Embrace Your Sphere of Influence, October 17, 2018

Embrace Your Sphere of Influence with Lexa Rollins
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Embrace Your Sphere of Influence
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Guests, Tom Paladino and Janine Bolon

Embrace Your Sphere of Influence with Lexa Rollins

Guests, Tom Paladino and Janine Bolon

Guest, Tom Paladino

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Tom Paladino
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Owner/Operator Remote Scalar Energy Healing
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Was it Medicine or Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing That Healed the Infected U.S. Ebola Victims?

Can People Be Rid of Their Virus’, Bacteria, Fungi and Protozoans Via a Remote Process Using a Photograph?

Tom Paladino Picks Up Where Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymus Left Off Their Scalar Energy Research, Creating an Instrument that Can Disassemble 40,000+ Harmful Pathogens in the Body

Was it medicine or really Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing that healed the infected U.S. Ebola victims? While doctors and hospitals were celebrating in the nation’s headlines their eradication of Ebola in the U.S. patients, Paladino knew differently. He had been quietly disassembling the Ebola cells in their bodies, using his Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing instruments.

And why is he convinced that his protocol was the cure? Because thousands of others since 2012 have been reporting remarkable recoveries for everything from Lyme Disease, HIV symptoms, hepatitis, herpes, MRSA, Epstein -Barr, psoriasis, chronic sinusitis and parasites, among others. And a variety of his medically-diagnosed clients have the proof —Viral Load Tests showing the elimination of the pathogen after exposure to the Scalar Energy Healing Sessions.

Paladino’s life’s work has been the pursuit of a device to concentrate and direct Scalar Energy, work that was initiated by scientists Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymous. Scalar Energy is often called prana, chi, zero point energy, qi or orgone —an unseen and unmeasurable quantum energy in the body and throughout the physical world. It was when Hieronymus’ widow Sara revealed to Paladino private notes from the world - renowned scientist and allowed him to seethe inner workings of their initial instruments that the foundation was laid for the Paladino’s acclaimed new system that was first brought online in 2012.

Paladino’s Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleansing, which took nearly 20 years to perfect, requires only a photo of an individual —a focal point — to work it’s extraordinary treatment process, whereby Paladino administers the scalar energy reverse - phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. There are no side effects when these bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan cells disassemble as they simply transmute into elemental carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, phosphorous, calcium, etc. Once the causative agent has been eradicated, the symptoms disappear...and that’s precisely what his clients have been raving about.

Individuals register on www.creativestrength.us in a simple process that can be for one or recurring months, and email their photo. Plus they receive free 15 treatments!  They are then notified each day by email when the protocol has been completed. People who may be suffering from some type of bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan infection or condition are encouraged to participate in his Body of Proof Study. He encourages them to secure a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test –a viral load test — before and after they register for treatment, and provide those findings, so they can be counted among the scientifically-proven Scalar Energy success stories.

Paladino’s mission is no less than to heal the world — to eliminate pathogens in everyone’s bodies globally. And he believes it can be done! He has passionately pursued his quest to harness Scalar Energy since he was a child first reading about Tesla and today, through his diligent study, development, research trial and error, he has the revolutionary breakthrough that does, in fact, control and direct the remarkable quantum energetic force of Scalar Energy.

Guest, Janine Bolon

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Janine Bolon
Janine Bolon
Guest Occupation: 
an analytical scientist, meditation expert and Raja Yoga master
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Hi, I’m Janine, an analytical scientist, meditation expert and Raja Yoga master. I help my clients clear the day-to-day fog of anxiety, lower their stress and reduce their pain through my 3 Minute Meditation Process. 

Do you ever consider meditating, but can’t find the time or inclination to get started?

Here is a common ailment of my clients:

"My frustration with meditation is . . . . that I never get started!  

It’s something I really want to try.  But I find that even three minutes feels like a lot when I’m also trying to: 1) do morning pages 2) exercise 3) get my child off to school.  (I don’t know why I think it has to be in the morning: I always wanted to do it in the morning!)

So I never did really give it a go.  Maybe someday.


I am the professional you’ve been seeking to get you started in your customized meditation practice. 

Areas of expertise include:

* Meditation
* Decreasing Anxiety
* Reducing Stress
* Pain Management
* Raja Yoga-stabilizing emotions & calming thoughts
* Kundalini Yoga-addressing fears & dissolving resistance to growth
* Online Course Creation
* Book Writing
* Podcasting and Blogging
* Public Speaking
* Business and Culture Integration

For more information on the products, services and online courses that I offer through ‘The8Gates’ 

contact: Janine@the8gates.com 


Embrace Your Sphere of Influence

Embrace Your Sphere of Influence with Lexa Rollins
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Lexa Rollins

Lexa's own experience with transition and trauma ignited a passion and dedication to help others up-level their lives and careers as she is an "executive coach" for the entrepreneur. This is a place where you can meet and be inspired by many diverse entrepreneurs and how they used their "spheres of influence" to create and elevate their own life changing results.