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Don't Forget to Play

Don't Forget to Play

I have always understood the value of fun, laughter, and gaiety. It is a most vital ingredient if one is to stay mentally engaged, spiritually alive, and physically appealing. The joy of living emits a charismatic aura and charm that makes you irresistible to anyone who comes in contact with you.

I just read something that made me stop and take stock. I have always been a rather joyful, somewhat carefree individual. Of late; however, I have become very heavy in my feeling nature and as this is not a familiar place for me, it has been wreaking havoc. I am painfully aware that I have stopped playing. I have stopped enjoying the little things. For instance, until three years ago, I regularly enjoyed a great evening of water bumper cars, go carts and miniature golf – to say nothing of a full day at Magic Mountain (mid-week, of course). I absolutely love roller coasters! There is no such thing for me as too high or too fast! When did I let my guard down?  When did I become this serious, joy-less person? How could this have happened to me – a virtual female Peter Pan?

I have always understood the value of fun, laughter, and gaiety. It is a most vital ingredient if one is to stay mentally engaged, spiritually alive, and physically appealing. The joy of living emits a charismatic aura and charm that makes you irresistible to anyone who comes in contact with you.  Yet, many of us have caught the infectious dis-ease of seriousness. For eternal beings with the Cosmos as our playground, there is no real need to become so spiritually or emotionally heavy and serious. We are so overly concerned with “consequences”, “what if”, “but suppose”, “2012 supposition and projection”, and “I really shouldn’t” – ad nauseum.  We are missing the very fundamental point of coming into this life expression in the first place -- that of learning to create in love and joy and with intent.

May I suggest, for the sake of discussion, something I was given by one of my Spirit Guides – he said, just think of this particular life expression as a memory in the mind of God. It will understandably feel real (as it is designed to) because you are embroiled in this energy cocoon you call life and reality for this time segment. Your absolute eternal core being has already completed its evolutionary path, and is triumphant. There is no real cause for worry or concern.  I was then told that this was all that I could wrap my head around at this juncture. He was not saying this in a condescending manner; but, quite lovingly and reassuringly. 

At first, I had to think about this long and hard.  I mean – I reasoned, if I have already won, then what is the point of this life I am experiencing now? Do I just give up my plans and goals and rest on my future laurels? I was puzzled to be sure.  I then realized the wonderful gift that one of my teachers had given me …. a gift of peaceful awareness and spiritual freedom. 

This new information did not mean that I should give up my goals and rest, it meant that I should fully experience this life expression as I now create it, with all of its lessons and blessings as it is this life expression, among the myriad that I have yet to recall, that is the reason that I am triumphant.

Relax in your life expression, allow it to unfold naturally. Become more aware and observant to be sure, but relax into your life. Begin to get in touch with the many different aspects of yourself that you can bring to your waking, conscious awareness. Allow these other aspects of yourself to express as well.

It is great to be a jack-of-all trades and a master-of-none. This allows you to experience all of your talents; not just hone in on one and spend your life developing and nurturing that limited aspect. Joy comes from expressing everything you are in love and light.

Many of us come to the end of our lives without fulfilling even one-tenth of ourselves. As Thoreau once said most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them. I often remind myself and those that I speak with, that we are magnificent in our design. There are so many aspects to our being that it is a travesty to all there is to resign ourselves to lives of quiet mediocrity. Now having said this, I do know that there are artistic geniuses who incarnate specifically to bring us joy and laughter and love. They set their intent for a particular life expression to do this for the world; and yet many musical geniuses are also artists, poets, and humanitarians as well. They still live 100% of every fiber of their being. They teach us that we should have the same passions within our own being and give them away.

Getting in touch with your joy will open up the doors of your consciousness. It will put you in touch with deep feelings that you are holding on to like precious gold. Let go of any pain, anger, resentments you may be holding on to. Use the healing balm of forgiveness on these memories and watch them melt away like butter in a hot skillet.  Forgiveness is always the ticket! You do not have to re-live, regurgitate, or re-express old hurts, wounds or pains. Simply set your intent to forgive your anguish known or unknown and move forward in joy and laughter.

As a multidimensional being who traverses simultaneous lifetimes in any given life expression, trust me when I say – nothing has to be completed in this lifetime – you have eternity. To be sure, continue to be the best person you can, but with love and a sense of peace and relaxation and with a sense of frivolity. You have time, and the assurance that it will be completed and in divine right timing and order. Stay in your now moment and allow tomorrow to take care of itself.  When you get there – deal with whatever it is then. Enjoy the life you are expressing now.  Know that you are loved and that nothing in this wonderful cosmic universe has the power to hurt you, or interfere with you – unless you allow it to. You have been given dominion and it can never be taken away from you. But, we give it away every day when we refuse to think for ourselves, to understand ourselves, to love ourselves, or to do what is best for ourselves. When we insist upon giving away our power and our divine right to be, there is no outside force to blame. 

If you are fortunate enough to live near water, go there and find a secluded, quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, be with the lake, river or ocean and when you are centered and focused, begin slowly to put all of the stuff that is interfering with your joy in a paper bag (or a garbage bin if you need to), and visualize sending it out to sea. Feel the sense of lightheartedness come into every fiber of your being and moving through you. Please be cosmically responsible; however, and add this manta as your pile is moving out to sea – I release this to my higher self for purification and dissipation.  Harming no one and depriving no one. Remember, we are all energy beings and telepathically linked. Emotional pain is alive and exists in thought form.  Thought forms individually and collectively inhabit the astral plane, they do not simply dissipate.  If the emotional charge is not removed and then dissipated, they will coalesce on some unsuspecting, yet energy resonant being.

Begin now to play, to do those things that make you live fully. Do those things that make you laugh your head off and learn to forgive everything and everyone – without conditions.  Life is a series of possibilities, probabilities and outcomes. Every choice that you make creates an alternate time-line that follows that choice through to its conclusion, so relax. If your choice was a mistake, you will experience that mistake in an alternate, simultaneous time line so don’t agonize over it and become too paralyzed to make a decision in your now moment. Feel your way through this life expression.  Make friends with your intellect and use its ability to focus; but let your heart, the seat of your intuition and the home of your wisdom, take the lead. Your heart is always more accurate and in keeping with your core self. Keep this in mind and set your intent to be happy. Don’t take life so personally. After all, it is not personal – it’s Cosmic!