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Whose Reality is This?

Whose Reality is This?

I have come to accept as my knowing that we are co-creators. There is no deity that decides what you will or will not express or experience in any particular reality â past, present or future. It is always up to you.

I have come to accept as my knowing that we are co-creators. There is no deity that decides what you will or will not express or experience in any particular reality – past, present or future. It is always up to you. It is always your choice. But, Universal Laws must be obeyed and they are not subject to change or re-interpretation – just recognition and compliance.

Reality simply is – Universal Law simply is. If we learn to flow with Universal law we live a life of abundance and prosperity of every good thing life has to offer. If we, in our ignorance or stubbornness, flow against Universal Law we live a life of fear, lack and limitation in all degree and manner. It is that simple and yet it is not that simple. The important components of how Universal law works that we need to understand, cultivate, commit to memory, and implement are vibration and resonance = harmonics = cohesive energy patterns = reality experienced. The sages and mystics tell us “as above, so below”. The Creator of the Universe spoke its world into existence. As beings created in the image and likeness of the Creator, we manifest our individual world in this exact same way. First we imagine, visualize or picture that which we desire – then, we claim it. In claiming, we are manifesting – speaking our world and subsequent life experiences into manifestation.

Several years ago, prior to retiring for the evening, I posed a question to my subconscious and asked the famous “who am I – what am I – why am I here?” I was awakened to recall the answer that had been given to me. I dreamed of a large tapestry with golden threads running, intersecting and seemingly forming an endless pattern. I intuitively recognized that each golden thread represented a being of Light – and I was one of those golden threads – a being of Light, a part of that wonderful golden tapestry in a Universal indigo sky. I was, to say the least, overwhelmed at this realization that so magnificently answered my question and enabled me to understand some of the choices I had made. I even came to understand the importance of my astrological makeup and why I chose it for this life expression.

My discovery that I was much more than I had ever imagined was a wonderful awakening and at the same time a bit scary. For one thing I finally understood the true meaning of ignorance is bliss. The more you know – really come to know – the more responsibility you have, and the Universe is unforgiving when it comes to the misuse of life energies. You no longer have the luxury of blame. You are awake and therefore responsible for your thoughts and all of the life expression that follows: mistakes, disease, and the karmic laws of cause and effect.

The karmic law of cause and effect has probably been the hardest for me. I can understand the nature of disease as it is much easier for me to refuse to accept an illness and picture myself in a state of perfect health. It is also easy for me to understand and forgive the mistakes I have made in my life due to lack of information and ignorance. But, karmic law of cause and effect is directly linked to our thoughts. After all, as you think so shall it be, and since we are eternal beings with many lifetimes under our belt – that is a lot of unfinished thought-stuff floating around our essences.  And, I don’t think I fully grasp it as I am sure many of us do not. Our reality, the reality we experience is a direct result of the vibrations which coalesce and thus generate the resonance harmonics of the thoughts we think! Understanding this karmic law will provide miraculous changes within that will express without.

I have found that if you keep affirming where you are, you will never reach where you want to go. I have been on a forced sabbatical of sorts and I am beginning to use my time wisely. I have immersed myself in the study of me and I have been able to trace back my current reality to the thoughts produced in the many gossip sessions that I engaged in due to ignorance over these past many years, and those thought-forms have brought me to the place where I now reside in my reality. That’s right, I said gossip sessions. Few of us really understand how damaging gossip is to the psyche in general and our reality in particular. It is one of the hardest habits to break – this constant re-affirming of what you do not want to experience without knowing that you are creating the opposite result by keeping our attention, intention – and your mouth engaged in incessant recalling and re-telling to friends, family and anyone who will listen to you, the sad state of your life, world and affairs.  In a word – shut up!

I have found that since I have been on a gossip free diet (and I occasionally backslide) – I have much shorter telephone conversations and much less patience talking for hours and hours on the telephone. As a matter of fact, I no longer talk to anyone for hours and hours and engage in mindless chatter. I just don’t have that much to say and even more surprising – I have a shorter attention span for listening to the gossip of others as well.

Gossip sessions in actuality are useless conversations that provide no real solutions and only serve to fuel the emotions and continue your resonance with the challenge(s) or difficulties currently being experienced, yet unwanted on a conscious level. You are creating various life scenarios again and again that at their core represent the subject of your thoughts and feelings about your current life expression. In order to rid yourself of those life challenges or difficulties you are experiencing, you must discontinue the habit of talking ad nauseum about them. It has been said that you always have to raise your vibration above the level of your difficulties. In other words, get on a different wave length and this requires that you talk about, focus on, and think about what you want – not what you do not want. And, this really takes practice!

