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Raising Consciousness-Let's Have A Real Chat

Itâs time we get real because itâs time for a reality check. Although I have written 8 books on Spiritual growth and awareness, as well as the new spiritual chakras, I donât normally discuss politics. Politics is really an exterior manifestation of what we all have going on inside of us, individually. It is an aspect of consciousness. However this election is becoming ridiculous and itâs time to speak up.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome  to "Let's Find Out." Tonight is, hopefully, a teaching and awareness show – although the focus is on the upcoming US Presidential Election

It’s time we get real because it’s time for a reality check.  Although I have written eight books on Spiritual growth and awareness as well as the New Spiritual Chakras, I don’t normally discuss politics. Politics is really an exterior manifestation of what we all have going on inside of us, individually.  It is an aspect of consciousness.  However this election is becoming ridiculous, and it’s time to speak up.

Here’s the deal --- many are very afraid that Donald Trump is going to become president. Or many are afraid that Hillary Clinton is going to become president. Well – here it is straight – love it or hate it.

Who is going to win – what is my prediction?

People, this particular election isn’t about the presidency – this is about a worldwide change in consciousness. Also – how will we handle fears, prejudices, fighting, and hatred that is coming up throughout the United States.

I sense deeply – and this is kind of a new awareness – that Donald Trump does not become president. It doesn’t matter how much money he spends or how many tweets he has. It's just not going to happen.

It’s not in the ethers. It is not in any dimension, in any way shape or form. Do you know why?  Because Mr. Trump is playing a super important role right now. This is probably his destiny – and he is serving the Divine.

He represents a consciousness that’s on its way out.  The pounding of the chest – feeling superior – all this is now dying out; the angry, ego centered patriot who puts down women, hates minorities, and acts like it’s 1939 – all over again. (When Hitler entered Germany)

In my book. Ascension-Accessing the Fifth Dimension, I explain the wonderful gift we received on December 21, 2012, on this planet.

This was supposed to be the end of the world, according to some. However – a new energy was released onto the planet – centering from the center of our galaxy.  This is true, and the new energy, known as the Double Helix, began flowing onto earth. This energy is bringing in the feminine energies.

The entire earth has been under eons (100,000 years) of masculine energy. And we needed this energy, because the times were about conquest, taking over countries, money management, resources, and starting the planet earth up with humans.

Well – we’ve been there – done that – and taken care of that which needed to be handled.  The era of punishment, children should be seen and not heard, who would ever listen to someone like you, I'm gonna smack you or pull your hair,  is over. Thank goodness. As of 12/21/12 we’ve entered into a feminine kind of energy, one of a greater love and understanding. This won't make our men more like girls – but just know that we all have masculine and feminine with us. Instead, it will bring in a gentleness, along with caring and understanding. One of knowing that we all are filled with the Divine's Light. We all have a purpose, and we all have a specific job to do.

Now that we’ve conquered the planet, built the planet, took over the planet, and made it home, it is time, perhaps a bit past time, to nurture that which we have brought forth. It's also time to replenish our Mother Earth, and not defile it and pollute it any longer.

Donald Trump is running as a Republican candidate, representing that which is dying out. This is not harmonious with the current raise of consciousness. Hating other people, building walls, creating fear, wars, and carrying prejudices must be eliminated. In fact, these feelings are truly on their way out. Sorry – but it is what it is. They have become old fashioned and outmoded. Mr. Trump, banging his chest, filled with his ego,  saying, "Only I can fix it" is ridiculous. In fact, it’s not even really Donald Trump.

We are in the midst of a play, with each one play his or her part. We are entering Act II. The energies of our current time frame, our new world coming, just don’t support that candidate. This world, as the way we know it is coming to an end. There is nothing to fear. Human trafficking, hunger, greed, murder, guns and shooting, abuse of women, and many other atrocities will end. Why? Because they will no longer be in our consciousness!

Now – moving on – we have Hillary Clinton.  I know many of you out there gag when you try to say her name.  UGH Hillary, her supposed lies, and all of her negative nicknames.

Now, let’ s get past these personalities for just a minute, and let’s begin to look at the energies.

When you look at Hillary, you see that she’s kind of a masculine female, pantsuits and all. However, she is the bridge – exiting the masculine timeframe and entering into the feminine one. It doesn’t really matter what her policies are going to be or what she’s all about. She is being used by the Divine and playing her part. What does matter is that she is ushering in the feminine.  If she was too girly, girly about it, she wouldn’t be the right fit either.

Okay – here they are! This time and election is all about players, who have been Divinely chosen to usher in the consciousness change around the world. Not just here in the United States.

