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HTMA, the unknown science; why is it so important?

HTMA is the first most necessary recovery secret I use

When I was building a road map for my healing protocols part of my understanding of how my body is doing is the ratio of what elements it had available. Its all about balance; specifically minerals. No one gets sick when they have a balance of all the minerals needed.

Many of us take vitamins and minerals because we want to feel better, but as with anything else there is always a price. You can spend from $5 to over $500 dollars just to get what might help. It seems like every brand, product or MLM distributor claim to have the magic bullet that will make you feel young again. But how can you find the right one? The choices seem endless. Its worse than trying to find the right little fitting for your plumbing needs in a hardware store. You will look in Lowes forever with so many different parts and fittings. So when the right vitamin search is on in the supplement aisle or in the health food store the selection of brands and products are so numerous and diverse that it becomes confusing.  As the head nutritionist in several large health food stores, I did my best to help customers with their nutritional needs and save money. For me and my breakthrough recovery, the new methodology simplified everything. I used the best part of science by getting an accurate view of the biochemical activity in my body first. I found what was lacking and what was needed. With this information, I could make intelligent decisions moving forward. A big part of the changes were really about diet and of course supplementation. In my program the key is balance by maintaining good liver health that I learned early on from many sources including my frugal Medical Doctor Dad and what I found working in the lab. It became clear to never take anything I didn’t need or eat when I was not hungry. More to the point, I only took and ate what I really needed.

With laboratory testing the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is the first and most necessary recovery secret I use to begin all of my therapies. It provides vital information about the client and the biochemistry of their tissues. Starting with this baseline helped me move into true recovery. When I was building a road map for my healing protocols part of my understanding of how my body is doing is the ratio of what elements it had available. Its all about balance; specifically minerals. No one gets sick when they have a balance of all the minerals needed. Unfortunately, most people in the world do not have a balance in their body and this will thwart good mental and physical health. Consequently, at least 85% of the American population are way out of balance because of the extreme elevation of Calcium in their bodies. People who survive on the typical fast food meals or what many people call the Standard American Diet (SAD) flood their bodies with excess Calcium which produces a slow metabolism. Their bodies are constantly working to lower these extreme levels, but it never gets a chance to get lower due to the high levels constantly coming in. Its like trying to stop a ragging river after a big storm when the rain is still falling. The high levels of Calcium will force at least 4 or 5 other minerals out of absorption. 

In the lab we see this all the time because with high tissue calcium and most people fit this profile and therefore are not getting any phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium among many other minerals into their tissues. These high Calcium levels create an antagonism to these other minerals and they fail to be absorbed no matter how many supplements you take. This makes your muscles like your heart weak and your bones and teeth fragile and brittle. We see these results in over 85% of the people all around us everyday. The consequences are massive sufferings that result in serious conditions like osteoporosis, heart attacks, obesity, diabetes and cancer plus their endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals, pancreas etc.) are over worked and burned out.

When I worked at Everman a 15,000 member natural foods CoOperative in Pensacola, FL as their head nutritionist, there were so many customers coming in wanting calcium supplementation. They thought because their bones were loosing density that they needed more calcium. I was certain they all had a similar HTMA profile to what we are talking about here i.e.: high calcium. Unfortunately they did not realize that. To them, weak bones was a lack of calcium. They were defeating their purpose by taking the extra calcium supplementation because the extra calcium (which they already have too much of) would only make their problem worse. Some would keep gaining weight,  breaking bones and hips and or have arthritis. For others it would be a struggle to walk, so nowadays there are many businesses thriving that help the 85% of the population become more mobile. Sometimes I wonder, just how many more scooters do we need before people start catching on? Does anyone remember back in the 1950’s there were no scooters and very few overweight people. Wheel chairs were only seen in the hospital. Today, for many scooter mobility is a way of life. To make matters even worse they continued to consume too much caffeine and sugar to give them energy but it further depletes their mineral stores that keeps hammering the endocrine system that is already overstimulated and worn out.

I am taking a huge risk right now criticizing caffeine, sugar and the SAD. People I know will not like reading this. Getting more coffee just to have that “good mood” with the added sugar is what most people that I know do. “What’s wrong with you Johnny? I like my coffee!” The fact of the matter is it over stimulates the adrenals which in 85% of the population are already burned out. The thyroid suffers too and they don’t get enough minerals because of the over load of calcium. People lacking all those minerals just don’t feel good. But in their mind the crisis is immediately over once they make their next stop at Starbucks etc. Yes, its so common; most people don’t realize anything is wrong. Caffeine becomes habit forming and accepted as part of our normal conventional lifestyle. But is it really healthy? No, you have to pay the piper sometime and the mineral loss continues and the endocrine system gets damaged. The ones paying attention to their health want to stop the bone loss and obesity. For me, I wanted to recover from hepatitis, cirrhosis and addiction. The first step was to get a mineral balance in my body and the only way I could do that is to stop stimulants; the caffeine, sugar and follow the recommendations of my HTMA.

The HTMA is one of the two cornerstones of the maintenance phase of my methodology and this analysis gave me the base line of the vital statistics about the biochemistry of my body. Using my new diet and supplements based on my HTMA brought my body into balance and helped get me to the other side; from disease to good health. For the first time in many years, I had peace and quiet in my mind. My body felt good. my mind was calm. I will never returned to those old habits so common in our culture that got me out of balance to begin with, like that cup of coffee first thing in the morning just to get going. I take only the supplements and foods that the HTMA recommends. No more wasting money on supplements that my body can’t use. I get just what I need and always stay in balance. I love coffee, but now I avoid it, because I feel so much better without it and I don’t miss it anymore.

The real test is always; does HTMA work for others? The few who really followed it like I did always did better. Just recently I got the ultimate validation of the HTMA. It was from my own brother. I am the youngest and my older brother and sisters practice conventional medicine all the way. They don’t believe in this natural health stuff; they always criticized HTMA. But just this past year, my brother complained about his back and feet hurting him all the time. He had to drop the alcohol because of too many complications. Then earlier this year he told me that the doctors just gave him more medications, but they never fixed his problems and he felt worse. He said; “I am really tired of all that.”  One day I called him on the phone and he answered and said he was getting a hair cut. I told him to send me some of the hair. Since I am a doctor and can order the test. Then I ordered his first HTMA. He got the report back and started following the diet and taking the supplements. Immediately the first few days and all that week he told me how much better he felt. For the first time his back and foot pains went away. He was getting the minerals that he so disparately needed into his tissue. For over 33 years he always said that HTMA was just b.s., he was incredulous about it, until NOW. He not only believes in it, he told me it saved his life! He even quit drinking coffee. He said he fells better without it.