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How to become a radio talk show host in 2019?

How to start as a radio talk show host?

The work of a radio talk show host is to prepare and then deliver content about issues that are of national or local interest. Usually, the focus of the host is one topic, i.e., sports, entertainment, politics, etc.

The work of a radio talk show host is to prepare and then deliver content about issues that are of national or local interest. Usually, the focus of the host is one topic, i.e., sports, entertainment, politics, etc. Sometimes, the hosts call guests and conduct interviews, speak with the listeners who call-in on-air, and host a few on-air events. Due to the hovering deadlines and tight scheduling, the work of the host is usually stressful. But do you want to be a radio talk show host too? If yes, keep reading, and you’ll get all the compiled information here on how to be a successful radio host. Let’s get started.

Career Requirements for a Radio Host

To start your career as a radio talk show host, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. Kiara, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that a candidate can acquire a degree in any related field such as communication, related liberal arts major, journalism, or broadcasting. Usually, there is no fixed experience level needed to start your career as a radio talk show host. However, it varies from one company to another or one employer to another. If you have significant experience in the radio, you’ll be able to become a talk show host easily. Please know that more than your experience, it is your skills that are important. Some of the skills that your employer will examine before hiring you are:

Good written and oral communication skill

Thorough knowledge of radio programming software

People-oriented disposition

Ability to operate the control board and the other radio broadcast equipment


On average, the starting salary of a radio talk show host is forty thousand dollars. Roxy, who offers assignment help online, says that the income of a successful talk show host can go up to $1 million if you get to host a nationally syndicated radio channel. Morning show hosts, on the other hand, earn up to 50,000 dollars per year.  

How to start as a radio talk show host?

Alex, who works with a platform where you buy essays online, says that to start your career in this competitive field, you’ll need a radio experience along with a bachelor’s degree. So, here let us take a look at a few steps that you must follow to pursue it as your lifelong career.

Career Steps

Acquire a Bachelor's Degree

If you aspire to be a radio talk show host, you need a degree in communications, broadcasting, journalism, or a related major degree. Jess, who offers online research paper writing service, says that the radio hosts usually cover aspects like media writing, research techniques, communication, reporting, and ethics. A lot of schools, these days, offer a focused degree program on the radio that includes the courses in production, radio writing, and announcing. In addition to the degree courses, interested candidates can also enroll themselves in supplementary courses like English speaking, public speaking, theatre, drama, and computer science. Such courses will help the students acquire the performance and technical qualities necessary for a professional broadcast career. 

Further, it is important to acquire practical exposure too. Usually, the entry-level radio host jobs will ask for your previous experience. So, it is a good idea for students to get involved in college broadcast stations or radio. In this, they might get a chance to host their talk show. Moreover, you can also seek an internship at a local radio station, to get a better insight into the career. Generally, the duties of the intern would include editing audio clips, performing the background research, selecting the guests, and screening the callers for the show.

Join the field

Usually, there are no positions for an entry-level announcer or a talk show host. However, to acquire requisite experience, the candidates can work as schedulers or equipment operators. Once you do that, it would open several additional prospects for you, such as a chance to make public service announcements or read the weather forecasts.

Advance as a talk show radio host

Mia, who offers the best data science online course, says that a radio talk show host is required to do a myriad of things. These include maintaining program logs, operating the software and the equipment of the radio programming, selling time to advertisers, and recording commercials. Additionally, they might also be required to provide social media updates, arrange sponsored contests for the radio station, promote their station, interact with the fans, and make public appearances. Usually, the talk show opportunities are part-time gigs. However, you can find full-time jobs too. A talk show host can start by addressing a smaller audience, but they can later gravitate towards a wider market.

Get a job in a professional organization

Pamela, who recently took a DigitalOcean free trial, says that candidates who aspire to be successful radio talk show hosts should consider associating with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). It is an incredible organization for the newbies. You can avail of a myriad of membership benefits such as access to conventions, industry resources, networking partners, tools, job banks, and other avenues. Such avenues can have a great impact on your training and professional advancement.

So, these are a list of things that you ought to know before you start your career as a radio talk show host. If you have any other queries, suggestions or questions, do let us know in the comment section below. Our team comprises of adept radio artists who are either associated with radio or have worked as a radio talk show host in the past. Consequently, these experts will successfully be able to solve all your queries with ease. So, don't wait and begin your career as a full-time radio host, right away.

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