presidents Kings Politics Technology - what March 2024 really brings for you

Between now and the end of the summer there is a lot of energy that will be hitting President Biden, Donald Trump, the Royal Family, and the leader of China. 

Mars co-joins Pluto for the first time in 140 years – this is explosive for either good or bad. This could be very creative energy – or could result in a Tower moment – a clash. It all depends on the energy created in each individual’s birth chart. 

First of all – I feel this “something big” will be happening in the Middle-East. That war energy is about to take an unexpected turn. It won’t be a volcanic blast like the last time we had this energy – but rather a man-made explosion. Could be in the Ukraine - but I don’t think so. 

This energy will be a catalyst of some sort – the UN will have to become involved. The UN is a peace-keeping force – unlike NATO. This war is getting out of control and nations are going to have to step in. 

Donald Trump had Pluto/Mars in his 12th House – representing hospitals, institutions, hidden enemies, and secrets. With transiting Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, the challenge is open enemies and other people’s money. This could affect his health – Mars in Leo in the 12th - which opposes Aquarius – could cause an inner rage that erupts into serious health problems. With his Sun in Gemini in the 10th House – he has to be the center of attention – but this energy also focuses on his relationship with his father. (He adored his father – but had a fear of him and felt very distant from him.) With Jupiter moving into Gemini – things get brighter for him after May. He will not go to prison before the election, if at all. 

The April eclipse can fracture his/Donald’s finances and taxes. 

The power of the people will flourish. The Aquarian energies will flatten the greed and money making focus that is present now. 

There is a lot of independence of the people coming – in 2024/25 - Picketing in the streets,

When Pluto moves back into Capricorn this Sept. – it will ask us “do you want 4 more years of this or do you really want a change? 

Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus – will meet up and co-join on April 20th This will be awesome but a little weird. It can be technology innovative – last time this energy was present was in 1941 – when Britain found a German U-boat (submarine) with a new invention – the Enigma Machine - that helped them crack the German codes – and the war took a positive turn. This conjunction will be for the greater good. Jupiter is benevolent – Uranus rules Aquarius – Aquarius is about humanitarianism and Jupiter rules the people. 

It can also be too much of something – we can expect an uprising – which goes hand and hand with Pluto and Aquarius. 

People will be shaken up by something – per haps their own personal beliefs or something that happens out in the world – whatever it is – it’s a chance for a new start – and very significant because if you look back - at that WW II discovery – without finding that Enigma machine – the British would not have won the war. This could be some sort of cyber discovery – something in outer space – or some incriminating emails – or both. It also could bring us a completely new way of handling our money, purchasing power, banks, and finances.

Remember – Uranus rules the invisible – the electricity – the things we haven’t even imagined yet. It brings in the future. Also – Jupiter rules spirituality – it brings in information from deep within the universe as well as long distance with the mind – and long distance travel. It could be a wake-up call for all of you Lightworkers who have been hiding your spiritual gifts under a rock or in a cave. There’s going to be a shift – a huge shift – people are done – just done – with all this top-down, Capricorn energy. 

Taurus rules the land – crops – animals – as well as shipping. The first thing on the agenda is the USA/Mexican Border. Something will happen with border control/immigration. – could be great – more controls – or shocking – I had previously said that Biden was going to do a 180 and crack down on the border, We shall see,

Then there’s the shipping. The Red Sea = the Suez Canal – the Panama Canal – there are a lot of narrow spaces that supply shipping ships have to work through. Missile shot over the ships – our supplies will begin to become low – 

On the good side – the Ukraine may take back some of it’s land. I had said that a peace package could be signed in November – just after the election here in the USA. Neither country wins – it’s like a settlement – but both claim to be the winner.

We could be working on things – like UFO type of technology - my sense in that there are already UFO Bases here – in the ocean – underground. We could even begin to see UFO’s in the air (Aquarius) on a regular basis - there is some real fascinating energy going on. 

As I tell you every week – wherever Taurus in your chart – where Jupiter and Uranus are transiting – this is where you’ll see some action going on. You could get extremely creative, have intuitive hunches. Have some great ideas, along with sudden changes. If the energy is in your 4th House – it could be a sudden move. If it’s in your 7th house, you could elope or meet a soul mate suddenly. F it’s in the 5th or 8th house could bring an unexpected pregnancy or birth. 

The other side is that some of our land could be in jeopardy 0 from rising sea waters – mudslides – wild fires – could be a rough summer in California, Arizona, and Texas. We can have innovations with growing food and creating new water sources for the dry parts of the country. This energy is very technology oriented. This energy can manifest in so many different ways – and each one of us will experience it differently.

So in April = July there could be numerous earthquakes, tsunami’s – I sensed 2 – one in Mexico City and one in Peru. 

