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Choose this Day

Choose this Day

Life is all about change â I find it amusing the lengths we will travel just to avoid choice in order to delay change and keep the status quo.

Life is all about change -- choice – the three “ts”: transformation, transmutation and transition. I find it amusing the lengths we will travel just to avoid choice.  We somehow think that if we stand still and put our head under the cover, the choice we need to make will go away. As I started to write this article today, I was interrupted by a telephone call that I knew was coming and a decision that would need to be made that I had been putting off and rationalizing. I simply did not want to have to make the decision and so I had been standing still and treading water for some six months. The vibrations on the Planet now are intensified. We are being required to make a firm decision on the direction we wish to take. We are being asked to decide if we are going to move forward in our evolutionary pattern, or if we want to exit the Planet and pass up this unique opportunity that according to some mystics and sages (including the Mayan) occurs approximately every 26,000 years.

This is indeed a very exciting time to be on the Planet. I know there are some who find this time very challenging; there is so much change going on around us. All of the old familiar patterns and thought structures are folding in on themselves and a new paradigm is asserting itself and demanding our attention. Never before can I remember having to make so many life-altering choices – almost daily!

Free will is all about choice and accepting sole and ultimate responsibility for those choices made. You cannot serve two masters and you cannot have it both ways. Sooner or later you must decide for yourself which path will govern your life – divine free will afforded from the Creator; or “blaming” everything and everyone; but choose you must. Choice determines our life experiences along a given path. One path leads to personal power, courage and fearlessness; the other path leads to a life expression governed by fear, victimization and powerlessness. Choose this day which path you will travel from this point forward.

One of the strongest challenges I have ever faced is resonating with this idea of choice as it relates to creating my own reality. Long ago, I simply could not reconcile the idea of my life experiences being illusion. But, I find, I can be more comfortable with understanding that through the choices I had made previously, I was experiencing the life I and I alone had designed. Although this was not comfortable, I could accept it much better than the idea of illusion. Once I came to terms with my abdication of choice in many instances, I could see where unconscious choosing produces the same profound experience as conscious choosing. It is harder to reconcile all of life experiences that have been brought about by our lack of consciousness even during waking hours. Like many others, I was use to not paying attention to all of the thoughts that crossed my mind and the endless regurgitation of my challenges to friends and family who had an ear to listen. The first choice I made was to be quiet and stop talking about things that I no longer wanted to experience in my life, world, and affairs. The second choice was to begin to pay strict attention to those thoughts that crossed my mind and degree of emotion that was behind each one.

When we can finally learn that thoughts, spoken word and emotional charge equal manifestation, we will become a lot more careful and watchful. I did find that watching my conversations were just as hard because those in our circle want you to constantly keep them apprised of what is happening in your life. There well-meaning prying keeps you complaining, explaining, and defending your various choices which ultimately (due to the law of attraction), keeps you experiencing the results of past choices. What you keep your attention on stays with you. What you push against pushes back. So once I finished my mental house cleaning, I did some friend and family house cleaning.

Granted, it is not easy to stay out of the trap of complaining, explaining and defending. It is a habit, one that many of us have found useful if we want to stay a victim. I mean, everyone wants an explanation from you.

Just recently, I received a telephone call from someone that I know was expecting me to recount everything that had been happening to me again and again. She wanted me to recall the past six months over again – to complain and explain and defend. I have been practicing everything that I preach and I refused to take that walk down memory lane. I told her the deadline I had set with a third party and what I would do if circumstances had not altered themselves; but I flatly refused to participate in a pity party or regurgitate past issues. I was not unkind; but I did not go down that road, nor did I take a victim position. I simply stated what I had decided to do and when I would be doing it if nothing changed.

It is important not to get caught up in victimization. It is important that if you choose to walk by faith, then you must stay in faith and not allow yourself to become faith-less. Choice is what divine free will is all about. The power to choose the life you would wish to express and to hold fast to that choice in the face of any challenges that may come to past. I always keep in mind that life is designed to change and evolve – even adversity is a form of evolution and growth. Through adversity we come to know our own inner strength and courage of conviction. Life would indeed be unbearably boring if it were not for change, challenge, and conquest. Just ask the idle rich just how meaningless life can become if you have no goals or challenges that push you forward.

Life expression is governed by the choices we have made in the past. Since every thought must manifest, the thoughts you charge today will absolutely create your tomorrow. Once I understood this, I began to know the real importance of staying in my now moment, and keeping my intellect, my emotions, and my words under conscious and judicious watch. I know that I am experiencing today what I set in motion long ago through carelessness. I also know that tomorrow will be different as I pay close attention to every “today”. Divine free will is a precious gift – the gift to be a co-creator of our life expression and the real mechanism of choice. Nothing has the power to interfere with you unless you give it permission. There is no exception here because you will only experience that which you bring into your own awareness – that which you focus your intellect, emotions and words upon – that which you lend your considerable life force energy to. This is a Universal law and it does not need your recognition to operate. The mystics and sages have been trying to get this through to us for eons. Guard your thoughts, your emotions, and your tongue. Choose where to put your energies. Choice is the first step in consciously co-creating instead of doing so unconsciously. We are created in the image and likeness of our Creator and just as this principle creates by thought, so do we as its heirs.

Just think for a minute about what we truly are – we are a magnificent composite of energy vibration and light. The higher the vibration the more light we expel. We are beings of thought and as we think, so shall it be. When I really got this in my feeling nature, I began to set my intent every day. I know that just like it took a while to manifest old patterns of thought it will take a minute to manifest the new ones. I need only stay with my intents and not become side- tracked by impatience.

All power is in our now moment of choice. If you can just stay focused on those higher ideals they will become a part of you. Thoughts of poise, harmony, love, joy, empathy, courage, faith and strength just to name a few, are worthy of continued and constant focus. And, if you stay the course, before you know it you will be expressing those traits and any others that you choose. The power is and always will be with you. It is within you and you must go within to embrace it.

Keep ever in mind that when you spend your time and energy talking about everything in your life expression that has gone wrong, or the challenges you may be facing; you will keep them with you. You will draw more and more challenges to you in the same vein. Setting your vibration higher will allow the law of attraction to work to bring some relief from those challenges. The operative word is balance and I do not believe that we are designed to never have challenges in our life expressions. How will you evolve and appreciate if there are no mountains to climb; but I do believe that moving with poise and grace in the foreground makes one understand and move through life challenges easily, comfortably, and quickly. Again, it is in your choice of how you will handle a given life scenario that makes it so. Not the external appearance.

Sometimes, I know that my choice to be a teacher in this life expression is what brings life challenges to me; so that I can be of assistance to others when I cross their path. Having been there, I can appreciate what they are going through and help them move through with grace and focused intent. We are magnificent beings, living in a magical Universe, with eternal and unlimited life expressions for the choosing. Sometimes when I am riding my bike at 5:00 a.m., I just notice the sky.  The stars are still out and it is quiet and still and I think to myself how beautiful and I am filled with a sense of peace and appreciation for my life – warts and all. And, then, there are afternoons when I go outside and look up at the sky and the blue is just striking. There is not a cloud in the sky and all you can see for a good portion is blue. Wow! It takes my breath away and I never fail to stop and notice and appreciate this expansiveness and my sense of that color blue as I gaze at it. It is my understanding that the blue is the color of the will of God. When I see the color blue in the sky I think that it is the very will of God that keeps this Planet in tact. And I choose to rest firmly in that awareness.