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Divinity in Motion

Divinity in Motion

Know now that you are divinity-in-motion and that every fiber of your core being is divine by design.

I was listening to my favorite singer the other morning. Being a writer and poet, I am always paying attention to lyrics. Although I have heard this song countless times, this particular morning his description of a young lady he happened upon produced an “ah-ha” response. His words, divinity-in-motion, jumped out at me and I immediately placed it in a different context. I began to think about these words and what it meant subliminally. This is such a perfect description of what we are – just think about that for a second – divinity-in-motion. It made me feel all tingly inside when I really got to thinking about what that encompassed.

I have always interpreted the biblical statement that “God breathed life into Adam’s nostrils and man became a living soul” to be God, being first cause, infusing Adam with a spark of its own life force – a force that is self-perpetuating energy, evolutionary in nature, and eternal. This divine spark is the true essence of who we are and our physical covering is in reality divinity-in-motion, moving through this 3-dimensional environment. What will this mean to you once you really get this? Will you still look upon yourself with anything less than awe and appreciation for what you really are? Does this not give you pause to become fully grateful for your essence? This is not blasphemy; nor is it mis-guided arrogance. We all have within us that single spark of divinity, the divine Christ Matrix, as the eternal core of our being. This is what God breathed into Adam. Incidentally, Adam represents collective masculine manifest energy, while Eve represents collective feminine manifest energy – the first marriage of mind (male) and emotion (female). To those of you who may be reading this article and not thought about Eve and Adam in this manner, try it on for size and let it germinate with you for a time. It may produce an interesting shift in your awareness.

The divine spark that God breathed into Adam, is the Christ Matrix; the golden threaded cords that intersect and interweave and form our perfect blueprint of being.  It is what makes us spiritual beings in human expression. It is golden in color and can be recognized and experienced with astonishing results. I have found it to be more powerful that using healing green in times of physical disharmony in my body-temple. Let me give you a small, but recent example.

On a recent trip to Dallas, I walked into an environment surrounded by vibrations of allergies and sinus issues. My son, who was with me, accepted a full-blown sinus infection which required him to seek professional assistance and heavy duty pharmaceutical antibiotics. I, myself, began to experience a constant, dull, headache that I could not seem to shake. It forced me to separate myself on many occasions as the home I was visiting is quite active and loud. I nevertheless, had a wonderful visit as I would not allow the necessity of separation to place a cloud over my visit, and so it did not. During my times of separation, I reminded myself and connected with my Christ Matrix. I would visualize my gold matrix and affirm my connection and perfection. I was able to avoid the full-blown illness that overtook my son and I am grateful for this. When I returned to the safe haven of my own energy (my home), I evoked my golden Christ Matrix with more focused intent and the dull headache was gone within 24 hours. My physical body responded and began to drain off the infection without the necessity of illness or outside intervention. But, to those of you who would try this – you must have a knowing of who and what you are --- not a belief, a knowing and there is a big difference. The Spirit is always whole, perfect, and complete. You are a house divided until you can place your Mind and your Body in sync with your Spirit.

Let me also state here that I am not Pollyanna and I do recognize that the Body can be out-of-balance through both internal and external influences that are believed and accepted as truth. When this occurs, you must use natural remedies and vitalized foods to get the body back into equilibrium; not pharmaceuticals – natural remedies. Your cells are alive and they communicate with each other. Pharmaceuticals place a vibration around the cells it is walling off in its treatment of symptoms and not causes – so that the other cells of your body do not recognize and therefore cannot communicate with these cells. The result – you remove the symptoms of one discomfort and create major issues in other parts of your body-temple;  namely, the liver; which is now asked to process un-natural items and cause more damage to your overall health and vitality. The body is self-healing. It was designed in this manner. If you get out of the way, and place your emotions, mental processes, and body-temple back into balance, you will experience no dis-ease and a rapid complete recovery when dis-ease intrudes from external forces. I have found this to be true 100% of the time – not 99, but 100% and without exception.

I admonish you to try this the next time you feel out-of-sorts. Become still at a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Silently connect with your Christ Consciousness Matrix; it is the color of Gold in vibration. See this vibration fully envelope your body-temple and affirm that this perfection is re-introducing itself upon your physical body and removing anything unlike itself. If you have the courage of your conviction and your set intent; it will work 100%. If it is not working, you can be assured that you are not in alignment on some level of your psyche. Spiritual laws are all or nothing that do not vacillate; nor do they respond to indecision or confliction. You must know to manifest. Remember, belief is subject to change; knowing is not.

Know now that you are divinity-in-motion and that every fiber of your core being is divine by design. Reconnect with this divinity every day in your waking hours and affirm this connection before you retire at night to your dream-life. You are never separate from the love of God, make no mistake about this as the love of God is your very life force and this life force is not severable.