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How I Used Implosion

When you grab the pebble from my hand then you can go...

Master âPoâ who affectionately referred to his student as âGrasshopperâ and healed him from his sickness early in his training while only a boy. Master Po gave him an herb drink, incantations and swirled some kung fu magic with the chi (energy) from his body and hands. So like Grasshopper, I was taking some herbs, but in my desperation wanting to recover from hepatitis, addiction and cirrhosis, I believed that if I just worked hard enough and got good enough at Kung Fu I could heal myself like Master Po healed Grasshopper

It is so easy and so simple to accomplish good health and recovery if you are consistent with simple habits, but the special interests in our world don't want you to know that. They especially don’t want you to know that the key to wellness is good liver health. If you have good liver health you will be free of any disease. I feel that our society has many pieces of influence in place that will continue to occupy our minds. Consequently, it will not inform and teach us enough of the right information to help us bring our full potential. Someone told me the other day, "Sickness is a business and getting well is bad for business." What a harsh statement. Nevertheless, I remember when I got sick and needed help I felt that the choices I was given were not the best solutions. That is when the doctor wanted to order my liver transplant and put me on harmful drugs. I instinctively felt that I would be better off keeping my own liver. My dad, a medical doctor, told me that I was stubborn like my mother. Maybe he was right, but it's my liver and I felt I needed it to help me get well. I truly believe that one of the main things that saved my life was my stubbornness! Keeping my liver and getting it well was priority numero uno. The quest was on to find a way to live.

It was important for my recovery from hepatitis and cirrhosis, but I also had an addiction problem as well.. I was going to AA, so I was dry; but my liver was so sick that the doctors wanted to remove it, I then believed that the key to wellness had to come first from my mind. I had to get the right beliefs and the right information. The experts were trying to convince me that without a transplant I would  die. There were also many people who said I would relapse, go on a bender and be lost forever. Then one day not long after all of these grim prognoses, I said to myself, "What do I want to do?" I thought for a minute and concluded;  "I want to live without addiction and hepatitis." I knew the decision was up to me, it had to start in my spirit and then the direction would come down into my mind. As Bruce Lee once said "The body follows the mind." He was such a great role model of mine, and I studied KungFu avidly since the 1980s. I knew it boiled down to the mind and the use of intention. So even while I was sick in the early 1990s, I started back into a new style of Kung Fu.

If you have read my healing biographies, you know how I learned about intention from several dramatic experiences. Once I saw the disinformation in our society, in our educational system, in all the biological and technical networks, the status quo truth did not have a hold on me anymore. I was looking at everything in a whole new way. I was once a full time slave to disease, addiction and the disinformation overload so unavoidable in our culture. Soon it was all crystal clear to me. Despite all the luminaries that pontificate on TED or the main stream media; I saw there really was no great wizard named Oz, it was just a man behind a curtain, pulling the strings of all his puppets. In my heart I knew there is no place like home. Now I was free. I could learn to make up my own mind even as powerful as societal influences were but more importantly than that, I could now heal myself from addiction and hepatitis. I knew I could find a better way and I began making even more progress. I finally concluded that there is one thing for sure; no one can take away from you what you have learned and what you already know. That is what gave me the strength to pry myself away from the control of the group hypnotism. Some people call it the matrix, to me it was just society. The cool thing about being free from all the doubt we are bombarded with is I could find the answers to any of my questions. Then, I would also take those answers and cross check them on the internet to verify and solidify a better use and purpose far superior to what my original need was. What a breakthrough! 

I also began to question and think about why I was doing Kung Fu near the Pensacola Naval Air Station with all these badass guys who were DEA, SWAT, SEALs and a few of the Marine Delta Special Forces. For me it was not to be a badass fighter myself. I was doing it to raise my chi to help me fight the virus. You see when I hit my healing plateau I was feeling so much better but I was not lowering my viral load anymore. All lowering my viral load progress had stopped. I was looking at everything and anything to get rid of that virus. I remembered the television show title “Kung Fu” staring David Carridene when he came across a injured American Indian brave and assisted in his healing. As usual in the show there was a flash back where he reminisced about his Master “Po” who affectionately referred to his student as “Grasshopper’ and healed him from his sickness early in his training while only a boy. Master Po gave him an herb drink, incantations and swirled some kung fu magic with the chi (energy) from his body and hands. So like Grasshopper, I was taking some herbs, but in my desperation wanting to recover from hepatitis, addiction and cirrhosis, I believed that if I just worked hard enough and got good enough at Kung Fu I could heal myself like Master Po healed Grasshopper and like Grasshopper did for the Indian brave on the show. If that meant getting beat up all the time with these badass tough guys then so be it, because I was going to get well no matter what. 