We are in a new world – a new period of time ushering in new ways of doing things – I spoke about Japan last week discovering how to heal and enriched damages, dead soil to become productive again – This could also span out to world governments, 

The amalgamation of States may be coming along as well. States group together and form different unions – regions – and those regions have their own, independent governments, This could be because of climate change. The South will have a very different experience – or reaction to climate change than the Northeast for example. We could still have a constitution and president – but the rule of law will be different, (TX/NJ license plates) These areas – regions – will be able to govern themselves better – because they understand their own needs. The northeast cannot relate to the west – and that’s why we can’t come to agreement on anything. This is a serious cause for separation - 

The breaking up into sections will represent the Aquarian energies. We the people – each area has different needs and needs different funding – with a skeleton government at the forefront. This will be gradual – we will change our banking and how we grow our food. Independent of each other but connected. The old ways are broken beyond repair. Something new - more robotics – climate change – centralized areas. Things are coming – that we can’t imagine now – it’s now forming in the minds of children. Uranus – the invisible – the unknown – new forms of healing. We will be able to heal ourselves as well as free energy.

ET’s came right after we dropped the atom bomb. They will not allow us to blow up the planet. Don’t freak out – drop into your heart.

Biden – Trump – those of you want sanity in the world need to listen. Uranus in Taurus will be squaring Donald Trumps Mars and ascendant in April. This can make him very weak physically. If Trump should lose the election – he will not remain in the USA- he would be flat broke – and probably go out to like on his private island in the Atlantic. On the other hand – he could win = we never know what Uranus will do. It’s invisible and unknown.

Joe Biden also has planets in his 12th house – on Scorpio – which Uranus will be opposing – Mars, Mercury, Venus. Sun – all are under challenge as well. I do not think he will be president – perhaps neither of these men will be. We could have someone completely new. Biden is not kind – but has shown a mean streak. Although he will try to reverse this in the upcoming months – he shows no regard for laws or the constitution – as least his team does. Joe has some unexpected health issues coming up = and people will panic – but they are not life threatening. They may try to replace him in August at the democratic convention.

Kamala is a former district attorney – who will not take any guff. She can be brutal and viscous as well as smart and cunning. She is still around folks. What will become of her is not yet revealed – she seems to sort of just disappear. (Gavin Newsome)

As for the royal Family – in 2017 I predicted that King Charles had cancer and may not become king. It must have started on his body at that time. YES – William will be king earlier that planned. As for Katherine – she is not well at the moment – I sense that she has crones disease. William is very worried about Kate – and is standing strong by her side as well as the children. 

The United Kingdom has some big shake-ups coming – with Brexit – William and Charles – they are on very unsteady ground. 

Charles may have to advocate around May – after the April 8th eclipse in Aries – which affect him William and Katherine. The eclipse and Jupiter moving into Gemini in May- brings William and Katherine to the throne ) the astrology shows). We will be seeing some major announcements this year. 

-----------BREAK ---------------------------

Well – we enter March on Friday – which will be an historic month – at least with astrology = We have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra n the South Node – healing the past – the Spring Equinox in Aries – new beginnings – as well as Easter on the 31st. It’s celebrated early this year. 

The energy is building up to the Solar Eclipse – a very powerful full eclipse in Aries on April 8th and the finale is the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus on April 20th

In March of 2024 there is kind of a greater understanding about what is holding us back - a lot of revelations and information coming in through the collective consciousness about our attachments (including strong beliefs) and preconceived notions about our overall potential. 

This is the energy building up for the April 8th total solar eclipse that is beginning to come into our consciousness in March. This month will show us our addictive cycles and is a very powerful time for essentially releasing thing that have become pent up emotions .

We have major Pisces stelliums throughout the month that will bring lots of tears. This is important to be aware of with the intuitive channeling now because there’s a lot of karmic – ancient – ancestral emotions that are blocking some of the needed movement – for most people. You can really feel it in you body when this happens. It’s a feeling of stagnation – it’s a feeling of repetition – of not being in the most meaningful phase of life - 

We are about to be pushed into full awareness – with things/events that remind us of – oh yes – this is what my purpose is – this is why I am where I am right now – his is why I’ve been placed in this location – or in this chain of events – 

On the negative side it can be – OMG I’ve spent so much energy on things that didn’t matter – now I have to face the consequences – with a bit of low energy – now that may not be in March per se – but once we hit Aries season and April with two eclipses in Libra/Aries – which is the most volatile axis in astrology - I want to warn you and make you aware of - it’s very possible to have unexpected expenses – events, experiences, or contacts with people that you could never have expected – problematic relationships an surge – and lots of polarity – people being hot/cold – very volatile – especially if you are dealing with anyone who has a strong Aries/Libra presence in their birth chart. Just know there will be a lot of tension oncoming with these people 

S0 so what does that mean for March 2024? What a powerful time for rest – rejuvenation – hibernation – and regrouping. It won’t be just turning off – it’s more like allowing certain energies of fear – buried within you – to come up to the surface and rest. Allowing anything that has been overdone – over strained – over complicated – to rest. It’s not a complete turning off – again – it’s a recognition of what has been over-strained – and a resolution for that strain – this will begin to introduce healthier pathways forward – to perk up our energy and basically give it more justice, because the deep inner worry and angst is removed. 

