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The Moon and You


I am writing to you in hopes of booking folk Americana duo, The Moon and You, at The Musician  for August or November of 2018.  They are based in Asheville NC, USA in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the South.  The Moon and You tours the States and Western Europe.  This will be their 5th tour of Europe.
J. W.

Hi BBS Radio!

I'm interested in connecting with your station to develop my future in music and promote my current record. I found your details on Twitter and thought it looked welcoming to say hello. I am sending you these tracks in the hope that you might play them. My name is J.W. and I am the right holder and writer of all my material. I release all the material herein under a CC license and would love it if you were to play it and add it to your bot. As far as links go, please feel free to use all of those included herein.