One of the greatest generators for karmic lessons is gossip. I was a great one for telling and re-telling the circumstances of my jobs, relationships, even business ideas to those of my inner circle. I was totally oblivious to the fact that every time I opened my mouth I was speaking a reality into existence – a reality that I did not want to be expressing. You only need to look at where you are right now in your life, world and affairs to be able to see what kinds of gossip sessions you have had (and may still have) going on.

I will say this again – and again – and again – you, me, each of us, creates our own reality – without exception. We do this consciously and most unconsciously by adopting the reality that others are experiencing as our own, thereby creating the same reality that others are experiencing (which is the majority of us, by the way); or by creating our own set of thought-patterns and setting their corresponding realities in motion through conscious awareness.

If you are not engaged in your thoughts, you are on automatic pilot and choosing your reality based on past sociology, psychology, theology, or the evening news. For many of us, other people control what we think and therefore what we create by abdication of our own divine free will. We listen to the news and accept what we are hearing as reality. We then lend our energy to it and it becomes even more of a force to be reckoned with. We jump right in to the sea of mass consciousness and ride the waves of fear, lack, and limitation with the rest of the masses.

I now keep in mind that there is a reality and then there is my reality. I can either create my reality or accept a reality given to me by others. Divine free will gives me that choice once I understand the mechanics.

Like many of you, I spent a lifetime looking back and remembering when and re-hashing old memories, hurts, pains, prior mistakes in judgment and seeming betrayals. I have now come to recognize; however, that I was doomed to repeat the past if I insisted upon re-living it! The eternal moment is now. Not tomorrow – not yesterday; however, if you spend your now re-living your yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today. All creation is now. Every thought you are thinking now will manifest. There is no getting around that and no one is exempt, only ignorant of the principle. Thoughts, when articulated into emotionally charged words, set up a vibration that immediately begins to look for resonance with other thought-forms of compatible vibration. These thought-forms coalesce and form collective cohesive thought-patterns that become your own individual life experience if you are vibrating on that particular frequency.

For those of you who may be bible scholars or who are familiar with the Book of Job, you will recognize how Job had decreed all of his own troubles and everything happened to him just as he decreed. His bounty was not returned to him until he recognized the error of his thoughts. You may recall that with all of his abundance, Job was fearful of loss and in reality kept charging the ethers with his fear of reversal of fortune until he actually experienced the reversals. Once Job realized what had happened he went through a series of discussions which I feel caused him to recall his abundance and prosperity as he basically challenged the Creator to find fault with him. He began to re-focus on his prosperity consciousness and his humility and God-fearing posture. In recalling all of the positive aspects of his life he changed his energy vibrations again back to the resonance of prosperity and good fortune. He re-created his reality and once again resonated with abundance and prosperity in an even greater vein than before.  I think the real lesson of Job is completely missed. Job teaches us about our negative thinking and piety as well as the subsequent consequences of maintaining such faulty thinking.

I have found that gossip and attendant and incessant complaining causes us to resonate with negativity. This activity lowers our overall energy signature or vibration to match the negative resonance. The more you gossip and complain and engage in lower thoughts you will lower your vibration until you resonate at the harmonic level of your negativity. When this occurs, you experience a reality in keeping with where you are currently vibrating.

We literally live in a sea of infinite vibration – from the highest to the lowest possible on this plane of existence. The reality that we experience is always of our own creation. There is nothing set in stone, not even our own physical body. If you accept a reality that includes disease and ill health – you will resonate with whatever disease matches your vibration and in whatever area or organ of the body that is the most susceptible.

At all times, our realities are framed in the realms of possibility, probability, and actuality. Each of these aspects has its own subtle vibration. We move through these aspects until we manifest the outcome we seek or resonate with. All life experiences manifestation in each one of these stages. Therefore, understanding these stages can help us hold our desires in our mind until they can become actuality and manifest in our life. This is what it means to direct your own life. What kind of reality you experience depends entirely upon where you choose to place your dominant emotionally charged thoughts. You will also attract one set of life possibilities and repel others. And still others will pass by without a hint of their being even in the general vicinity of you.

You have a smorgasbord of destiny realities. Which reality shall you now experience?