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Sexuality, Gender and Consciousness

With Valentine's Day, the theme for February seems to be about Love. We have so many expressions of love in this world, from simple affinity to intense, heated affairs.

On our radio show, Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, the theme for February is about Love.  We started with emotions, then love, and our most recent show was on sexuality.

Emotions are the language of the body.  Consciousness only experiences joy.  Body/personality feels -and emits - a wide range of vibrations.  It expresses itself with emotion.  Babies cry when they're wet, they cry when they're tired, they cry when they're hungry.  As adults, our bodies do the same, they just have a wider 'vocabulary'.

Love is a heart-opening experience.  We can't truly love without being able to merge energies with another.  Consciousness IS Love with a capital L.  In searching for love, we're actually seeking to experience that greater, infinite connection with the Essence of who we all are.  In expressing Love we are giving from the greater aspect of ourselves.

Our sexual preference is more than a biological urge to procreate, although conception brings Love into form in the most physical way.  It's also about Love.  Attraction is both genetic and psychological.   Gender is about identification.

What is happening on the the planet is that the higher vibration of Consciousness is coming more into physical Form.  It's more than just increased energetic sunshine, it's also a greater inner resonance. As this brighter light emanates from within, it illuminates shadows, it disintegrates limitations.  Things are no longer black and white.  There's an entire spectrum available to us.

So now we have beings coming into form that don't identify with the sex characteristics of the body that they're inhabiting.  On one hand, this is confusing to me as I see our bodies as genetically designed for us.  As Consciousness we create our reality down to the smallest detail.

When I step back and observe from the perspective of Consciousness, I get greater understanding of what is going on.  On one level it looks possibly chemical - that there's so much added in our food and environment that it affects hormonal development. But on another level it's about the creativity of Consciousness.

As Consciousness we can create in the blink of an eye.  As Consciousness, thoughts instantaneously become form.  In the physical realm, manifestation is slowed down, things take time to change.  These infinitely capable and creative beings can't blink their eyes and shape shift after they've embodied here.

Another aspect of this is that as Consciousness everything is harmonious.  In form, we experience dichotomy and discomfort.  We create challenging situations for the fun of it. We come into difficult circumstances because, as Infinite beings, love the creative conundrum.

A voice in the back of my head asks why this should even *be* a problem.  As we radiate greater Consciousness, identity roles dissipate.  Our hearts are opening to more and more possibilities.  As we accept others right to choose, we're allowing more options for ourselves - in everything and anything in our lives.

Consciousness *is* Love. You are Consciousness. You ARE Love. You created your body from Love.  Love *is* the life force energy in everything.  Anything that doesn't appear loving, is the shadow side of Love.  Shine light on it and it will disappear or transform.

Here's a powerful exercise for this week.  Sit still and tune into yourself as Consciousness within.  Notice what it feels like.  Notice where in your body you feel it.  Imagine this energy increasing.  Feel it emanating outward.  Sit in this experience for as long as you feel like it.

The next step, after you've had some time to feel it from within, is to imagine it radiating to all aspects of your life.  Anywhere you experience conflict, see it being enveloped in this warmth and light.

You don't have to assign it the label of Love.  You don't have to love your enemies, love your stepmother, love your mortgage bank.  You just have to emanate this vibration of Consciousness to the situation or circumstance that includes these things.

It's best not to have preconceived notions about what you want to happen - that's placing limitations on the results.  Remain curious.  Miracles will happen when you do this!