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Article by Janet Barrett November 3, 2015

Memories of Rain and Vacations

Do you remember who you were and where you were one year ago?

Last week was all about the rain, vacation at home and medical processes. It provided a great time of reflection about the year before. Insights and appreciations and validation filled my heart. I was clean as a whistle inside and had a nice time for the few hours in the hospital. It was very different from my trip there this time last year and the five days in the hospital and subsequent months of reorienting inside. Spending time with my husband and working on projects and yard and landscape trimming at a leisurely pace was restful mentally and physically. We got to enjoy the changing weather and the torrential rainfalls from within a clean house and secure location. We reminisced that it was a year ago we were in the Northeast enjoying Boston and driving up the coast up to Maine, enjoying friends and clients along the way. There was rain too, torrential at times, for a couple of days.
What do you notice about your last year? Can you even remember where you were this time last year? Do you remember what you were feeling like and contemplating? Reflection is a gift and our memories are subject to our current emotional terrain.  Some of us don’t like to look back or examine our inner worlds. Which is such a shame. We are our inner worlds. The only way to enjoy life is by coming to terms with who we are. Then comes the fun in realizing that you can refine or redefine that sense of self. Most often who we are is about who we have been. We are made up of all kinds of patterns of information running concurrently.
There is nothing to run away from really though it may feel like that. There can be emotional pulls and memories that make you feel less than. They are keeping you off balance and in compensating states. Being able to look back and be present to making patterns changes only happens when you pay attention, when you appreciate yourself as consciousness from within heart centered awareness.  Otherwise we repeat, often over and over the same limiting, defining patterns. Whether it is a relationship, or something you deem a bad choice again, it is coming as a result of patterns of information that are at play within the field of your being.
It is about your rule sets for experiencing life. It is not always easy to look at what we might find within. But running on habitual thinking is not always going to get you what you want if you want something different than what you presently think you are. It is real and easy to shift directions, illusions, considerations if you use Consciousness Techniques. Working hand in hand, Consciousness, your authentic voice and potential can harmonize into new states of being you.
Take the time to stop and access heart. First thing you have to do is to use intention to get out of your head. Let go of logic which defines and limits the outcomes and be open to play. Check your set ups. Allow information to be user friendly. Whatever your questions, appreciate yourself. Give yourself permission to question without penalty and then notice. You can do this if you take a moment to shift to heart awareness and then be in line at the grocery store, filling your gas tank, talking with the neighbor, sharing a cubicle, walking your dog.  Allow yourself to engage all from this place of awareness. Have no agenda. Just allow for information to be present. Allow for potential to dance.  
What if every day or a majority of your days were from a vacation state of mind? You, relaxed, not on any schedule, open to new adventures. Would you loosen up? Would you enjoy life more? Would you hear your heart sing and the cascade of the water flowing down the rain chain?
Janet Barrett