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SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth with April and Ajay Matta

Guest 1: Dr. April Brown has helped over 5,000 individuals, families, couples achieve their relationship goals! Dr. April provides anxiety, intimacy, and sex therapy/coaching. Christian Mental Health Counselor, Relationship and Sex Therapist, Qualified Clinical Supervisor, and Host of Bringing Intimacy Back on BBS Radio.

Guest 2: Crystal Iserhoff, Clairsentient Intuitive Healer, Exceptional Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, and Transformative Life Coach.

Christine Breese is in pursuit of helping the world live a more metaphysical life, in one with Mother Earth, and has wisdom far beyond her years. She attributes it to the spiritual self-work she did to transcend depression, abuse, suicidal feelings and learning how to enter the realms of joy and happiness.

GUEST 1: Brian Arnold was a Professional trained CARD SHARK. He made over $4,000,000 by age 24 playing the peripheral edges of the Mafia when they had BIG games to knock off. And, he also became suicidal. He was seconds away from pulling the trigger, and divine intervention stepped in. Brian has spent over 45 years of his life helping others battling depression, addictions, suicidal thoughts, and getting control of their thought life back! Brian Arnold, The “Peace-of-Mind and Eternal Life Coach” and Creator of Miracle-Working “Card-A-Day Mental Health Nutrition Strategy!

GUEST 1: Rev. Scott J Polek, prior to opening the coolest wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Reverend Polek’s Chapels at The Pawn, Scott spent 10 + years working with the world’s most gifted psychics, mediums and healers, and also learning the true meaning of spirituality. The man everyone knew as Scott J Polek, became known as "The Reverend Scott J Polek". His years of working with them really opened his mind, body, and soul to endless possibilities in our world!

GUEST 1: Edward J. Evers has done several hundred hours of past life regression, and was there when Jesus was crucified! Edward died and started toward the Light at the age of 19, and has been exterior to his body 3 times, that he is aware of. He was a Research and Development Electronics Engineer on the Minuteman Missile project and the Apollo Spacecraft project. Edward Evans is the author of The Truth Shall Set You Free and My Journey Beyond The Bizarre.

Ep. 310 Water Entanglement. BEWARE...Water Has Memory!
SpirituallyRAW "The Ass Whipping Truth" with April and Ajay Matta.
We Expose and Explore Controversial Truths, Myths, Theories, and Dogma Surrounding The Spirit World." NO TOPIC IS TABOO!  

Guest 1: Christine Breese is the founder of Gaia Sagrada in Ecuador and the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California. She is also a  huachumera, a shamana who works with San Pedro, blessed by the elders to carry the medicine. Shamanic Retreats with Ayahuasca! Shamanic plant medicine ceremonies offer soul travel through the universe within even if a person has never meditated before. Christine feels it is good for a person to experience that which he or she is aiming for. 

Guest 1: Joy Elaine is one of the foremost experts in the world on the Ashtar Command, "mythical" creatures that are real, and where Earth is in her evolution. Joy Elaine channels information from an Asthar Commander, and galactic masters such as Thoth, Osiris, Isis, and has spoken with dragons and fairies. Joy has her fingers on the pulse of the evolving Earth and has a profound understanding of the nature of the 47 universes and many of the races that inhabit them!