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The Power of Juice Fast Friday

Everyone said I was going to die, they were wrong

It was a priority to get my garden productive so I could juice as many fresh vegetables as possible. I would drink fresh juice daily, but experimenting with juice fasting became instrumental in my recovery. I tried different ways of juicing and different ways fasting in many different combinations. Soon I found the right combination that worked. I juiced nearly every day, but decided to juice fast only one day a week.

Because everyone was calling me delirious and said I was going to die, I decided they were wrong; I made up my mind that I was going to live, plain and simple. Matching to the beat of my own drum I made a point to study everything I could find about people who healed from degenerative diseases without drugs or surgery. In my research I found an enormous number of people like me that had to go on their own. None of them did the same thing. They all found different resources and diet to recover, but there were some common denominators in their daily routine.

When I studied those miracle recovery pioneers and learned how they healed, nearly all of them were drinking some sort of fresh vegetable or fruit juice everyday and most of them practiced fasting. They all said juicing daily was the most important practice in getting well. Some said fasting was the most powerful thing they did to help their body. Since then, in the last 25 years it has been widely claimed that juicing fresh fruits and vegetables provides the most dense and abundant nutrition available and fasting can help the body rest, tone and recuperate. An important reason I found, was juicing and fasting help boost your immunity system. Then - a eureka flash! I got an intuitive idea to do both in a better way. What compelled my finding further was the fresher the fruits and vegetables, the more nutritious the juices are and the better my juice fast will be. It was a priority to get my garden productive so I could juice as many fresh vegetables as possible. I would drink fresh juice daily, but experimenting with juice fasting became instrumental in my recovery. I tried different ways of juicing and different ways fasting in many different combinations. Soon I found the right combination that worked. I juiced nearly every day, but decided to juice fast only one day a week.

By mid-summer of 1994, I started juice fasting every Friday when my garden was in full swing. I drank fresh juices all the other days but Friday was special, I only drank juice and water on that day. In my garden. I had a loquat tree, blueberries, collards, chard, spinach, peas, carrots, beans etc. I had plenty to get my juicer going. Carrot and apple combination with a lime I found was a nutritious juice for the liver. What most health professionals never talk about is water melon, cantaloupe and honey dew rind to make some of the most powerful and nutritious juices. They are so abundant, because if you eat melon you will have a lot of rind left over. It makes nutritious juice, but like the 100th monkey they just throw the rinds away. Well NOW you heard it from Johnny; juice your watermelon rinds with a carrot, beet and lime. These rinds pack a powerful mineral punch and should not be over looked. 

After making the fresh juice I took the pulp that was left and put it right into my compost pile, along with grass clippings from my lawn. This made a fibrous loam. All of this vegetable and grass fiber helped make my soil soft and spongy. This was really beneficial for the micro root systems of the plants. Rapidly my viral load went down and everything was thriving; in my compost, in my garden and in my health. Whenever I was hungry on Friday, I would just juice more fresh fruits and vegetables and I did not eat any solid food on that day. In the mornings I juiced the fruits and in the afternoon and evening I juiced the vegetables. I learned that consuming only fresh juices all day once a week as a protocol would work best to raise my immunity response and maintain my stamina. My body got strong.

Nearly everything I grew had wastes of stalks or vines after I harvested the vegetables, leaves or the fruit. Many of these stalks were perfect for juicing or they would go right into the compost. I juiced the core of pineapples and I would also juice whole lemons and limes. I would cut the center veins out of collards, chard and kale. These all made nutritious juice and were better used that way and the leaves I would cook, which would be soft and delicious to eat like spinach. 

The Friday fast became a tradition of mine, 2 or 3 times a month. Friday was important to me because of religious and spiritual reasons. It also was the end of the week and the fast calmed my mind. This calming came from my body burning excess fats where toxins are stored. In this mode the body processes both the fats and toxins together and burns them as calories to provide energy for the metabolism. Thus, as a result all the toxins, pathogens and wastes that are in excess and lodged in the system are eliminated. Having less toxins helped me achieve a sense of well being, stress was minimized, no matter what negative circumstance was occurring in my life. Being cleaner, helped me stay in a good mood, my spiritual goals were fulfilled and I was always happy. For healing it is paramount to have a positive mental attitude. I make the best decisions and found that when I did my fast with fresh fruit and vegetable juices my thinking, work and life was so much easier. 

There were some Fridays however that I did not have the luxury of being at home to use my juicer and fresh vegetables from my garden. Whether I was home or not I would stick to my schedule and do my fast. During those times away from home, I would buy juices from the store and tried as much as possible to avoid the juices that were from concentrates. Even though all juices on the shelf are pasteurized which kills the enzymes, I still got the best juice as I could to get the basic job done of eliminating toxins. Sometimes I would get lucky and find a juice bar or fresh made juice in a store. The body can spend more effort to heal when it is free of the burdens of digestion. With the micronutrients of fresh juice all the enzymes are cleaning away waste deposits throughout the whole system. I always felt better following the day of the fast. The sleep I got was deeper and I wake up with a sense of well being. This is really a great way to keep your immunity response high and keep your mood and spirituality strong, but it was also important to remember how to get ready for the fast to make it more effective.

Smart planning for fasting is to prepare for your body temperature to be lower. Remember this during the winter and wear some extra warm clothes on the day of your fast. On these days your body will always get colder. The hot summers works out great because you will not have to turn on the air conditioning so high, if at all.  Knowing this in advance helps me plan for the fast day on Friday. On that day if its a cold winter day, I may use that free pass to the YMCA and go to their Sauna or Steam. If it’s in the summer, I will not worry about turning on the air conditioner or getting too cold. Once I get through my fast day, I usually take a hot shower before I go to bed. I sleep so deep and woke up so refreshed.

To me Friday is a sacred day. The Juice Fast Friday was the foundation of the maintenance phase of my therapy. In my developed protocol I practice it three to four Fridays a month. On the last Friday of the month I would do my liver cleanse the other cornerstone of my new methodology for the maintenance phase. The real power was to honor our creator since Friday for me is just as sacred as Sunday or any day for that matter. Everyone has their own beliefs, but I honor my higher power that I called God our Heavenly Father and give him thanks. I give the ultimate credit to him, but I have to do my part. After all God helps those who help themselves and I believe he will dwell in my life if I work hard and have a clean and balanced body and mind. So on Fridays it was mostly the juice fast, the liver cleanse and sometimes the water fast.

The water fast I do once or twice a year for only 24 hours just like the juice fast. It puts an extreme burden on your body and it will deplete muscle tissue. It is worth it if you are fighting an illness but you have to do it the right way. To make it truly effective, you have to get a supply of potassium during that 24 hour period. A good potassium supplement will help. The rest of the time you drink only water and lots of it. Both for the juice fast and the water fast, I found it helpful to do a colonic in the evening before I go to bed. If you do not have a colonic board, then an enema is the next best thing, it will help. This keeps toxins from being recirculated in your body and you will sleep so deep and heal. Amazingly, you stay healed and happy!.