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A Twist on Giving Thanks

It seems especially appropriate as Thanksgiving is upon us in the US, to remember to give thanks to those for whom we are grateful. We should but often forget to tell those who we like or love how much they mean to us, provide compliments or just thank them for the things they do for us. We may think about it but never say it…so let’s say it, especially now.

Spent last week with the wolves in Colorado, at the Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary in Divide, Colorado.  It was so heart warming to learn how to honor a wolf and what to do when you greet them.

We, as humans, have learned to be afraid of nature, of those that live there naturally. Yet, with the right training and education, we can learn that all aspects of life can come together in a comfortable manner.

Are Women of 2015 Actually Empowered?

I am having a guest on my radio show that will be speaking to this very topic and I began to wonder what women can do to get on the empowerment train and stay there. Also, what does empowerment look like to today’s woman and where do we go to find it. First some stats about women in America.

The US government has some very interesting data. The following is some information from Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being as well as Thinkprogress (dot org)

Using Your Intuition to Enhance Your Life

We hear it over and over…use your gut-only you know what’s best for you…what’s your gut feeling on this? Steve Jobs even called it “ more powerful than intellect.” So is this some magical power we all possess? It seems so. The question is how do we increase and enhance this power already inside of us? How do we listen more to this inner voice that seems to be able to guide us in the right direction?

Social Media- Contributor to Life Happiness or Not

So where does social media stand in terms of enhancing our lives. Well, I guess that depends on how you use it. The latest statistics show that around 42% of online adults use multiple social networking sites. Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of social media users are under the age of 30, although the number of older users is on the rise. Here are some great stats from Medical News Today:

Many folks contact me to say "How do I learn to love myself?".  Well, it is a life long journey but as was talked about on my radio show, work on this for 21 days, 40 if you can.

Go to your favorite mirror at least once a day.

Look at yourself, through your eyes, not how your hair or make up looks, just your eyes, as they are the window to your soul.

We define our lives by every thought and word. If we want our lives to change, it al starts with what we think and say. You must realize that the power of the Word of God has to power to realign anything that is nonaligned, especially faulty mind-sets, belief systems, ideologies, traditions, and doctrines of deception that lie and exalt themselves above the will of God for your life. Do not continue groping mindlessly through life, in darkness, unaware of the will of God for YOUR life. He already has a plan for you! You just have to follow His directions to find it. -Cindy Trimm

What Does Science and Research Say about Happiness and What Does it Mean for My Life

As most of you know, I have been working on my passion project, BuppaLaPaloo for over a year now. It is a cuddly teddy bear that teaches a child to really express their worth and love and awesomeness about themselves...something that most of us are still trying to experience. With bullying at an all-time high, especially among young children, I am determined to help children understand their self-worth and love themselves. I am extremely passionate about this project and would love your support!