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Manifesting In The Real World ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

How do you integrate your inner and outer realities?

Manifesting In The Real World ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

The other day I had a chat with someone who does similar work and we both had the same question for each other: how do you integrate your inner and outer realities?

We'd been through different journeys since we'd first met, but had similar derailments, when "real life" situations occurred and took the focus away from higher consciousness work.

For me, my mother's Alzheimer's and cancer took me off my main career path, but I held my higher focus that I was midwifing her back to Source through the roller coaster ride of the end of her life.

It's hard to be out in the world, in the work place, or in other 'real life' situations (for me it was hospitals and doctors and caregiver groups), and maintain a multidimensional perspective.

How do you deal with coworkers or family members from the perspective of Consciousness? How do you approach issues, challenges, conflicts, as your Expanded Self?

It may require slowing down and not reacting from habitual patterns. Making different choices, responding differently (neutrally) to situations that come up.

The other stumbling block we encounter is our own techniques. You aren't at the same level you were when you first connected with healing guides or learned certain transformational techniques. These relationships, and energy techniques, need upgrading.

Sometimes it's a matter of communicating with your guides and bringing your agreement into present time with them.  Sometimes it requires a change of personnel.  Upgrading your meditation practice and techniques may be disorienting, like the going from a typewriter to a computer.  You may not be used to such instantaneous results.

Or - it may be renewing your acquaintance with your guides and resuming your practice. Your spiritual muscles may have gotten flabby!

I have experienced profound, miraculous, transformation when I take the time to consistently focus on energy work.  The tools in my spiritual tool kit work when I work them - for myself and my creations.

They don't work when I'm scattered or paying attention outside of my own space.

This week, take some time to dust off your toolkit and upgrade your invisible helpers and see what happens!

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