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Guest Name
Rev Scott J Polek
Guest Occupation
Reverend Scott J Polek, Owner of Reverend Polek’s Chapels at The Pawn
Guest Biography

Prior to opening the coolest wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Reverend Polek’s Chapels at The Pawn, Scott J Polek spent 10 + years working with the world’s most gifted psychics, mediums and healers, (and also learning the true meaning of spirituality). The man everyone knew as Scott J Polek, became known as "The Reverend Scott J Polek". His years of working with them really opened his mind, body, and soul to endless possibilities in our world!

Welcome to Reverend Polek’s Chapels at The Pawn

“Las Vegas weddings the way Las Vegas weddings were meant to be done”

Your new home in Las Vegas for all of your wedding or wedding vow renewal dreams. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, inside of Pawnstars Plaza and conveniently next to the world-famous and iconic “Gold and Silver Pawn Shop”,

The Chapels at The Pawn combines the mystique and sexy vibe of a 1920’s speakeasy with the loud, bright and vibrant world of 2020, which we are about to enter. All of us here at The Chapels at The Pawn, wish to take a step back from the “family and Instagram friendly” environment, many parts of Las Vegas have become, and back to Las Vegas’ roots of a fun, care-free “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” mentality. It’s your wedding day –ENJOY IT!

For far too many years Las Vegas has been home to a self-proclaimed “Wedding Queen of the West”, however, times have changed, it’s now time for a “Wedding King” to emerge in Las Vegas.

The Chapels at The Pawn is all about YOU, our soon to be newlyweds. Our Reverends and our staff will do whatever is necessary to create an atmosphere that will have you forever remembering your Las Vegas wedding ceremony. We have done things very differently here at The Chapels at The Pawn, we will be doing things you don’t see in most other Las Vegas wedding chapels.

So take a tour of our site, meet our Reverends, see our wedding packages and our amazing wedding day additions – It’s your special day, we are just here to help make it perfect for you!

Give us a call whenever you’re ready to book your big day. 

Rev. Scott has been married for 24 years, the father of two boys (18/22) and three dogs, lives with his family in Spring Valley, Nevada. The Reverend, who is also a yoga enthusiast, has been a lifelong non-smoker and non-drinker.