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Michelle & Jason Hannan

Michelle & Jason Hannan, a WAMMIE-nominated duo based out of Frederick, MD, is one of Maryland’s top up and coming independent country acts. Featured on Sirius XM, WFRE 99.9, and others, the duo features Michelle’s one-of-a-kind voice, smooth vocal harmonies, and heartfelt songwriting.
The Whythouse

This Canadian Multi-Genre Urban group from Toronto, Canada keeps bringing new and exciting music for all to enjoy. The Band formed in the early 2000's are known for their innovative cross over tracks mixing Rap, Pop, RnB and Reggae. Now fast forward to December 2021
Billy Fleming

Billy Fleming is a 51-year-old male singer, songwriter, poet and author of Snake Doctor and Butterfly Series. Born in upstate Ohio in the United States at the end of the late  60s. He writes songs that touch the heart and expand the mind. He has published 2 books of poetry and the third is his life story a truly amazing survivor story.