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Micro and Macro Biotic Cleansing

My new terminology made sense of the therapies I developed.

MACRO BIOTIC is he whole body, lungs, heart, skin, sweat etc. are all intensely involved, like running 10 miles. MICRO BIOTIC is the microsystem cleansing. This is like improving the microcirculation after getting the pink color flush when taking B-3 Niacin. There are at least a dozen of each in my protocols..

From 1991 - 1994 when word got around that I refused the liver transplant and the doctors said I was delirious, many said they were right. I was delirious. Its funny how people act when you have a life threatening disease like Hepatitis C, that has a stigma attached to it. The first thing people think is you must be a intravenous drug user. Religious people automatically said I was a sinner. Well, they were all wrong, because that is not what I learned from my Swiss Grandmother. 

She was a dynamic and courageous lady. When I was only 9 years old she stood up in the middle of her church and said, “tomorrow I am going over to the health department to be tested for venereal disease, who wants to join me?” In 1960, this was a profound thing to announce in the middle of the church congregation in Montgomery, AL. Needless to say you could have heard a pin drop. One woman yelled out, “I am not going, I am not a sinner.” My grandmother snapped back and said, “its not a sin to have VD, but it is a sin to keep it and give it to others.” Needless to say she caused quite a stir in the Heart of Dixie in those early days before desegregation. Of course she did not have VD and I was not an intravenous drug user, but she taught me that not getting tested was irresponsible. If you got tested and have it, then you could make preparations to get rid of it. My grandmother was right and I never forget what she did and what she taught me. The main lesson was to be responsible.. Now after being tested in 1992 and diagnosed with hepatitis C, I was determined not to spread it and it was my duty to get rid of it once and for all. For many years my grandmother was not popular in Montgomery, AL, and for many years after refusing the transplant I was not popular either. 

Was I really being irresponsible for not following the doctor’s orders? After all if I did it their way and got the liver transplant, wouldn’t I still have hepatitis C? I sure would and that was why I believed the conventional treatment was not an option for me. Setting a course to keep my own liver and getting rid of the virus was my primary goal. Everyone said that I was crazy to be thinking that “I” could get rid of hcv. They just said I was going to die, it was just a matter of time. Yes, I was on my own. I had to find a whole new way of living. In a nut shell, I had to tear down the old house and rebuild a new one. I tried many therapies. People always ask me which ones worked. After doing so many countless programs, I got better but then my viral load and liver enzyme levels stopped going down. I stopped making any progress. I was on a healing plateau. I had to make some new changes. 

I eliminated meat and I made more progress and then I went vegan and started my own garden. Today, I eat meat again, but back then my life was on the line.. Simply put, in the chronic stage with a high viral load, its best to stop eating meat. Heavy proteins like red meat with a high iron content, are a big burden for a sick liver. Chemicals were also dangerous. Any kind of petrol fumes or smoke was especially toxic to the liver. Eating organic was the big part that was so important, and it was easier to go organic once I had a garden and went vegan. With less burden the liver had a chance to get stronger. It was freed up to do more functions like detox, healing and regeneration. My new vegan diet turned things around for me, now I was feeling better and soon my own garden was in full swing. 

I had started working with the Organic Gardening Club and its president, Fred Busic.. He taught me about “building the soil.” Whenever they bought bulk supplies like manure, mushroom compost or worm castings, I would chip in and buy some too. The truck would stop by my house on its way making the deliveries. Sharing the bulk price of the order, helped me get the best organic nutrients to build my soil. It became spongy and black. I was so grateful to the club, we shared food and work in our gardens.

I jumped in to help Fred when he taught Organic Gardening at the Pensacola Community College. During those workshops on campus I met many people who were more open-minded about better eating. All those vegetarians and gardeners were not the least bit concerned about my illness. Many of them had the attitude that if I was not eating meat and going organic, I was ok not matter about anything else. This really helped my esteem and they were totally a new crowd that I never knew before. I sort of blended right in. But whenever I would get back around family and old friends the ridicule was always there. Going vegan was just one more “weird” thing to point their finger of ridicule at me.  I heard things like; “What, you don’t eat cheese! You are weird.” and similar objections. This new fellowship from the vegetarians and the gardeners always helped. I was serious about my recovery. So I worked hard at helping the club, I worked hard on my garden and I worked hard at creating new therapies to help me get well.. 

By early spring of 1994, drinking the juice of fresh vegetables was one of the main components to jump start my immune response to fight the virus. There were other important changes of my methodology that factored into producing my rapid recovery and getting me off the plateau. Now that I had a good diet, I also had to make sense of what worked with my new protocols. Learning all the natural therapies that I did only took me half way, I knew they had to be upgraded, advanced and innovated to achieve recovery. This also meant making my own definitions and terminology that best described these new techniques and protocols I developed. 

What is Macro-Biotic and Micro-Biotic cleansing? I don’t have room in this letter to share the long answer, so here is the short answer. In my new terminology and protocols, Macro-Biotic cleansing is not the Japanese diet with brown rice and bamboo shoots. In my program it means whole body cleansing. “Macro” meaning “whole” and “biotic” meaning “body”. There are many different techniques of my macro biotic cleansing, each are very effective. One simple example is when I run 10 miles after taking a particular herb. The whole body is involved with that process. MACRO BIOTIC. The whole body, lungs, heart, skin, sweat etc. are all intensely involved. Micro Biotic is the microsystem cleansing. This is like improving the microcirculation after getting the pink color flush when taking B-3 Niacin. This is MICRO BIOTIC cleansing. There are at least a dozen of each in my protocols.. Total cleansing has to be done on both the macro biotic level and the micro biotic level to make progress. Everything I did was in a new way. My terminology made better sense of the therapies I developed compared to anything I studied. Now, I had good methodology to set up all my protocols for the day, the week and the month, this made healing much more effective. I was tapping into something new that had never been done before and resourcing from everything I learned from my parents, grandparents, school and in the lab.