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Timothy Doyle
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I wasn’t aware of how much I was connected with my Spiritual guides until I was in my twenties. I remember as a child I was afraid to be alone in the dark. I was five and my sister, Maureen, was six. I would ask my sister to “think” when we were tucked in for the night.  I somehow knew that if she was thinking, she would be awake allowing me to comfortably go to sleep so I wouldn’t be alone in the dark.

A few years later, while experiencing unpleasant dreams, my guides taught me to think pleasant thoughts to replace the haunting ones in my dreams. I later learned only one conscious thought can be in the mind at any one time. If I thought of something positive and exciting nothing negative could enter the doorway of my mind.

When I was in my teens, I could manifest almost all the things I wanted in life with grace and ease. The manifestations weren’t anything major – good grades in school, an occasional gift, getting the job I applied for – but I felt and noticed that my life appeared to be guided.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduating from high school. I received a  medical discharge after two years for blindness in my right eye. I enrolled in college shortly thereafter and earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting. After graduation, I began my career in the corporate world. Most of my working years were in supervising individuals, coaching, and managing the daily routine using the spiritual techniques taught to me by my spirit guides. I contribute my 35 years of success in the corporate world to a spiritual consciousness in handling my daily business routines, dealing honestly and truthfully, and treating all individuals like family.

When I started to meditate as a young father,  my awareness increased and I realized that the Great White Brotherhood was working with me.  On one occasion while on a business trip, I was guided to go to an old book store  where I reached for a book on the top shelf. It was called First Book of Azrael: Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood (by the Great White Brotherhood and published by Devorss & Co., 1965). Subtle experiences like this were indications to me that I was being guided by the Great White Brotherhood.

Although I worked during the day in the corporate world, I continued to do my spiritual work in the evenings and on weekends. In my late twenties, I followed a four-year study curriculum and became an Ordained Metaphysical Minister.  In that capacity, I occasionally facilitated funerals and weddings.

After a dynamic, spiritually awakening dream visit with the Lords of Amenti, I learned about thoughts. I began facilitating meditation classes which I did for over twenty-five years assisting other in connecting with their Spirit guides. Through the years, I became a Reiki Master and studied in Hawaii to certify as a Kundalini Yoga instructor.

I enhanced my connection with Spirit when I visited to  Peru on several occasions to participate in Shamanic spiritual ceremonies that included  drinking the Shaman plants Ayahuasca and Huachum.