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Article by Joan Newcomb October 30, 2015

Living Your Passion

Reawaken your inner artist to unlock your true creative potential.

Living Your Passion ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

So many of us end up in jobs that pay the bills but we feel dissatisfied. Our soul yearns for more. Or we end up at the end of a career saying, 'finally, I can do what I love to do - if I only knew what that is'!

That's because, from the moment we're born, we're looked at as blank slates to be written on or lumps of clay to be moulded. We're not recognized as Consciousness, our Essence is not seen.  In actuality, we are treasure chests of potential.

A clue to your missing passion is to remember what you loved to do when you were younger. Did you love to sing or dance, or paint or make up stories? It may even have been sports or some kind of physical activity.

Our creativity is our essential language, how we express ourselves as Consciousness into the world. But our creative actions get dampened down as we go through school.  Musicians can't make any money - you should be come an accountant. Your finger painting was delightful in kindergarten but won't get you into art school. Writers definitely don't earn a living, you should become an English Teacher.

We won't be happy if we're not expressing our creativity. We lose our zest for life. A way to regain our passion is by reawakening our inner artist.

Sometimes it's our own expectations and assumptions that keep us from trying. You don't have to be a professional in order to create. You don't have to be the next Tom Hanks, you can have fun in community theatre. You don't need to write the great American novel, you can start a blog of your thoughts and impressions. Perhaps it's cooking or baking that thrills you.

By rediscovering our passion, our lives have meaning again. We feel a reason for being.  It may redirect you in your career, or give you a new lease on life after retirement.

When we get back in touch with our Essence, new doors open, new pathways reveal themselves, new opportunities come up. We don't have to quit our jobs and join the Peace Corps to rebuild Nepal in order to live our passion, unless that's what your Essence is calling you to do.

Your purpose for being here is to *be* your Essential self. Your expression is needed in the world. e, and your resonance contributes to the collective orchestra. Your music helps make up the symphony of life.