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Universal Soul Love Quote:

If you tell people something about yourself . . . 

What’s All The Fuss About Gratitude?

Gratitude! It seems to be a major part to help cure what ale’s ya….in terms of helping you feel happier that is. It’s well documented that giving gratitude raises your happiness level, brings you out of the mental dumps and can even be utilized to help you get what you want out of life, and much more.

Several years ago I reached out to the ECETI Community for assistance when the ranch - and me personally - were under attack from the "powers that were" and we became entangled in a legal battle over attempts to shut us down.  I will forever be grateful to you, the ECETI Community, for coming to our aid and donating to our ECETI Legal fund.  Many of you know the outcome of that battle was successful as ECETI became first a land patent and now an Embassy.

Universal Soul Love

Transformational Consciousness

Universal Soul Love Quotes

As it was in the beginning . . . 

Universal Soul Love Quotes

Because we come from nothing . . .

We have "nothing" to lose in life.

What is Appreciative Inquiry and How Will It Improve My Life?

My next radio show will be featuring Jackie Kelm who worked with colleagues at Case Western Reserve University to create the life-changing process called Appreciate Inquiry or AI for short.

I became intrigued with the concept as I researched it on-line while I was gathering resources for my Happiness Hangout website. It seemed like a great way to not only help raise positivity at work and personally but be able to take communication to a new level.  Here is a bit about it.

Universal Soul Love Quote

Embrace the creator within you!

Universal Soul Love Quote

There's a way to do everything!