This leads up to a very historic eclipse with major Pisces stelliums – like something’s not been done right – something has been way overdone - to the degree that now it has to end or “eclipse out” and we’re approaching a major transition phase until about mid-May – when Jupiter moves into Gemini – to bring us a different kind of output – to get us up to date and up to speed – so things can be easier , focused and have a purpose now.

Getting things to be easier, focused and have a purpose now is a perfect way to handle the Pisces/Aries influx of energy – we have this energy for February’s closing – throughout March – and April – on either side of the eclipse energy - 

Things can now be automated – thy don’t have to be so forced – so extreme - we don’t have to over-think things as much anymore.

Pluto in Aquarius is about allowing things to manifest in their natural way – instead of being so forceful or being so pushy about expectations or controlling outcomes. A great way to work with the energies of March is to allow certain outcomes to be completely what they are, Especially regarding family matters. Acceptance which – because of karma – can feel very sad and difficult. You don’t have to interfere or intervene with them.

Another great way to work with theses energies is to delegate – automate – you can also let other people take over – especially with things you’ve controlled for a long time. Things you’ve forced yourself to do can now be handed over. It’s not like delegation – but a rights of passage – allowing yourself to begin a new journey – to move on – while still having a connection to whoever you have passed the energy over to. It’s like renting out your house – or allowing a cheating spouse to go with the other person as you move on – allowing an older child to break free from you apron strings – moving away from a previous business- but still being connected to the energies – perhaps through the heart if nothing else. 

These are the energies of March – a setting free in a way. Something used to be hard – but a new structure is firmed – new management – there is still a connecting point – but it’s lighter and healthier. So for March – we have the washing away of the overbearing – the over painful – the over expensive – over done energy. What needs to be let go in your life? What do these Piscean waters need to wash away for you? Is there some kind of parasitic energy> Something that’s taking 80% of your energy and bringing 15% back? Can it be washed away? March is a great month for hydration. For cleansing and purifying – for restructuring, redoing, certain systems. You know it so clearly by March 2024 – if it’s improperly structured – if it’s too heavy – if it’s too overdone – and these Pisces stelliums – these Pisces waters are going to wash that away, 

Weather this will be pleasant or not depends on the make-up of your birth chart. If you have a lot of water in your chart – you will need to lean on the power of the universe and TRUST> OK I’m giving this away or I’m imagining or cultivating something tat’s almost like your baby – your child – your project – this has been fulfilled – and I now have to put this aside = or restructure all of my energy around it. This can be scary – like a death – it’s a cycle where we entrust someone or something = or just trust our true inner senses – trusting someone else to stand over something that used to mean so much to us – so that we can allow ourselves to progress- to grow - in a way that matters. This is very important to be aware of at this time. Begin to analyze what it is for you – OK I’m clinging to something too much – I’m so constantly burdened with thoughts about this that it’s preventing my ascension – my evolution – that I need to have right now. How can I make the necessary changes around this – so that I’m still connected – but in a lighter way – so that I can evolve and move on?

This energy is basically showing us that life is a symphony – not forcing yourself to have just one focus or one idea – but having multiple through different types of connections or lighter handed experiences that appeases multiple groups as well. OK I play the piano – but now I am playing the violin and will move over to the percussion instruments – and become multi-talented – multi experienced – multi-complex - bringing an expanded = more balanced soul –higher self. 

This is the energy March brings – in like a lion – out like a lamb. Much of this may not be realized until after the two eclipses – and for a lot of you this is a lit to process and visualize. But the Aquarian energy we’ve moved into is about multi-tasking – multiple focuses – even though it’s a fixed sign – it’s very tied to having multiple different area connections – significances.

It’s important to have a lot of maturity during this time - it will tale a strong and very mature hand to rebalance some of the overgrown and over done elements of our lives without cutting away everything out of frustration or being too concerned over any stagnation that we’re feeling.

We’ll all feel the growing pains and have many questions – like what is being removed – what will be pruned away? What is kept> There will be a need for maturity – clarity – sobriety – You will need to meditate and check in with tour higher self, angels, and spirit guides.

What is the status of my body?

Are there any stress injuries?

Any abuse injuries?

Am I overworking?

Am I under working?

Am I oversleeping? Under sleeping?

Again these eclipses are n our Nodal Axis – and balance will be very important to maintain, as well as your energy output. Balancing your budget – and regulation of your emotions and responses. We are building up to an important KARMIC choice – by the end of the month – which is Easter – and certainly by April 8th . How regulated are we with our work output – our emotional output – our time for meditation – our time for recharging and regenerating energy – and if thus isn’t regulated by that time – I’m seeing some negative outcomes – so it’s very important to be mature and to really implement healthier energy regimes now.