Oh yes – and let’s take a look at our wonderful Bernie. Everybody loves Bernie. What’s not to love? Bernie represents the people – he represents our boots on the ground. Bernie’s part in the play is to bring in the Ascension energies into consciousness. The old consciousness is trapped within the White House history of politics – and will have its wings clipped, and wind up going no where. This will happen. (Imagine a female Secret Service Agent, Is there such a thing at this time? I think not, at least not just yet.)

Bernie wasn’t on the road to the presidency – he never got the numbers,  But back up a bit – this is only a perspective, and this energy change is not about that.  Remember, the Law of Karma is exact, and Bernie is doing more good where he’s at right now. Trust the Universe – and know that all is working out perfectly, and always for the higher good.

Bernie is doing what he’s doing for the consciousness of the whole – rather than being stuck in that thankless job where you can’t get anything done anyway, because you’re working against lobbyists and congress people.

Let’s take a look at our cast of characters simply from the perspective of consciousness and shifting energies. Wow - this all makes complete and total sense to someone like me, who reads energy and people for a living. We are in the first stages of a great healing and coming together with others on a higher level.

So how about we all do something – how about we all come out of the "old timers" field. How about we come out of the personal judgment of who we like and who we don’t, because when we do that, we're really stuck and behind the times. We’re buying in to a 20th Century manipulation of our perceptions by the media.  By the way – further on down the road – but soon, we’re going to be dumping their control of our perceptions as well. And we can thank Bernie for that. That’s a true gift to the public and this country.

So, everybody has their role. Everybody is playing a vital part now --- and here’s where you can play yours. No matter who you choose to vote for in this 2016 presidential election, get out and vote.  Please don’t stay home, play with your toys, and cry that your candidate didn’t make it.

Now, it's very important to get out there and represent your consciousness. In doing so you will receive inner strength with the new energy, and help take America back. And do you want to know who’s going to change America – we are!  You, me, Susie, Joe, along with our friends, sitting around on a Sunday morning, sharing . We – all of us – are going to change America, because we’re going to start listening and caring.

We’ll stop debasing people and creating them into illusionary characters that we can hang  our hatred and our fears on. We’re going to come out of fear, and stop hating everybody that’s not like us. We’ll stop blaming the president, the congress, that guy and this guy for everything we’re unhappy about in our lives. We'll stop the bullying and cruelty in our schools and on social media, and much more.

We’re going to take some personal responsibility. We’ll have community gardens, (we have several here in Bucks County, PA). We’ll get together as a community and care about our neighbor. We'll take our seniors out to lunch and let them know they have people to care and that they can depend on. We've finally realized that having a “savior” at the top to save us hasn’t worked at all, has it? No more idolizing.

So please, as you’re going into your week, abandon this fear, this hatred, this hopelessness that nobody can save us and we’re doomed. It's such a lie, as well as a harmful illusion. Please realize this, for heaven’s sake, and pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Quit being so scared. Remember — nobody’s running your life but you.

I don’t care how many time lines we have to cross, or how disruptive and difficult it all may seem. If we don’t bring courage forward, and we don’t bring in change, and we don’t stop this in-fighting, it won’t matter whose at the top. All will go down the drain, including our life on this magnificent planet.

So let’s quit blaming the president. Let’s quit blaming our parents, boss, children, friends, and strangers. Let’s quit blaming everybody and begin to look within and gain some control on our fears.

You are okay – we are okay.

We all are bountiful, blissful, and beautiful humans with our special God given gifts.

Love and respect everybody. Do your best to love your family and your friends and colleagues. Put beautiful messages out on Facebook and please stop falling into this stupidity. (Stupid means – you can’t stand up straight and tall and reach the sky.)

You may continue to say — I hate that candidate – well you can if you want too, but it’s no longer 1860,  and if you still have to learn the lessons of that consciousness, then so be it. That’s that! 

But for the rest of us – let’s just come together and remember that whether you’re gay, straight, transgender, red, yellow, black, conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, none of the above, atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or don’t even care, you are human. You are fueled by Divine Light and I have respect for you.

We may disagree – but it doesn’t matter. I’ll still share with you, listen to you, take you out to dinner, and, most of all, honor who you are in your uniqueness.

Please work on abandoning the fears you carry within, because it’s not helping anybody. It is poisoning the Universe and causing unpleasant things to happen, like extreme violence to women, weird weather changes, (not counting our climate change) Quit blaming Syira, Jahhad, ISIS.

Stick to LOVE – because that’s what we’re about.

Now - go out and find someone to help, share with, listen to, or to just have fun with!