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Angel Talk with Jim Young and Sandy Young

Title:  The Power of Sacredness is Now

From 1991 - 1994 when word got around that I refused the liver transplant and the doctors said I was delirious, many said they were right. I was delirious. Its funny how people act when you have a life threatening disease like Hepatitis C, that has a stigma attached to it. The first thing people think is you must be a intravenous drug user. Religious people automatically said I was a sinner. Well, they were all wrong, because that is not what I learned from my Swiss Grandmother. 

Our lives are bombarded by the advertising media wanting to sell us a product that will cure our problems and diseases. They really push hard. Bottom line is - just buy it. Many of the sales occur out of impulse and I think everyone can relate to what I am talking about. It always amazes me to see the “new and improved product, now with spearmint flavor!” Most of those new flavors to make the product taste better are artificial. Regrettably, its not real spearmint; not what my mother and grandmother used from the back yard.

Because everyone was calling me delirious and said I was going to die, I decided they were wrong; I made up my mind that I was going to live, plain and simple. Matching to the beat of my own drum I made a point to study everything I could find about people who healed from degenerative diseases without drugs or surgery. In my research I found an enormous number of people like me that had to go on their own. None of them did the same thing. They all found different resources and diet to recover, but there were some common denominators in their daily routine.

What to do with bites, cuts, spines or stings? Any injury from a cut, bite or sting that causes unmanageability and immediate extreme stress should be brought to a doctor’s attention by calling 911. Many times minor cuts, bites or stings are not an emergency but they need attention and care. In my early years I was a life guard and took the first aid course offered by the Red Cross. Recently, I was at a friend’s house and saw that same green book from that same course years earlier and they let me borrow their book and study it.

Getting hepatitis a and b in high school certainly got my dad’s attention who started the local medical clinic in my home town. My dad taught me about the liver early in my life. In all respects, I owe my parents everything for taking care of me when I was sick in high school, but since they are long gone, the only way I can repay them is to help YOU. Since I am not a medical doctor I can’t prescribe, but I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I can certainly tell you my recovery story. If I tell you everything I did to recover then you can take what you need and heal too.

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Clearing Out and Consciousness! Whether it's clearing out our bodies through illness or cleanse, clearing out our homes of physical clutter, or clearing our minds, our emotions, our finances... how does this help our experience of the field Unified Consciousness? Janet and Joan will explore this and other interesting things from Heart Centered Awareness!

My first guest this week was Dr Rich Snyder who is an osteopathic physician board certified in internal medicine and nephrology and specializes in kidney disease, high blood pressure, adrenal health, and medicaL education. He is Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Temple U and has written 5 books including Adrenal Fatigue for Dummies, and What You Need to Know about Kidney Disease.  More information was presented earlier on this site.