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ECETI needs your help - Storm Damage Repair

I am reaching out to listeners to support our GoFundMe campaign to help with repairs at ECETI from two winter storms.

Several years ago I reached out to the ECETI Community for assistance when the ranch - and me personally - were under attack from the "powers that were" and we became entangled in a legal battle over attempts to shut us down.  I will forever be grateful to you, the ECETI Community, for coming to our aid and donating to our ECETI Legal fund.  Many of you know the outcome of that battle was successful as ECETI became first a land patent and now an Embassy.  I can never thank you enough for your support through that trying time - all I can do is continue my mission to support you all in your Self Mastery and your awakening and healing process.

It is time for me to reach out to you - and to the wider BBSRadio community - to ask for your assistance again. Over the early part of this winter two events happened at the ranch.  The first was a flood that took place in early December which was a combined result of previous heavy snowfall on Mt Adams followed by 24 hours of very warm weather, melting mountain snow and nonstop rain.  This flood created a torrent of water that came through the Yak fields, damaged the Conference Hall, flooded the chicken coop (the coop was an island in the middle of a lake), damaged the yurts, overflowed the pond and created a rushing river where the gully used to be.  We suffered a setback, but knew we could repair this damage in the spring prior to reopening.  

Then the second event took place - back to back heavy snowfalls and weather fluctuating - warming up enough to slightly melt the snow, then going cold and  freezing the melting snow into ice.  The weight of this frozen snow pack was too much for some of the buildings at the ranch and we lost the green house as well as suffering additional structural damage.

It is important to me and the ECETI Crew to open on time for spring 2016 season - especially as the frequencies are changing so rapidly.  We have heard from many of you (and experienced ourselves at time)  about your very powerful ascension symptoms that are creating confusion while you experience walking between two worlds - the old dying "powers that were" controlled 3D and the awaken, enlightened, ascended truth that our Souls know as home.  

One way or another we will open on time and continue our mission in 2016 to be a sanctuary for those on the awakening path.  If there is any way you can assist us [by contributing to our GoFundMe] campaign we greatly appreciate it.  If funds for you are tight, please include us in your intention meditations.  

Although the powers that were attempt to keep us down, we know the truth will win out in the end.

My thanks to Dan, Geoff and Brittany who are at ECETI over the winter taking care of everything while I'm in Australia and Ashli & Joseph are in Maui.  If you have any questions we have set up an ECETI phone line that goes to Ashli's cell phone - please leave a message if you get voicemail. 509-497-2357

Be Well and Mahalo nui loa