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Commanding Your Morning, by Dr. Cindy Trimm

Our first book discussion will arm you with the keys to unlock all that God is holding for your life. It will help you escape the "prisons of your mind"....

We define our lives by every thought and word. If we want our lives to change, it al starts with what we think and say. You must realize that the power of the Word of God has to power to realign anything that is nonaligned, especially faulty mind-sets, belief systems, ideologies, traditions, and doctrines of deception that lie and exalt themselves above the will of God for your life. Do not continue groping mindlessly through life, in darkness, unaware of the will of God for YOUR life. He already has a plan for you! You just have to follow His directions to find it. -Cindy Trimm

The words that you speak possess the power of potential.....YOU can choose to speak gloom and doom over your life, or confess who God says you are, and see it spring forth from the spiritual realm, into the natural realm!

For me this book was a confirmation and reminder of what has shown to be true in scripture, over and over....believe the Word! Confess the Word! Speak the Word! Stand on the Word, even if you have to stand alone! And see the Word of God manifested before you....because He keeps His Word! Every promise that He made to you, will come to pass!

What did YOU think of the book?