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"Bail Reform Now: A Movement for Justice and Equity - The U.S. is at a crossroads with the urgent need for bail reform, spotlighting the flaws in a system that disproportionately penalizes the less wealthy. Advocating for a fairer approach that evaluates risk over financial status, this movement aims to overhaul pretrial detainment, ensuring that justice prevails over income. With states adopting legislative changes, the push for reform underscores a collective commitment to fairness, equity, and the principles of the 8th Amendment."

This flawed system are deprived of their due process rights, leading to prolonged and often baseless separations that devastate family unity. The agency’s use of “safety plans” without solid evidence or judicial review, and the unchecked authority of social workers, underscores a system where power is wielded without regard to legal or ethical standards, causing immense suffering.

Critical Analysis by Eric A. Cinotti,MPA, JD: Exposing Systemic Failures and Urgent Need for Reform in U.S. Child Welfare System, Addressing Caseworker Burnout, Funding Shortages, and Cultural Challenges

Genocide-Denier to speak at University of BC on November 17 - Protest looms
A Special Communique from the Canadian Genocide Tribunal and the Republic of Kanata
November 9, 2021

My son and I were talking the other evening and we touched upon an issue that I had not thought about in quite some time – although I am sure this age-old question still rages on. My son was speaking with me because he is suffering from a very bad case of wrong decisions.

I was listening to my favorite singer the other morning. Being a writer and poet, I am always paying attention to lyrics. Although I have heard this song countless times, this particular morning his description of a young lady he happened upon produced an “ah-ha” response. His words, divinity-in-motion, jumped out at me and I immediately placed it in a different context. I began to think about these words and what it meant subliminally. This is such a perfect description of what we are – just think about that for a second – divinity-in-motion.

I was watching a movie the other day with Kevin Costner. You may have seen it yourself.  It is called Field of Dreams. To those of you who may not have seen this wonderful movie, I will not spoil it for you; but strongly suggest that you check it out. I have seen this movie in its entirety at least three times and it fills me with the wonder and the magic of faith in an activity or pursuit.

I have come to accept as my knowing that we are co-creators. There is no deity that decides what you will or will not express or experience in any particular reality – past, present or future. It is always up to you. It is always your choice. But, Universal Laws must be obeyed and they are not subject to change or re-interpretation – just recognition and compliance.

Life is all about change -- choice – the three “ts”: transformation, transmutation and transition. I find it amusing the lengths we will travel just to avoid choice.  We somehow think that if we stand still and put our head under the cover, the choice we need to make will go away. As I started to write this article today, I was interrupted by a telephone call that I knew was coming and a decision that would need to be made that I had been putting off and rationalizing.