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My Walk with a Wolf

Honoring Self and Nature

Spent last week with the wolves in Colorado, at the Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary in Divide, Colorado.  It was so heart warming to learn how to honor a wolf and what to do when you greet them.

We, as humans, have learned to be afraid of nature, of those that live there naturally. Yet, with the right training and education, we can learn that all aspects of life can come together in a comfortable manner.

When we met the wolf we were going to walk for the hour, we had to kneel down and lay out our hands as a gesture of openness to him.  He came over and licked our faces and let us know we didn't threaten him.  The walk was profound, seeing how we can all get along, even with wild animals.

Each of us has our own uniqueness and learning to honor ourselves and others can be an enriching life.  

First step, honor yourself, learn to love all parts of you. If you need to change something about yourself, love that part first and then let it go, but "hating" it will only keep it close. Then and only then can we truly honor others.

While in Colorado, we saw a herd of Elks, running through the pasture.  Interesting enough, the hunters we met at the hotel stated they simply couldn't find any elk to kill.  I just kept sending out messages to the Elk, stay together and run!!!!!!

Trusting you will have a beautiful week and remember to honor all aspects of self and then learn to live in a society that can honor others. Until we meet again, Many Blessings! Dr. Vikke  Living Your Souls Journey