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Adrian Eagle, CD titled, MAMA
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Music Submission, Sleuth

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Sleuth is Melissa Francis, a female singer-songwriter and pianist from southwest Victoria. She pairs soaring soulful vocals over cool minimalist funk, electronic beats, and quirky alt-pop tunes. Lyrics are dark and bitter sweet, with sharp edges. 

Sleuth released debut ten track original album 'Umbra Anima' in January 2019. Forte music magazine (Australia) recently described the album as 'incredible', giving it a 5 star rating, and describing Sleuth's sound as 'cinematic', with vocal work that would 'make Beth Gibbons (Portishead) proud'. 

Sleuth was the February winner in RadioEasternFM's 'New Music' competition (Victoria), with track Empty Room, and also coming 3rd with track Make A Meal. 

Sleuth enjoy regular airplay on a number of community radio stations in Australia and the UK. In March 2019, Umbra Anima was featured as album of the week in Otway Coast FM’s ‘Australian Bacchanalia’ program.

In additional to ‘Umbra Anima’, which was released in January 2019, Sleuth continue to write and perform new music, with music video ‘High Stakes’ released  July 12th, and most recently a 7-track funk album, ‘Fly By Design’ released Sep 15.

Most of Sleuth’s released music can be found here:


MUSIC VIDEO: (High Stakes)

Music Submission, Taylor B-W

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Taylor B-W

Sydney-born Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, is one of the new generation of emerging indie artists.  Her sound blends soulful, Michael Jackson-style melodies and moody, Banks-esque lyrics in an electro-pop and R&B shell.

She asserts a strong presence on stage, however B-W confesses her Instagram account reveals a rather goofy and funny persona: “I am, first and foremost, a daggy person at heart.”

B-W rediscovered her passion for music after initially pursuing an acting career.  However, she also switched her attention to wildlife conservation, becoming a qualified zookeeper at Sydney’s Taronga Training Institute, when her health suffered under the pressure of acting.

She writes and sings to help release herself from inner self-conflict: “My songs clear out the cobwebs in my past and present.  I use lyrics and music as my way of soul-searching and to heal the cracks in my relationship with me.  I guess, I’m always just trying to make sense of it all.”

B-W found the confidence to put her songs out there in 2017 when she won the Australian segment of the unsigned-artist competition, Emergenza. Singing songs she had written, she then went on to win Best Vocalist, and came fourth overall, at the 2018 international finals in Germany.  

Taylor B-W is the daughter of Dragon frontman and NZ music legend, Mark Williams, and former Kiwi dancer and show business administrator, Pamela Beadle.  B-W completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in music, at the University of Sydney.

Music Submission, Exaly Miytis

Knead Ease Exalt Miytis
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Exaly Miytis

New artist chill vibes and truthful lyrics

Music Submission, Nick Fabian

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Nick Fabian

Hey there, 

My client, Nick Fabian, has a new single dropping on September 27th and I was hoping to get him an interview and some air play! I’ve attached his website which has all social and streaming sites and his new single “Rain”. Nick Fabianʼs powerhouse new single “Rain” is available for streaming September 13.Featuring dynamic vocal performances — including glissandos, slick harmonies and a gospel choir — and a slight blending of EDM sensibilities with Fabianʼs signature piano-pop sound, “Rain” is the stunning rainbow in a tropical storm.“The reward is one of lifeʼs great mysteries,” he sings. “To find the beauty in pain.”A virtuoso on the keys, Fabian dials back his technical prowess and puts on his producer hat, carefully crafting every aspect of the track. Thereʼs his typical outstanding bridge, the aforementioned gospel outro and — why not — rain FX to kick it all off.Youʼll hear plenty of sonic references here, including John Mayer, Andy Grammer and Michael Bublé. Most of all, it sounds like Nick Fabian, beautifully building on a strong résumé that includes the 2018 Spotify standout “Let Me Down.”
"Even when the storm comes crashing like waterfalls
Washes everything and leaves me with nothing at all
Iʼll still be thankful at the end of the day
Covered up in rain"
Thanks for considering! Look forward to hearing from you,

Music Submission, Carley Lusk

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Carley Lusk

Nuwe Comer Carley Lusk Releases EP en Musiek video. Die hoof single "Bly in My Way 'is colofrul R & B deuntjie gekontrasteer deur die spook pop ballade  " Flower Pot. "

Music Submission, Glett

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Born and raised in hackney london UK with bajan and grenadian roots.

Growing up in a household where music was a theme for almost everything, playing with dads records at an early age and scratching them in the process. Genuine young age love for instruments that made beautiful sounds, and a love for music and life in general has crafted my mind into always staying true to myself musically, you wont find me making a song just because its sounds like so and so.. 

The kind of artist that will write what is on my mind at the time, using influences from the old and the new. 

Musical style with a soul base, but will take the vibe anywhere musically. 

Music Submission, Jamie Alimorad

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Jamie Alimorad

Light first dawned on Jamie Alimorad's prodigal artistry in Boston's underground music circuit, while attending Northeastern University. From those humble beginnings, Alimorad dedicated himself to honing his craft as a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His time at Northeastern proved invaluable, culminating in a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, and a blossoming career.

Upon graduating, his music began trickling out from Boston's indie scene and out into the world at large. He independently released two albums (Cornerstone and Words Left Unsaid) that garnered enough success to warrant his first nationwide tour, taking him through cities, including, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The tour's success led to the 2014 music video for Words Left Unsaid single "Beautiful" hitting over 2 million views on YouTube.

Alimorad has spent the past four years writing and recording new material for his hotly anticipated 2019 release, This Is Tomorrow Calling. Teaming up with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer Gino Vannelli, and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Ross Vannelli, the trio have crafted a collection of vocal-centric pop music, that has more than its fair share of innovative twists, and turns, fueled by Alimorad's effusive passion towards fusing genres. The album tells Alimorad's coming-of-age story of the years of an artist growing in an ever-changing world, and emerging from his cocoon, fully stretching his wings as a songwriter, musician, and vocalist.

Music Submission, Ralph Staples feat Sonya L Taylor

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Ralph Staples feat Sonya L Taylor

Sonya L Taylor was born in a small town in the state of Mississippi.  Sonya’s mother was very fond of music herself with an alto voice.   Sonya discovered her passion for songwriting at the age of 8 on the steps of her grandma's house when she wrote: "I Need A Touch".  Sonya has lots of creative plans for the future and will continue delighting her listeners with her versatile and exquisite style.


Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Mutlu, the Philly based musician of Turkish descent is known to cohesively blend elements of soul, folk and rock within his music.
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Mutlu, song titled, Lifeline
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Lifeline - single
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