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Fusing hard hitting rap rhymes to infectious beats. Mr.Reaper is an emerging Hip-Hop Artist looking to take the rap game by storm. His style is very lyrical, smooth and unique. A true wordsmith with a no frills approach who gains listeners attention by using his pain, hardships and knowledge to implement his creativity to a song. As a story teller, Mr.Reaper's lyrical ability paints his thoughts, visions and perception of life in vivid detail.

Matlotlo Sennacherib Archiebolt Maimane famously known as "LIL DRANKO" which stands for Love Illustrated Live Drawn Rotating Around Nations Knowing Omnipotence is a Pop Artist, Singer/songwriter, Executive producer, Model, Actor, Influencer, Designer, all-round entertainer and Entrepreneur.
Michael Adonys

During The COVID 19 Pandemic, The World Suffered Broken Hearts. This Song And Music Video Will Allow The World Not Forget The Ones We Lost And The Ones Who Worked Hard To Save Lives.

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Laszlo Jones

All the way from Beirut, Lebanon, Laszlo Jones travelled to Las Vegas, USA and Paris, France to record his latest EP "Beyond the Door", set to be released November 5.