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I just read something that made me stop and take stock. I have always been a rather joyful, somewhat carefree individual. Of late; however, I have become very heavy in my feeling nature and as this is not a familiar place for me, it has been wreaking havoc. I am painfully aware that I have stopped playing. I have stopped enjoying the little things. For instance, until three years ago, I regularly enjoyed a great evening of water bumper cars, go carts and miniature golf – to say nothing of a full day at Magic Mountain (mid-week, of course).

In my last article, I began to talk about compromise and what happens to us when we embark upon that long road that has no real ending, only beginnings.  My own particular journey in this regard has been long and painful.  I chose for my soul core makeup in this reality to express the ego persona of a female with a masculine gender vibration.  This has created quite an interesting complexity for my psyche reconciliation.  Having this innate understanding that subservience was not a comfortable position for me, and yet choosing various employment and re

This is the first in a series of articles on moving through emotional blackmail during our journey into self-awareness and spiritual reconnection.  Our life expression challenge, should we choose to accept it, is to learn to work with and incorporate all aspects of our multi-dimensional Self into a complex, yet harmoniously working collective.  Make no mistake about it – we are a collective and most of our challenges have come from linear thinking and single-mindedness when it comes to our very being.  Freedom, true freedom – comes from recognizing that we are multi-dimension

Hydrogenated oils are very damaging to our system. I get them from fast food, but can also get them for over heating good oils.

It is so easy and so simple to accomplish good health and recovery if you are consistent with simple habits, but the special interests in our world don't want you to know that. They especially don’t want you to know that the key to wellness is good liver health. If you have good liver health you will be free of any disease. I feel that our society has many pieces of influence in place that will continue to occupy our minds. Consequently, it will not inform and teach us enough of the right information to help us bring our full potential.

The work of a radio talk show host is to prepare and then deliver content about issues that are of national or local interest. Usually, the focus of the host is one topic, i.e., sports, entertainment, politics, etc. Sometimes, the hosts call guests and conduct interviews, speak with the listeners who call-in on-air, and host a few on-air events. Due to the hovering deadlines and tight scheduling, the work of the host is usually stressful. But do you want to be a radio talk show host too?

Depression and anxiety are plaguing the population today and this a big issue for even the average individual. Today's world is a busy place with too many stressors and everyone trying to get the best out of it to improve their lives. 

To accomplish my incredible recovery from hepatitis, cirrhosis and addiction I used some kitchen aids and a few machines to help with all the juice and food preparations. Like everything else some of the machines were good; like my blender and some of the machines were not. Trust me I tried a lot of machines. But then I got reminiscing about when I was a kid watching the Saturday morning cartoon shows. I remember a couple of episodes of the cartoon series called Inspector Gadget.

Many of us take vitamins and minerals because we want to feel better, but as with anything else there is always a price. You can spend from $5 to over $500 dollars just to get what might help. It seems like every brand, product or MLM distributor claim to have the magic bullet that will make you feel young again. But how can you find the right one? The choices seem endless. Its worse than trying to find the right little fitting for your plumbing needs in a hardware store. You will look in Lowes forever with so many different parts and fittings.

From 1991 - 1994 when word got around that I refused the liver transplant and the doctors said I was delirious, many said they were right. I was delirious. Its funny how people act when you have a life threatening disease like Hepatitis C, that has a stigma attached to it. The first thing people think is you must be a intravenous drug user. Religious people automatically said I was a sinner. Well, they were all wrong, because that is not what I learned from my Swiss Grandmother.