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Submitted by Michael Horn on 10 September 2023

The UFO Report with Michael Horn

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The singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts are still ongoing in Switzerland…for over 80 years. They are the reason for the UFO cover-up because they reveal the truth about our real history, how humankind is enslaved by dead-end politics and utterly delusional religions, with their imaginary gods, saviors, saints, devils and demons. 

Authenticated by astronauts, US intelligence supervisors, NASA, aerospace, scientific, photographic, special effects, legal and other independent experts, the Meier contacts contain hundreds of incomparable, still irreproducible, pre-digital, UFO photos, films, video and an even higher standard of proof, i.e. over 250 specific, error-free examples of prophetically accurate scientific, environmental, geopolitical, medical and economic information. 





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Michael Horn
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The LEADING AUTHORITY on UFO's, Author, Researcher, Scientist, Media Rep, Producer, Writer, Director, Painter, Publisher, Songwriter, Teacher, Creator, Inventor, Health Care Professional, documentarian, international and university lecturer

In 1986, Michael found previously unknown warnings, originally published by Billy Meier beginning in 1951, about unnatural manmade climate change, global warming, the increased frequency and intensity of storms, blizzards, tsunamis, and the coming climate destruction. Michael also found that Mr. Meier was the first person to warn about the damage to the ozone layer from A-bomb explosions, and about the connection between the extraction of petroleum and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, all of which were subsequently scientifically corroborated.

The Singularly Authentic Billy Meier UFO Case

In 2004, after 25 years of research into Meier’s information and the evidence substantiating his claims, Michael, who is also a former SETI team member, became the voluntary Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. Michael gives national and international multi-media presentations, university lectures, interviews, etc., and makes frequent media appearances representing the Meier contacts.

Thanks also to the eight-month long investigation by the formerly skeptical USAF OSI/Dept. of Defense investigator-supervisor, Joe Tysk, the Meier contacts have now been proved to be absolutely authentic.

In October 2020, Michael discovered never before seen, historically unprecedented photographs, from 1981, of a UFO interacting with a, then top secret, US Stealth fighter at Groom Lake Nevada.

Michael has been involved in environmental issues since 1968, when he wrote and illustrated “Captain Tim”, an animated project warning about air pollution. In 1969, he produced a song by the same name for A&M records. In 1970, he wrote an award-winning song, “Brother River”.

Because of his concerns about the critical problems of water pollution, he helped to develop two water purification companies and pioneered commercial water purification applications for many companies, like Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck and numerous restaurants and international hotels.

Michael is the writer and producer of the award-winning feature length documentary, “And Did they Listen?”, as well as “as the time fulfills”,  “The Silent Revolution of Truth”, and “The Meier Contacts – The Key To Our Future Survival”.

Michael Horn has consistently demonstrated enormous creativity and being well ahead of his time. He is the creator of the innovative, interactive, mindfulness and stress relief program, Consciousness Awareness Workshop (which Michael was invited to teach to corporate and government leaders in Europe, such as BASF, Eurochemie, Rabobank, KLM, Cyco Software, ING Bank, Meta Visie, by a consultant to Princess Diana).

Michael’s very eclectic background also includes: best-selling author (Future Selfand his children’s book The Bulb Heads and the Pin Heads), award-winning film director, film producer, prize-winning painter, designer/creator of the still popular fashion fad “fingernail art” (featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine), award-winning songwriter, one of the first creators of digital online book publishing (ebooks/Netbooks), inventor of the first portable travel neck pillow, music and video producer, science researcher, published writer, credentialed teacher, humorist, theatrical set designer, health care professional, creator of the Future Self interactive, therapeutic video technique, volunteer work with children and seniors, creator/teacher of the Sit & Get Fit regenerative movement videotapes and program for seniors, as well as for personnel at U.S. corporations like Xerox and Candle.

Michael has been featured in two issues of the international martial arts magazine INSIDE KUNG FU demonstrating advanced strength and flexibility Chi Gong exercises and has articles published in Nexus, Mystic Pop and UFO magazines. Additionally, he created and taught a self-defense course for women for the City of Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women.

Breaking the Silence” is the award-winning, documentary about five courageous young women that Michael and his daughter produced. (See more about this amazing film here.) Michael also wrote the song for the film, “I’ll Be My Own Hero”, which he has also personally performed at the invitation of motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins for his Fire Walk Experience.

Be sure to watch Michael’s – award-winning – documentary, DECEPTION ON DEMAND” and read his NEW book, THE LYRICS OF MICHAEL HORN – A LIFE IN SONG.

“Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on UFOs.”

– George Noory – Talk radio host





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