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Article by Janet Barrett December 7, 2015

Fuzzy Photon Update/ Big Picture, Little Picture

Our minds control our eyesight. What is happening in the big picture is not always what we can keep track of when we are using focused vision.

Hello All,
Our minds control our eyesight. What is happening in the big picture is not always what we can keep track of when we are using focused vision. Probably most often in our daily lives we can forget that we are using focused vision . We are focused on getting the next thing done on our list. If we were the type to have a list. Lists are great for getting things done to insure a happy future. Holidays can often be trigger events. Even saying the word holidays or December, or Xmas or, or, or can serve as triggers in patterns. Then the triggers keep us focused in the past. The video reminds us to keep present and how easy it is to get distracted by what is truly happening when we are focused in one mindset. Notice the white team’s passes. Now, if we had been directed to notice the white team’s passes and the bear at the same time we might have been able to notice both but maybe not count all the passes as easily.
It is easy to have too many things to keep track of to follow through with any of them well. So let’s make it easy on ourselves. Make a list today. Chart out your events to participate in for the next couple of weeks. Any of you with families probably already do this in order to get it all done. In this case, access heart for your authentic voice and check in and make sure that it feels right to do what you think is important. Congruent so far? What if you were to listen and follow what your voice is telling you about this year’s seasonal events? Just because someone says you must do something or we have always done this and, and, and, and is no reason to do so anymore. Does that have to be you this year? How much are you operating out of someone else’s agenda, or obligation to, imagined or real? If you find yourself committed to actions you are not inclined to feel good about what would it be like if you could feel good anyway? I can pretty much guarantee that if you are doing things that you are not looking forward to doing, your actions will totally color your experiences validating your not so good feelings.
Winter is a great time to be alive! As is every season. A lot of times we can be feeling other people’s stuff. We can experience their stuff as depression, or weariness or blahs. That maybe what others are feeling in their unawareness of the season. How much is maybe unrealized contentment?  Some get grumpier as they get older and build up a state of deep wants not being met, loss not dealt with, regrets flourish. That is what this season brings for many of us. Being willing to sit in heart centered awareness and use it, gives you the tools to make new choices that are in alignment with what makes you happy. There’s a concept for you, happy for the holidays. If you start to encode joy and harmony and I don’t know, love maybe, in your holiday experiences maybe the season will be bright in a way it has not been before.
Allow your vision of you enjoying life to be the big picture. Allow your focused vision to include the events and experiences you participate in. Invite your authentic voice to examine and play with each and see what information is present. Be open to information presenting itself to you in useful, enjoyable ways. Be open to the bear moonwalking across your path. Love, janet