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Affirmations For Living

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Show Host: 
Dr Edwige Bingue

Each week you’re invited to join in on our upbeat discussion as we look deeper into spiritual based principles that can change your life. For it’s your birthright to live with passion and purpose, and to prosper! If you want to learn how to connect to your true authentic-self, and become aware of your Higher-Self, then this is the right place for you!

We have reached the dawning of a new day. What does life look like for you? Do you have the vision to create powerful moments each day in your life? Are you ready to stand up and be the change that you’ve been waiting for? Are you ready to go within, deep within to those places you’ve been hiding from? We will share the tools that will support the manifestation of your dreams and desires!

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Talk Show Program Host

Dr Edwige Bingue, Msc. D., Lightbody Mentor, Healer, Speaker, Author, & Radio Show Host
Dr Edwige Bingue Msc. D.
Nevada - USA Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Lightbody Activation Program, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
Lightbody Mentor, Healer, Author, Speaker & Radio Show Host

Dr. Edwige is a Light Body Mentor, Light code Activator, Metaphysical Practitioner, Author, and Speaker. Who holds within her being the Template of the Lemurian Seed. These seeds are part of the core of the soul's essence that is sourced from within the galactic core. Helping to position you for “Ascension” and the return to your original Divine Blueprint. Even for those souls whose patterns are scrambled, confused electromagnetically and karmically imprinted. She can provide assistance to move your schematics into higher, healthier, holistic frequencies which will benefit your individual soul and help contribute to the overall upliftment and shift of Gaia/Mother Earth. The qualities embodied within the Lemurian seeds are among those that are needed to live in the Golden age. There are of a feminine nature and exist to balance the strength and power of the masculine force that has dominated on earth for 26,000 years. Once implanted, you will experience an increase in your frequency to align with that of the Divine feminine and (depending on your degree of resistance) a deep sense of knowing that which you know is so, daily miracles, inner peace and physical healing. Now is the time to return to a balance by embracing the energy of the Divine feminine. Through this cycle, humanity will come to know itself as a soul of God sourced from within the core of the Galactic beam of the Milky Way. My spiritual journey began at the early age of twelve, when I was often visited by what I would now refer to as a benevolent being of light. Little did I know what was to come. During that adventure we would fly to the stars, land on a bridge and dive in to the depths of the ocean. Creation at its best I'd say! He showed me that I came into this existence with fourth dimensional consciousness, that I was a child of the stars, that I could move through time and space at will and that earth was but a short stop on my path to mastery. Then one winters day in 2004 the calling came, it was time to begin the process of awakening to my souls purpose. You see I was to be a bridge between heaven and earth. My team showed up working on me diligently for the next eight years. Guiding me to release all that was an illusion, all that no longer served by soul's purpose. Once again I found myself traveling to heavenly realms and beyond. Discovering my ability to break free from the matrix of separation. Step-by-step I was becoming my God-Self. One morning as I lay watching beautiful colors spiraling in my vision and vibrating, I experienced my light body move into me, I knew that I would be forever changed and that I was now ready to be that bridge. I was gifted spontaneously by Divine- God-Source the ability to clear energies around your field that are blocking the flow of source from moving in to you. This happens through my body acting as a clear conduit of vibrational energy. To also facilitate the activation of codes deep within to awaken you, bringing with it full integration of your soul and Light body, while helping to bring your physical body back into alignment of health and well being. Whether you have blocks that manifest as physical illness or limiting beliefs, they keep you separated from becoming your God-self realized. These processes happen at your souls pace, like a caterpillars transformation in to a butterfly. I help you navigate your path. I was guided by spirit to journal my experiences of awakening, and hence my first book was born. You're Not Crazy, You're Awakening - Journey To Discovering Your Soul Purpose, Joy And Abundant Life it is a bridge between the Paranormal and the Spiritual. I received my Doctorate of Metaphysical Science, Msc. D. from The University of Metaphysics and Sedona. As a Spiritual Light Body Mentor and Metaphysical practitioner I help you integrate higher conscious experiences into your everyday life, thus improving your one-to-one connection to God-Self. I have combined the principles from all of my studies and experiences with my 24 guides to create a step by step approach to helping you awaken the light within, and your soul integration. I am deeply committed to providing you with practical body, mind, and spirit principals that will enrich your daily life and help you gain insight and clarity in a way that produces powerful results. You will discover what works best for you and you’ll learn how to leave the baggage behind!

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You're Not Crazy You're Awakening
by Rev Dr Edwige Bingue

You're Not Crazy You're Awakening, by Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue, a.k.a. “Edwige”, host of, Affirmations For Living

Each person comes into this world with a specific destinyhe has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally, you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you. ~~ Osho

We are on this earth for a reason. We can either spend a lifetime trying to learn how to determine what life is all about or, we can simplify our lives and get to the business of living life with intention and clarity. “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” will propel you through the dirge of doubts, to a panacea of purpose.

Whether you are a spiritual scholar or spiritual student; seeker, lightworker or illuminary, this book is filled with insights, inspirations and spiritual truths. The exercises are a bonus and quite stimulating. The journal of spiritual and paranormal encounters will intrigue anyone that has questioned, “Are we alone?” or “Is there anyone out there?”

