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What Ifs" And Parallel Lives ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

Reading about the Canadian Prime Minister this morning; I was a teenager in Ottawa when his dad was Prime Minister. It made me think - what if I'd stayed in Ottawa? Gone to a Canadian University? What would life be like now?

Living Your Passion ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

So many of us end up in jobs that pay the bills but we feel dissatisfied. Our soul yearns for more. Or we end up at the end of a career saying, 'finally, I can do what I love to do - if I only knew what that is'!

That's because, from the moment we're born, we're looked at as blank slates to be written on or lumps of clay to be moulded. We're not recognized as Consciousness, our Essence is not seen.  In actuality, we are treasure chests of potential.

5D Living in a 3D World ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

We're we all supposed to have ascended in 2012? Why are we all still here?

And if we're all enlightened, why are things still so f@%k'd up?

We heard stuff like, 'not everyone's supposed to make it', so why are so many unevolved people still around, governing our country and running in elections?

Bad things aren't supposed to happen to ascended people.

Here's the thing:

Perfectly Imperfect ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

This afternoon I met with two other people at a bank, to transfer over being Treasurer of a local group in Tacoma to one of them.  One was more than relieved to give up the position, one was chomping at the bit to take over and 'do it right'.

I understand the first person's relief; it's how I felt when I passed the role onto them.  I appreciated the new treasurer's enthusiasm. We need that kind kind of energy in our group; we're stronger for it.


The Teaching of Garbage

Everyone asks:  WHY did that happen? If you want to know what is wrong with the USA, all answers are in the SCHOOLS!!

From cradle to grave these poor kids are FORCED-FED to betray Family, God and America. The DOEd is nothing more that a shill for the NWO Regime!  

When the Constitution is NOT TAUGHT...Freedom and Liberty DISAPPEAR!

The lowest common denominator s school.

All dictators take over the Schools. 

Hitler had his youth groups, Castro's had Pioneers.

The Regime has Common Core.

BAD GUN? Make My Day!

Fellow Americans:

The controversy over guns will continue as long America’s 2nd Amendment Right, “to bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” - As per the Constitution.

Obama is fond of quoting about all of the countries that have banned guns, but I cannot tell if anything was affected. 

The statistics on banned guns were compiled by people


paid to compile the information.

Are You Managing or Being Managed? ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I heard a talk by a young man who related getting out of $60,000 debt. By making different choices than his peers, he was able to accumulated a healthy savings allowing him the freedom to do what he loved for a living.

He said, "If you don't manage your money and your possessions, your money and your possessions manage you."

It's a pretty common problem in the world today. We get so caught up in accumulating bright, shiny objects that our livestyle ends up owning us.

I woke up last night to my husband worrying about the 700 people who died in the Middle East and a fatal accident in Seattle. I immediately jumped to the solution, which wasn't helpful.

September in the Pacific Northwest means the clouds roll in and don't leave until July. That's not entirely true with global warming/climate change, but we still have more than our fair share of gloomy days.  Seattleites don't tan, they rust.

It's hard *not* to be seasonally affected living here. The one thing I really appreciated when I was back East caring for my mom, was the brilliant sunshine in December. No lack of Vitamin D there!