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Let's go back a few thousand years—just for a second. Let's employ the wisdom of one of the wisest human beings who ever walked the earth, Mr. Lao Tzu.

"Who is that," you say?

He was a great Yogi from Tibet - (author of The Third Eye)

This Weeks Cosmic Tip – July 31, 2016

From – Embracing Spiritual Frontiers™

Learning Loving Responses and Taking Responsibility

Raising Our Consciousness

When you go through an entire energy healing process, which can take a year or more of regular, weekly energy healing visits, a tremendous strengthening of your whole being takes place – physical, mental-emotional-and spiritual.  Several things begin to happen with you personally.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome  to "Let's Find Out." Tonight is, hopefully, a teaching and awareness show – although the focus is on the upcoming US Presidential Election

Radio can be your greatest platform building tool to boost your credibility, increase your visibility and attract more clients in your business.

Is it time to be interviewed on radio and promote your business?

Desire to be exquisite and relaxed while on air?

Debbi Dachinger is an expert radio coach. What will you learn working with her:

In my experience it is great to be on radio. I am known on both sides of the microphone. I host a high-end, award-winning, syndicated radio show and as well I am interviewed as a guest sometimes several times each week, as a Success or Media Expert. 

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Universal Soul Love Quotes 

Don't allow your happiness to fall victim . . .

Universal Soul Love Quote 

May the "god of your heart" guide your journey