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Taking Responsibility and Loving Responses™

As we all begin to raise our consciousness, this gradual change enables you to accept all your feelings and allows the energy to flow through your whole being. When you accept your small, petty, mean side without thinking that itâs a total, final reality, then the beauty, love, wisdom, and the infinite power of your superior self, your blessed higher self, become more real.

This Weeks Cosmic Tip – July 31, 2016

From – Embracing Spiritual Frontiers™

Learning Loving Responses and Taking Responsibility

Raising Our Consciousness

When you go through an entire energy healing process, which can take a year or more of regular, weekly energy healing visits, a tremendous strengthening of your whole being takes place – physical, mental-emotional-and spiritual.  Several things begin to happen with you personally.

  1. Your conscious ego personality itself becomes stronger and healthier. This strength comes in a good way – and brings more determination, awareness, meaningful directness, and a greater power of concentration with one-pointed focus and attention.
  2. You will cultivate a much greater self-acceptance and understanding of reality. Equally unreal claims for specialness and perfection - stop. False spiritual pride and false self-humiliation and shame disappear.
  3. Through the steady activation of your blessed higher powers, the self feels less and less forlorn, helpless, lost, hopeless, or empty.
  4. The whole awareness of the Universe and its marvelous possibilities reveals itself from within, as the reality of this wider world shows you ways to accept and change your destructive inner child.

This gradual change enables you to accept all your feelings and allows the energy to flow through your whole being. When you accept your small, petty, mean side without thinking that it’s a total, final reality, then the beauty, love, wisdom, and the infinite power of your superior self, your blessed higher self, become more real. Dealing with your lower self leads to balanced development, integration, and a deep, reassuring sense of your own reality. You eventually gain a true vision of reality. You create a realistic, well-founded, self-liking, must do this change, as a result.

When you see the truth within yourself and it becomes second nature for you to want and commit yourself to this truth, you will detect the ugly inside of you, clearly, which until this point you were reluctant to see. Simultaneously, you also are aware of this great, universal, spiritual power that is within YOU – and that is in fact – the real YOU. 

The more you can accept the mean little creature, the infant child within you, without losing your sense of self-worth, the better you will perceive the greatness of your innermost being – the real you – the Soul of YOU, provided you truly do not use the discovery of your little self to beat you down.

The lower self wants to seduce the conscious ego - to stay within the narrow confines of the neurotic self-beating up, hopelessness, within a morbid prison, which always covers up unexpressed hatred. The conscious mind must prevent this strategic game, using all of its knowledge, power, and resources. Remember, you are always in control through your actions and decisions.

Just allow yourself to observe this habit of self-beating, which can be a life-long habit – and power up yourself to counter act it. Not by pushing it back inside – underground – but with new responses – loving responses™, awareness, and applying new knowledge.

By quietly sitting and talking to yourself – you can bring to it the Light and all of the knowledge of your consciousness – this will come to the adult you for help and support. Use morning meditation and nightly review – as explained in “Seeding and Nurturing the Garden of Your Soul.” Connect to your higher power by using daily meditation, and call on your angels and guides for help and guidance.

As you get to know both sides of you – the lowest and the highest – you discover the function, capacities, and also the limitations of the conscious ego. On the conscious level the ego’s function is wanting to see the full truth of both the lower and higher selves in you. It wants – with all of its strength – to change and give up the destructiveness. The drawback is that the new ego-consciousness cannot do this alone and must turn for guidance to the Universal Self, and wait patiently without doubting, giving up, or impatiently pushing.

The waiting needs, along with it, an open attitude about the way in which the help might manifest. The fewer pre-conceived notions one has – the faster help will come forth and be recognizable.


A husband tries to draw his wife into a petty argument, which could ruin her day. He snaps at her and says some mean-spirited, ridiculous words.

She has been working on her spiritual development – but her inner child wants to say the same ‘ole, same ‘ole, “Go to hell.”

She starts the sentence – but instead, out of her mouth comes, “I am sorry you are worried and upset about something. I know you have been wanting to start a fight this entire week. Your anger and frustration are coming from somewhere, but it’s not about me, and doesn’t involve me. When you are ready to share, I am here to listen.”

WOW – what a loving and honest response. She realized that she was experiencing the support of the Universal Body, using loving responses. She had never, ever talked to him in that way before. Although her body was shaking, they both took deep breaths, involuntarily, and stared at each other for a few minutes. Then he quietly walked away, and that was the end of it.  Within 24 hours, he told her he was afraid he may have serious skin cancer, or a cancerous cyst on his temple, but had been examined and cleared by the doctors that afternoon.  WHAT A GIFT!! That’s how the process works,

Help from the Universal consciousness may come in an entirely different manner than your experiences and concepts have room for, and this could prove to be an obstacle. “I can’t imagine that,” is really not a good sentence. Try, “It’s difficult to imagine that,” instead.

An open, waiting, accepting, and positive attitude is also necessary through recognizing its absence in a negative moment. Through recognizing its absence, however, the recognition can also become a constructive acknowledgement of where the Self is at that moment.

Okay – now you can see that there are steps and levels to the art of meditation and connecting with your Universal Self.  The first part is – the exploring and revealing stage – the second step overlaps the first – as well as the third step.

Since you know there is a price to be paid for your current, destructive attitudes, the next step is the reorientation and re-education of the destructive part of the Self. The first part does end, eventually, so that the second part can begin, that of processing and adapting, then the third part begins, that of accepting and integration. It is not a sequential process, and not a “fast fix.” After all, Spiritual Growth is not a fast food place, or instant. It can take a second, a week, a month, a year or even longer.

This connecting to the Blessed Higher Self should be a life-long process. For your protection, health, inner awareness, and happiness in life, it is totally necessary. Isn’t it time for you to begin?

One step could be attending the Spiritual Intensive with Elizabeth Joyce  – Oct. 1st, 2nd, 2016 in Doylestown, PA. Look to her website, for further information, or call the 24 hour number  201-934-8986.