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Running on Fumes ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

Do you ever feel as if you're entirely running on fumes?

Running on Fumes ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

On Monday I work up sick, and spent the first day walking around in amazement. I never get sick so I don't know what to do. If I have a headache or a sprained ankle, I forget to take aspirin.

The second day I asked someone what you do when you get sick.  They said 'rest,' a novel idea since I'd usually power through it.

The third day I drank ginger tea, which helped, and was tremendously productive.  Yesterday I was 100% better, but today I'm drinking ginger tea again.

Ginger Tea

When I look at the big picture, I can see where I've been overextending myself. In many ways and on many levels, I've simply run out of gas.

I just looked at the title of my post and realized 'fumes' can mean more than just fuel. I've carrying around grievances.

Fuming leaks energy.

Illness is a message to focus on your body, to do something differently.

I'm engaged in several kinds of start-ups that aren't yet yielding results.  When you begin something you can't expect to receive from it right away. It's like being a parent of a newborn.

My start-ups are 12-18 months old; I have a bunch of toddlers still in diapers.

When I look at my calendar for the week, 90% of my schedule is in service or action, 10% is receiving.  Imbalanced, to say the least.

I also notice that, although creativity is required in all my work, I'm not using my creative energy in a way that's nurturing or satisfying to me.  I have two or three books I've been meaning to write for years.

I'm not kvetching. I'm sharing this, suspecting that a few of you out there will resonate.

Where are you draining energy (emotionally, physically, financially, or otherwise)?

Where do you feel your creek beds are dry? Are they dammed up or dried up? What can reverse the flow?

Are you spinning your wheels? Are you stuck in a rut? What can give you traction?

Some ways to give yourself "juice":

Mini-moments of enjoyment. Pause to enjoy the sunshine, a flower, the view.

Take a total break. A movie or a book (unless you use TV or your Kindle to waste time normally), or a walk or a hike.

Ask for help.  It might be a simple as a brainstorming session with a friend, or hiring someone else to mow the lawn. You may discover your spouse/family/coworkers might be happy to pitch in, if you ask nicely!!

Meditate, pray, journal, energy work. If you're in the habit of any one of these, you may want to mix it up and try something else. You may find you need to strengthen other spiritual 'muscles'!

Try any of these for the next 7 days, and let me know what happens!