The training was tough. Some of the guys said the training was the best thing for them to keep fit and improve their readiness for upcoming operations. I did everything they were doing, including all the animal moves. I trained on 5 week nights from 6:00 to 9:30 with the public classes and on Saturdays I was in the advanced class with the tough guys. We all did everything; one on one, one on two and one on three mock fights from 9:00 am to 1:00pm. Yes we had gloves and pads but we all got beat up—it was just part of the training. Every couple of months one of the tough guys would say to me,"Why are you here?", because I was definitely not like them. I would tell them I was trying to raise my chi, and I believe they thought that was such a weird answer they just did not antagonize me any further. To this day, I can't believe who I was associating with, but in their world when you trade enough punches, kicks, blood and knock-outs, a camaraderie and respect develops. We definitely stood up for each other and that came in handy one time on Pensacola Beach when some jerk attacked me. There was a conversation and disagreement and unexpectantedly, he punched me so hard that I fell to the ground.  While I was seeing stars and while getting my bearings, some of my classmates from near by, came over and did what they do best. By the time I got up, my foe was compromised. In a strange sort of way they were my friends. As those three years of Kung Fu in Pensacola, FL wore on, I learned to have more power with less energy. This was the secret of learning chi and Kung Fu. I knew I was on the right track; with more power and less energy, I knew could get rid of the virus, if I dug deeper and then I came upon the revelation of implosion. 

Implosion is very intense, like creating critical mass in order to split the atom. Could this same principle help me? Using the energy inside of me focusing with the chi? Thinking about it, I got chills up and down my spine. Wow! What a force from something so subjective, in my case from something invisible; just a mental concept; but I kept thinking - INTENTION - more power, less energy? It seemed that I was in la la land but I soon discovered this can happen biologically and spiritually within myself. Learning from building my chi in Kung Fu, doing more with less, I soon realized there is no greater power for my body than the mind. With less energy you can create such dramatic results.  But my mind still had setbacks. In order for me to eliminate the cravings from my addiction and wipe out the virus, I had to take the fight within myself. Yes, I was going to AA meetings and that helped but I had to create my own critical mass for implosion to occur inside of me. Once I got proficient with all the animal moves, I had to find a way to increase my concentration and intention. I did not realize that the last key to ignite and complete my own critical mass was the the balance of all the minerals and vitamins in my body. When I remembered all my work at the laboratory in North Dallas, the answer to me was so obvious; after all those years helping the doctors to achieve that for their patients. It was now time put that biochemical balance in place in my own body. So I ordered a new Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) right away. It had been a few years since I had done one and I started following the diet and taking supplements that the HTMA had recommended. Yes, concentration, intention and balance of my own biochemistry! That unlocked the shackles that kept me from expanding my strength into realms within. Implosion was close. I was getting so close.

I now realized that getting a balance of minerals in the physical body function was critical to surpass and eliminate the mental and spiritual problem and go further to manifest implosion. I was glimpsing into something so powerful that I had never known before. It seemed that I was getting so close, but I could not quite break through. I was working so hard with everything, school, Kung Fu and my job etc. but the final result was still not yet not realized. I had to take the bull by the horns and develop it further. It had been three years and admittedly the badass tough guys in my class were actually distracting me from my goal. I had to focus and I had to keep my training intense. So I left Kung Fu and started running marathons. Daily during all those long runs I would meditate on implosion and knock out all my cravings, hepatitis virus and cirrhosis. The mineral balance in my body from my diet of the HTMA brought me new revelations. It was the catalyst that got me started into many things that were new and better; like meditating while I was raising my heart rate during my 10 and 20 mile runs. The blood flow was intense; but with the right mineral balance my mind was relaxed so my vision and perception grew wider and deeper, This has more power and is more dynamic than you can ever imagine. The key was intensifying the chi within my body and mind using intention of implosion. Each run, it just kept building and becoming more powerful. Implosion was mine. Everyone I was around saw me differently. 

My long runs made it all real. It really helped not to have any distractions. Just me and the wind. I could now focus with meditation/contemplation during those long runs. This brought my fight for life inward and an enormous amount of energy was released! The implosion caused an explosion exodus of unwanted things both physical and spiritual within myself that have been keeping me down. What exploded were those parts and aspects of myself that were not being used; that did not belong. They were not me.  Like the virus, like the cravings in my addiction, like the imbalance of minerals; like the cirrhosis. Soon they were all gone. My body and mind were soon balanced. Harmony was soon in the palm of my hand. The result of implosion was strength and determination that become exponentially more powerful. Socrates said, “know thyself.” What most people don’t realize is the power of the whole universe is within ourselves - this was the unlimited potential of my body, mind and spirit all working in harmony. The key to making all of this happen was gratitude in my heart. Many times during those long runs I took the focus to gratitude and opened my heart so wide, I felt like I could do anything. But I stuck to my goals and soon I never had a problem with hepatitis, addiction or cirrhosis again. They were all gone forever. 

Yes, in a very unique way I got rid of the virus, the scar tissue and addiction. My recovery goes way beyond any twelve step program. The steps are helpful, but I went way beyond that; it is real recovery physically, mentally and spiritually. My blood tests show I had no antibodies for any kind of hepatitis, and my liver enzyme levels are normal. My HTMA shows the exact diet to follow, so I stay balanced in my body and my mind. During my runs, I metaphorically saw the virus exploding and the numbers drop while my chi and implosion strength increased. I knew I was in the winner’s circle.