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Novus ordo seclorum:  "New Order of the Ages"

For quite some time I have been reporting that everything you do...has been pre-planned for a long time. Globalization and the advance of the New World Order, designed by the Regime to eliminate sovereign nations - has never been more evident than at the leadership conferences in Davos, Switzerland. 

Coming to America: One invader every 27 seconds.

Over the years we have been reporting on illegal immigration.  We have shown you that Agenda 21/2030 calls for NO Borders.  It requires and demands that the UN be the end-all and be all for its One World Governance. All policies must comply with the United Nations.

One just needs to look at the actions of Obama and Bush, to see where their orders are coming from. They come from unelected boards and regional councils - created right out the UN play book!

Hello All,
The Dalai Lama speaks out about the mass brainwashing of society that is so present. 
One on our friends sent this out this last week. It bears passing around. If we all sit in heart centered awareness and read along, clarity will prevail. Fear and propaganda abound in our media outlets these days. Everything gets tremendously magnified very quickly. We need to pay attention and be responsible in our dealing and sharing with each other.


America can no longer fight politically-correct wars.  Life is not politically correct.  No matter how often the Regime tells us how GREAT things will be, if they just had more money, more time, more government, more programs....WE KNOW THEY ARE JUST LYING!

Americans, I am glad to say, are finally coming together, realizing we are out of money and out of time, despite more government programs and intrusion into our private lives.


(Here you go, again, Karen.  Back in Black!! Whassup with that??)

Now that you're all turkey'd out for the year, it's time to cleanup and prepare for the next round of Holiday, er, REGIME shenanigans....

BTW, this week was the 25th anniversary release of the movie, "Home Alone". 

The High Cost of a U.N. Education
Currently, there are 14 major cities accepting refugees in Florida:    
Clearwater, Delray Beach, Doral, Jacksonville, Lauderdale Lakes, Miami, Naples, North Port, Orlando, Palm Springs, Pensacola, Riviera Beach, Tallahassee, Tampa




Small Steps and Big Leaps ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

What's one thing that you want to accomplish in life? What's keeping you from doing it?

So many times what we want is just out of reach. We can see it in our mind's eye, our fingers can almost touch it.

Sometimes we're in so much chaos and drama, just barely keeping our head above water, that we can't even know what we want, much less see it. We just want the pain to end.

Last week was all about the rain, vacation at home and medical processes. It provided a great time of reflection about the year before. Insights and appreciations and validation filled my heart. I was clean as a whistle inside and had a nice time for the few hours in the hospital. It was very different from my trip there this time last year and the five days in the hospital and subsequent months of reorienting inside. Spending time with my husband and working on projects and yard and landscape trimming at a leisurely pace was restful mentally and physically.