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What do you people
WANT?!? ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb


A couple months
ago I organized an event on Vashon Island, to serve a small group there.  I
was excited because I was bringing people from Seattle to help and I felt it
would be a big support for the islanders.


Manifesting In The Real World ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

The other day I had a chat with someone who does similar work and we both had the same question for each other: how do you integrate your inner and outer realities?

We'd been through different journeys since we'd first met, but had similar derailments, when "real life" situations occurred and took the focus away from higher consciousness work.

Running on Fumes ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

On Monday I work up sick, and spent the first day walking around in amazement. I never get sick so I don't know what to do. If I have a headache or a sprained ankle, I forget to take aspirin.

The second day I asked someone what you do when you get sick.  They said 'rest,' a novel idea since I'd usually power through it.

The third day I drank ginger tea, which helped, and was tremendously productive.  Yesterday I was 100% better, but today I'm drinking ginger tea again.

I just rewatched a wonderful clip of Carl Sagan explaining the 4th dimension. He does it by demonstrating on a table with using square pieces of paper to represent '2 dimensional beings', which he calls 'Flatlanders'.

These 'Flatlanders' only perceive the world in 2 dimensions. They can go forward and back, and side to side, but up and down do not exist to them.

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."  Benjamin Franklin

This may be a little premature (for both topics), but I was having a conversation with Janet, my radio show co-host about recording a show in April. She thought it could be about money, as it is tax time in the U.S. 'People are feeling taxed' she said. 'What is taxing you, how are you feeling taxed?'


I almost typed 2016.  And I left out "anchoring into".


For the last couple months, I've been planning a trip to Europe.  I told my mother, years ago, that I'd take her ashes to every place she'd lived.  As a Geographer, the idea struck her fancy.


It's been a multilayered project.  My husband and I are going to the countries we lived in, and also visiting my son who lives in Spain.  Thank God for Google Chrome automatically translating web pages!


On our radio show, Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, the theme for February is about Love.  We started with emotions, then love, and our most recent show was on sexuality.

Emotions are the language of the body.  Consciousness only experiences joy.  Body/personality feels -and emits - a wide range of vibrations.  It expresses itself with emotion.  Babies cry when they're wet, they cry when they're tired, they cry when they're hungry.  As adults, our bodies do the same, they just have a wider 'vocabulary'.


Nothing like writing an article about Valentine's day on Friday the 13th...

When I was trying to come up with a catchy title for this article, I thought about doing an anagram on the word love. Evol sounds more like 'evil' than evolve.  It just goes to show that this is a planet of dichotomies.  The physical realm is the opposite of who we really are as Consciousness.  Or is it?


For many people, February is a tough month.  In the northern hemisphere, Winter is dragging on, and the lack of warmth and sunshine has been taking it's toll.  The holidays are over, although Valentine's Day is coming up, which brings up relationship issues.  And many of us are mourning losses.  People seem to pass during the holidays, the "veil" is thinner, we feel and miss our deceased loved ones more.

We made it through the holidays, but this year has been a doozy so far.  We've stepped up to a new evolution of Consciousness and all sorts of things are coming out of the woodwork.  When you're vibrating at a higher level, things that are dense get dislodged.

It may feel like your foundation is being rocked, or the mortar holding your life together has come loose.  Things that were your anchor points have gone, your own identity may seem to be dissipating.