Have you found yourself thinking that you would have never chosen your current circumstances? Do you wonder how you arrived at the place you are in right now? How often have you pondered on getting out of your current life situation into something more authentically “you”. We have each chosen our own journey. For many, this alone, is difficult to comprehend and believe. But it is true. Whether a conscious choice, or unconscious, we choose our circumstances. If you desire to create change in your life, or completely change the direction that your life is going, the choice is yours. The power is completely in your hands, or better, your consciousness. As you read on, I will describe some of my personal experiences that impacted my life journey in significant ways. Some of these events were painful, some may seem to be bizarre – even outlandish. But, they happened. I now understand my conscious contribution to every aspect of these events, and how they have led me to share with you. We each have an assignment on this planet. Are you ready to open yourself to your unique and special destiny? You may have been thinking that you would never choose your current circumstances or situation, but you did, and it was to cause you to expand in your own unique way. As you continue reading, prepare to expand.

Allow me then to take you on a journey of remembering that you are a Divine being having a physical experience, and in this sacred space discovering what your script look' s like. Are you living the life of your dreams? Or are you on auto-pilot, just doing the same thing, and wondering why you're having the same results? I am here to tell you that today you get to start all over! Join me in journey to self discovery, and to consciously living life!

This book will change your perspective about every aspect of your life. with clear and simple techniques to expand your vision of life and how you are going about it.. After reading this book and putting these easy methods into regular practice, it is inevitable that your life will change. Your consciousness will be transformed. You will become very clear about your purpose; and you will do it with ease and grace. And best of all, you will know that you were never crazy, because you will be awakened!


For years, I went about life questioning my purpose. As the answers continued to unfold, I met Rev. Edwige. She is an amazingly gifted woman who has been blessed with the gift of spiritual connectivity from a much higher level that most. In my lifetime, I have only encountered a few people with this gift. Her ability to intuit messages, intentions, and to align spiritual imbalances is unquestionably divinely guided. How she managed to condense these techniques into book-form can only be attributed to the same Source. In this book, you will have the benefit of experiencing two predominate voices of transformation: The first, the fluid, loving and supportively sentient, Rev. Dr. Edwige, and the other, the voice of her connected Self, who is able to rise into lucid, trance states. Throughout this book, you will have no doubt that Rev. Edwige is clearly advanced in her ability to connect with other dimensional planes. Regardless of her heightened gifts, she shares her experiences in ways that everyone can comprehend to the point where each reader can clearly master the techniques for their own respective spiritual journey with ease

Lava Bai

Author, of forthcoming book of Meditations


Rev. Dr. Edwige uses her awakening experiences to create a bridge between the Paranormal and the Spiritual. She does it in such a way to help you become aware of your Higher-Conscious-Self! This book will leave you empowered and able to “experience L.I.F.E.” through new eyes!

Anthony Lamar Smith

Author, L.I.F.E. Intentional, Living In Fullness Everything


Every person who has an awakening experience has that experience in their own unique way. In You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening, Edwige shares her journey in a way that is solidly grounded, daringly bold and with a tremendous sense of humor as she bares her soul, and then some.

Victoria M. Reynolds

Author, Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment


Edwige Bingue new book, You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening is brilliant! In it she helps us to harness our mis-guided energy and effectively walks us through our experiences of confusion, by courageously and effectively sharing the wisdom that she has extracted from hers. We are taken from a place of unconsciousness into an untainted place of genuine spiritual depth! This book is a must read indeed!

Temba Spirit “aka” The Bullet of Love

Author of the acclaimed book, How to Reclaim Your Innocence: Remembering the Love Beauty Within



Do you ever feel stuck at work, as if you’re slaving away just to pay the bills while other people are out there enjoying their dream careers

Have you ever had an amazing opportunity to get that dream job, only to hear a voice whispering “you’re not good enough for this?”

What is your soul purpose? Does everyone have one?

Do you have a hidden negative perception about money? If so, it could be silently causing you to reject wealth instead of attract it?

It's Time to Take control of your life!

When you become clear on your intent, and make a decision to move in that direction, everything will fall into place if you are in harmony with the Universal laws, and the laws of Nature. By recognizing that you alone are responsible, for where you are in life right now and no one else, you will begin moving in the right direction. By becoming consciously aware of your choices and getting off of auto-pilot you will start to lead the life you want, and you will be able to create it consciously!

My focus is in the following areas:

· Facilitate the releasing of limiting beliefs.

· Empower you with the skills to live your dream life with authenticity.

· Energy work to remove emotional blocks, such as heart walls. To activate Light Codes and Divine Potential thus allowing you to be in the flow of Source.

· Give you the support and tools to help you manifest your dreams.

· I will teach you the principles that will allow you to discover your soul purpose.

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Raise your vibration with a guided meditation "Awaken the master in you" infused with the "Ancient Solfeggio" tones, designed to balance and awaken.


The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue, a.k.a. “Edwige”, host of, Affirmations For Living

Rev. Dr. Edwige Bingue, a.k.a. “Edwige”, host of, Affirmations For Living