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How do I learn to love myself?

Many folks contact me to say "How do I learn to love myself?".  Well, it is a life long journey but as was talked about on my radio show, work on this for 21 days, 40 if you can.

Go to your favorite mirror at least once a day.

Look at yourself, through your eyes, not how your hair or make up looks, just your eyes, as they are the window to your soul.

Look at yourself and repeat, I love you and say your name. Do this until feelings start to emerge.  This is not a mental exercise it is a deep feeling exercise.  You may cry, laugh or simply feel love.  Just make sure you feel.

Then do this until you actually feel love for yourself.

Fall in love with yourself.  Then and only then can you proceed in life feeling real love for others, not dependent on what they give you back. as you will have everything within yourself to feel love.

After 21 or 40 days, which ever you decide, write to me and let me know what has happened. Until then, remember that Living YOUR Souls Journey can be abundant, loving and worthwhile. You are worth it. Dr. Vikke