Guest, Janine Bolon

Guest Name: 
Janine Bolon
Janine Bolon
Guest Occupation: 
an analytical scientist, meditation expert and Raja Yoga master
Guest Biography: 

Hi, I’m Janine, an analytical scientist, meditation expert and Raja Yoga master. I help my clients clear the day-to-day fog of anxiety, lower their stress and reduce their pain through my 3 Minute Meditation Process. 

Do you ever consider meditating, but can’t find the time or inclination to get started?

Here is a common ailment of my clients:

"My frustration with meditation is . . . . that I never get started!  

It’s something I really want to try.  But I find that even three minutes feels like a lot when I’m also trying to: 1) do morning pages 2) exercise 3) get my child off to school.  (I don’t know why I think it has to be in the morning: I always wanted to do it in the morning!)

So I never did really give it a go.  Maybe someday.


I am the professional you’ve been seeking to get you started in your customized meditation practice. 

Areas of expertise include:

* Meditation
* Decreasing Anxiety
* Reducing Stress
* Pain Management
* Raja Yoga-stabilizing emotions & calming thoughts
* Kundalini Yoga-addressing fears & dissolving resistance to growth
* Online Course Creation
* Book Writing
* Podcasting and Blogging
* Public Speaking
* Business and Culture Integration

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